YSR – 10

Lillian squinted at the blinding light and tried to shield her eyes with her hand. It was not empty words, but it was so blind that I could not see the face of her Savior.

Someone with the hair the color sterling silver was looking down at Lillian with the backlight behind, multiplying her suffering from his excessively shiny hair.

It felt like an ophthalmologist was shooting sliver flashes into her pupils.

“Dame Lillian of the Fourth Knights?” asked the culprit who blinded Lillian.

The low, grave voice had a cold texture, just like mercury.

Lillian quickly sealed her mouth, afraid she would be found out as an imposter if she spoke.

Fortunately, the man didn’t care much about Lillian’s silence.

The man nodded at Lillian’s face and spoke again.

“That’s right. Isn’t it the last day of vacation for the Fourth Knights? You’re patrolling off duty? You seem to have been caught up in the common people’s quarrel. You did it in good faith, but it’s a pity.”

The man was speaking with a look of admiration. So Lillian belatedly realized his great misunderstanding.

It must look like Lillian is a workaholic who frequently patrols on her own feet while on vacation, or as a lover of justice who tried to help a poor girl because she couldn’t simply pass by.

Neither assumption was correct, of course.

Lillian, or Chae Soo-Yeon, was an ordinary selfish person.

Perhaps I’m just a little worse than others.

But I couldn’t say it straight out.

The man with a frown on his brow knelt on one knee to check her condition.

“You’re not answering. Is it because you got hit in the head? Let me see your wound.”

He was friendly, believing Lillian was a knight of justice.

As he lowered his head, the backlight that covered him and stung her eyes went away, and her vision came back belatedly.

Lilian narrowed her eyes and looked at the man’s face as he approached her nose. At that moment, Lilian’s green eyes widened.

The man had a breathtakingly attractive face. His straight forehead, sharp nose, and brilliant purple eyes were like jewels.

But the reason Lillian was surprised wasn’t just because the man in front of her was super handsome. It was because she quickly realized who this man was.

“Sir Enrique Evans… ?”

Enrique, who had rare silver hair, was the commander of all the knights in the palace.

And, as you can see, just by looking at that gorgeous appearance, he was a sub-male lead who would fall in love with Aleyna in the future.

He feels sorry for the beautiful royal daughter who has been taken to a faraway place and tries to block the threats posed to her.

Then, at some point, he realizes. The fact that his feelings were not out of altruistic compassion.

Just as Lillian finished recalling his story, Enrique scrutinized Lillian’s complexion and eyes, murmured.

“Fortunately, I don’t think you’ve hurt your head. Can you get up?”

My body moved faster than my head, belatedly telling my mind the game plan.

Lillian pretended to get up from her seat as he asked and staggered loudly.

Then she fell forward. It was dangerous gambling behavior where she could have crushed her head into the stone floor, broke her nose, or even lost a tooth.

But I believed it would be okay.

Because before she face-plants, she believes Enrique will somehow help her.

“Dame Lillian!”

Sure enough, just as I expected, I felt the man’s strong arms holding me tightly.

Enrique was a man with a deep sense of sympathy and justice.

He was the Knight of knights; the nicknames in the novel fit him perfectly.

He could not have let Lillian, a Knight, get hurt, especially if it was a unique subordinate who was injured while saving a poor girl.

Half-wrapped in his arms, Lillian gasped for a breath and slowly lidded her eyes.

Under the pretext of fainting, I would be able to win Enrique’s favor.

If I lied to him that I was injured, there was a high probability that I could increase my vacation time. Then, going to work tomorrow could be avoided.

“Dame Lillian? Dame Lillian! Get it together, Dame Lillian!”

Lillian closed her eyes, pretending to be oblivious to Enrique’s voice and his hand waving before her eyes.

Even amid her mindlessness acting, she suddenly felt that she was horrified by her actions. She just threw herself to trick Enrique, without any hesitation. This was done after a thorough and shrewd calculation.

‘What the hell am I… Am I really doing this?’

The question stayed in her mind. And the answer did not immediately appear.

‘I’ll think about it later.’

Lillian unhurriedly closed her eyes.

Maybe it was because I was hungry, and I got beaten, so my eyes easily closed on their own.

Enrique, who had shaken her limp body several times in embarrassment, soon lifted her up.

“Be patient, Dame Lillian!”

What are we waiting for? Lillian happily smiled inwardly and was willing to lose consciousness.

‘This will certainly earn Enrique’s sympathy vote.’

The thought comforted me as I let exhaustion settle over my body and decided to sleep.

Her little, evil spirit soon fell into the world of the unconscious.

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  1. Hahahaha, awww, this chapter was pure gold, so hilarious! I loved how Enrique’s hair was described, the author is clearly mocking at the isekai/reincarinated/transmigrated trope and I’m all here for it!

    Glad to know Lillian knew how shameless she was acting hahaha. Ah, this was so funny, my tummy hurts. :”)

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