YSR – 1

My body, aroused by the aphrodisiac, was like warm honey. It was that hot, sticky, and sweet. The almost invisible hair of the body that had become too sensitive stood tight. As the texture of the cloth flowing down my skin passed over it, I felt a creepy strong sense of lust.

‘Ah, is this the power of the drug?’

It tasted terrible, but it was handy.

Lilian gasped and laughed inside. I knew it was a dangerous drug, but what about it? If you don’t die, it’s okay. She blew it in his mouth. To get the man in front of you.

“Ah, the body. My body is so weird.”

She twisted her fascinating body and leaned her neck to emphasize the pure white nape and plump breasts. Then I felt the man’s passionate gaze sweeping all over me. It was an intense gaze as if he would tear my clothes right away. But, as expected, he wasn’t willing to touch Lilian.

‘Yes, that’s how it is even more fun.’

So Lilian gladly tore off her clothes on behalf of the man. Still, I was so hot that I couldn’t breathe due to the drugs.

As if she knew nothing, she ripped off her clothes with an innocent face, like a person gone senseless with intoxication, only looking for instant relief.

The thin summer cloth was caught in my hand and torn, making a ripping noise. The stimulating sound stirred the man’s throat a little. He might have gulped.

Lilian takes off her clothes and deliberately stops at the most tempting line. 

It was more exciting to have some parts covered and suggestive than to take it all off at once. 

Her white, soft arms and beautiful legs, which were newly revealed in the sky, had flower petals on them. 

Even to my own eyes, it was the type of skin that enticed me to bite and suck. So, would it be ugly for a man?

But the man still stood tall and didn’t think to move. As a result, Lilian began to get annoyed. No matter how difficult it is for the main character, it’s too provocative.

“Help, please. Please…. Ugh!”

Lilian deliberately shed a couple of tears. 

Her red-tinted eyes were moist and glittery. A trembling white hand arced out weakly towards the man. It was the so-called last match.

Fortunately, the man responded to her plea. Slowly one foot in front of another, he approached the bed and looked down at her with an expressionless face, frozen frown. 

At first glance, it was a cold face that seemed as if it was not interested in her spectacle. 

But Lilian could feel it. The temperature of his gaze shattering her body. It was a terribly fierce look as if he wanted to press her down and crush her right away.

Under those eyes, Lilian broke into a play of vulnerability and innocence. As if she didn’t know what was going on. She shakily twisted her body at seductive angles as if she didn’t understand why she was doing this. 

She licked her red swollen upper lip and as her body trembled with innocent eyes. One hand grasped her nicely shaped breast, and the other crawled through her slender legs. The man stared tenaciously as if licking her through his eyes.

“Oh! Oh, My body… my body is strange. I’m scared… !” 

She gasped and cried desperately, pleading for something to do. 

Her beseeching gaze met his and seemed to cling on to him as if he were her only saver.

That moved instigated not only lust but also a sense of superiority as a male.

The man hesitated, slowly reaching out and then holding her hands. 

The woman’s hand certainly learned the sword but felt femininely thin. They were surprisingly hot. 

I couldn’t believe that a person’s body temperature could rise this far. 

Only then did he realize the seriousness of the situation.

‘If you don’t help her detox from the drugs quickly, she might die.’ His reason whispered coldly. I don’t know the pills were ingested, but I couldn’t let Lilian die like this. 

She was still a useful tool to himself, and to his fiance, Aleyna.

Yes, so this was inevitable. Just do what you need. It was nothing more or less. The man who tried to rationalize himself finally got himself on the bed—his big hard body pressing against the woman’s stomach. 

At that moment, a dizzyingly sweet and rich aroma stimulated his sense of smell.

‘What’s this smell? Is it the drugs?’

It smelled good that reason flew away. Without realizing it, he lowered his head and breathed in at her exposed nape. Like a little bird, the scent spread out with her pulse that beats steeply. As his breath touched her sensitive neck, Lilian trembled.


The woman was exquisitely beautiful and sweet. He easily peeled off her leftover clothes. It was dazzlingly beautiful because the body had trained with a sword. Her natural curves leading to the constricted waist, full butt, and firm thighs were perfect. 

His taste was, by nature, a gentle and slender woman, but seeing such a stimulating sight seemed to change his mind.

He tried hard to ignore the sharpness in his lower body, which had been fully erect for a while. 

‘For Lilian, it’s probably her first. I have never heard of any rumors that she met men. So it wasn’t possible to rush to grab that body and hit it. No matter how enchanting she is.’

Not knowing his consideration, Lilian repeatedly twisted and added wood to his flame.

She gasped like a horny female cat, rubbing her thighs against his tight body. 

At the dizzying temptation, he clenched his teeth and struck her ass.


“Stay still. If you don’t want to be torn.”

The man broke his silence and ordered her in a cold tone. The man spread her beautiful legs. 

Then, he was greeted by a truly magnificent spectacle that was truly obscene with an unparalleled view. 

Her petals, covered with sticky honey, were burning red and fluttering. It may be an illusion, but it seemed that there was a scent of nectar with humid heat. The eyes of the man who saw this became even deeper.

“Shi, no. Don’t look at me like that.”

Lillian shook her head as if embarrassed and tried to close her legs. But before that, the man put his head down and started to suck the honey from the petals. 

The tongue’s elastic tip licked up and down the vaginal opening and then sucked the tip of the swollen clitoris that was twitching—contracted and trembled. At that moment, Lilian’s pure white body contracted and trembled.

“Ohhh huuuhhhh… !!”

The orgasm was layered, long and merciless perhaps her body was so heated up that she could not endure even a small caress. 

She shivered, helplessly convulsing and crying. But the man thought it wasn’t enough, he pushed his tongue into the mouth and began to lick the twitching inside.

“Ahhhhh! Ah, uh!! Ha, ah ah… !!”

The sound of saliva slurping filled the room. Every time he touched his tongue, small orgasms came in endless waves. 

Sparks soon grew and consumed my blank mind. 

Now I couldn’t even close my shaking legs. My limbs, my body trembling with pleasure, stopped listening. Whether this was due to the drug or not, she could not tell a distinction.

Lilian begged her throat hoarse, cried, and climaxed again. Until the sheet was covered all over with her love liquid. Finally, the man raised his head and wiped the lower half of his wet face with the back of his hand. 

He looked down as if admiring her artful spread in front of him.

The white skin, which was not burnt well even in training, was covered with flowers. The face, which had always been prim and proper, now looked loose and Lustful. She had innocent yet lewd eyes and a half-open mouth with puffy lips that were soaked with saliva and sparkling red. I can’t take my eyes off her beauty.

‘Did…..I …. just think she was pretty just now?’

The man was shocked by his thoughts. He had never thought of Lillian Rossetti as pretty. Her face wasn’t bad, but she was a very boring woman.

A woman who always insists on a wide knight’s clothes puts her hair tied back, and has no fun with a stern tone and a stiff expression.

In fact, Lilian was more like an ornament or a tool more than anything else. At least it was for him. She was also his fiance, Aleyna’s accessory.

Nevertheless, he was in heat and rutting with the accessory now. She was breathtakingly beautiful; he admired her lying naked on a white sheet, her loose black hair like clouds, and a strikingly flushed

face. He had suddenly awakened to the incredible reality. Naturally, her hand stretched out her thigh, losing strength.

It was then.

“Please, come. I …. Am no longer……”

The woman who held his hand rubbed her cheek and coquettishly begged. 

The woman who seemed to be the most modest and chaste in the world was currently soaked in love juice, longing for him in such an indecent and explicit manner.

A drop of a tear from her sparkling eyes with heavy lids and flirty wet long lashes dropped on his palm. 

The lukewarm warmth did not pierce the flesh but instead pierced the wall in his heart.

He realized there was no escape, and he couldn’t think of turning away from her. As if my whole body was stuck to her like sticky glue.


The man who lowly growled with abusive language, spread her legs, moved in between them and paused.

As if waiting, the woman’s white and graceful arms hugged his neck. Like a seductive trap that binds it’s prey.

A smile spread secretly on Lilian’s heated face. 

Although I could hide my expression, I couldn’t hide my body’s reaction. His rapid movements to find my entrance to thrust his head in, his excited panting spoke to the fact he was in heat too.

She was delighted. 

Lilian Rossetti, one of the supporting actors, caught the male lead of the novel. 

To be precise, he was caught by himself. By taking a deadly aphrodisiac, she thoroughly calculated over and over again. 

How much you are worth now? I reviewed many times to see if I was prepared enough to take this adventure. Luckily, her calculations fell right, and the male protagonist had a good look at her. 

I even made up the excuse himself because ‘it can’t be helped’.

How stupid could he be?

All good things are mine. I’ll have it all.

Lilian, who hugged the man’s nake a little harder, smiled contently like a cat licking cream. 

Do you want a supporting character to live quietly like a supporting character? That’s not fun.

I will have everything I want. Honor, power, and attention of people. Even the male lead and fiance of Aleyna, the heroine.

If there is something good, she deserved it. Otherwise, someone else will take it anyways, right? What else am l not supposed to have?

Lilian, with her head bent over, kissed the protagonist’s muscular shoulder slowly. As if taking the victory over him in a leisurely manner.

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