YMA – 99

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‘Based on his Majesty’s actions these days…… if my sister covers for me, I think it’ll be fine.’

In the past, as long as Medea’s mistake wasn’t egregious the Emperor protected her. Now that she was now with the Emperor’s child, she was like a tiger with wings.

‘I’m pretty sure my sister knows Baron Hestia’s true identity….. but I should still check.’

Even though an official letter came down from the imperial family, it was still before anything big had been committed. If Medea asked the Emperor without knowing anything, it could still be corrected.

“Sir Hestia. I need to discuss something with you.”

As if she could guess Luke’s intentions, Seira’s expression hardened. Inside, Luke was a little hurt but he knew it was inevitable. He seemed to like Lady Hestia more than he intially thought.

“It’s related to your assignment as an escort knight for her Majesty.”

Because of the fact that he stayed at the Card Duke’s mansion, Seira would have been considered an escort knight attached to the Duke. If Seira’s identity was discovered after being appointed as the Empress’s escort, the dukedom could also be held liable.

Seira nodded slowly.

“Come up to my office.”


‘I’m sure you’ve been notified by now…….’

Medea, lying in bed and under Lyle’s caress, thought about how Seira would react. She wanted to be a knight, so she may be pleased to be recognized by the emperor as an knight and to become Medea’s escort.


Quickly rubbing her soft petals, Medea bent like a bow. Perhaps conscious of the fetus, it was not as intense as before, so it was just teasing fun.

“Ah, ahh…!”

Lyle ecstatically took in the sight of Medea tasting her peak with a sweet sound. He deeply sucked on Medea’s thigh that was draped over his shoulder and left a kiss mark before lightly biting her trembling ankle.


Medea moaned and held Lyle’s gaze with pleasure-soaked eyes.

The doctor said that sex should not be done for the first nine weeks, but only five weeks had passed. Lyle had been holding back pretty well.

‘I want to do it,’

Medea thought as she watched Lyle lick his lips while neatly dressed.

Although he didn’t not insert his member, Lyle put his finger or tongue inside the Medea and made her cum several times. She felt good, but she also wanted to feel Lyle’s.

‘I must be crazy. Because Lyle touches and titillates me every day…….’

“Are you feeling good, Millie?”

Lyle asked as he gazed into Medea’s lustful eyes. Medea glanced at Lyle, the color in her cheeks growing more intense.

“Go-good. Your Majesty, are you okay? I’m the only one—”

“It’s fun to watch the Empress cum…—Uhnn— Millie.”

The prominent silhouette of Lyle’s erection was in full view against his clothes as he leaned close over her and whispered. As Medea groped the bulge she felt it swell up in her hand, Lyle heated up and grabbed her wrist.

“Did they say we shouldn’t do this?”

“I’m not going to put it in. But……. I want to make you feel good too.”

“What are you going to do?”

She had seen Lyle use her asscheeks and thighs to cum when he couldn’t penitrate her. She intended to do something similar.

“First of all… Please take off your clothes and lie down.”

Lyle smiled and happily took off his clothes. He disrobed his shirt, pulled down his pants, and lied down on the bed.

Because of the anticipation of Medea touching his body, Lyle’s penis became frighteningly hard. Medea’s mouth became dry and she gulped, starstruck at the sight of the hideous form swelling up with bulging veins.

‘It’s too much to do with my mouth…….’

Medea got up from her seat, sat down around Lyle’s waist. Lyle’s expression became blurry and darkened as she dared to lay the emperor’s penis between her legs.

“Hu— uh… Millie..….”

“Because I’m very wet…… It’ll be okay.”

Feeling a fever rising in her face from her brazen words, Medea began to shake her hips. Lyle’s face heated up as she rubbed his large penis against her slit.


It was difficult to suppress the pleasure of the soft and hot stimulation of her body against his cock.

“Ah… it’s hard……. Umm…”

Wet petals and wet flesh are rubbed against Lyle’s precum. In pleasure, Medea moved her hips back and forth, unconscious that her speed and fervor were increasing.

“Ang—ah…. A little more… Ahhhh……!”

“Ugh… Millie……. Ohh….”

His erection pressed against his hard abs, swelled up under Medea’s pussy. Medea moaned and shook her ass in a trance. As expected, she thought she wanted to put it in.

“Ohhhh, Oh…. Ah… Lyle!”

At the moment Medea orgasmed, Lyle also ejaculated and panted heavily. Medea fell over Lyle’s chest and looked into Lyle’s hazy eyes.

They kissed and took in their lingering sounds when Lyle suddenly laid Medea’s body on the bed.


Lyle’s eyes were dripping with passion. Medea shook her head in embarrassment.

“N— no! We can’t!”

“Not there.…. We can do it here.”

Lyle’s finger skimmed through her wet and twitching place and dug between Medea’s asscheeks. Medea was astonished and looked at Lyle.

“T-that place! —Hnngh!

His penetrating finger skillfully and gently searched for a place that Medea liked. Panicking, Medea tried to remove Lyle’s finger, but instead another finger entered into her vagina and bounced in and out, off her ass.


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