YMA – 98

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Quietly, the door closed, and Lyle helped Medea to the sofa, accompanying her.

“Did someone make you uncomfortable?”

Medea shook her head with her face buried in Lyle’s chest as her hand grabbed onto him as if hanging on for dear life.

“That’s not it…… I’m not the only one anymore. Thinking about the baby in my belly has made me anxious.”


Lyle looked down on the top of Medea’s head, leaning against his chest.

My person.

It was a person who had his own child.

“Medea… You’re not alone. I am beside you. There’s nothing to fear.”

Even when he saw a beautiful woman named Camilla who resembled his mother, Lyle didn’t feel anything. Far from arousing any desire as a man, he only felt unpleasant remembering the intention behind the beauty.

Even while watching her dance, Lyle thought of Medea and felt sorry for her.

He heard the early stages of pregnancy were the most important …..…. In this regard, he remembered that she was particularly sensitive.

“Then… Please increase the number of knights guarding me.”


It wasn’t a bad idea especially since she was with child. Thinking of the curse or poison in the gifts arriving for the Empress, Lyle nodded.

“Okay. Let’s do that.”

“And… I want Baron Hestia to be my escort.”


The word “no” was about to pop out of his throat, but hehesitated when he saw Medea’s serious face.

Don’t tell me Medea is really interested in him.

Lyle was wary of Baron Hestia’s pretty face.

“Why him?”

“I heard that even though several assassins attacked, they protected their younger sister. He not a nobleman in the capital, so he is trustworthy.….”

“Does that mean that aristocrats in the capital cannot be trusted?”

“I don’t have any memories, so honestly I don’t know who to trust.”

Gerrard praised him, so his skills wouldn’t have been bad. In addition, as Medea said, he was a person who survived with the grace of the Empress. He thought it was not a bad choice to trust him.


That pretty boy? On top of that, Lyle spotted how he gazed at Medea. Lyle knew Medea didn’t intend to do that, but…….


“Your Majesty? You don’t like it?”

“What? Why do you think I won’t like it?””

At Lyle’s words, Medea’s head tilted.

“Right…. you were wary of Baron Hestia from the first day you met him.”

“Why should I be wary of him? He’s a mere baron. I’m….”

“You’re the emperor.”

Smiling as if she knew everything, Medea intercepted Lyle’s words.

Lyle looked at Medea with a disapproving gaze. It wasn’t because he disliked her interruption but her smile seemed to say, “I know why you hate Baron Hestia.”

‘That’s funny. Do you want me to be jealous of a baron?’

“Alright. If you like Baron Hestia, let’s appoint him as your guard. It is another favor the Empress is giving to Hestia.”

“Your Majesty is full of grace.”

Medea’s big smile made him chuckle, even though he felt slightly anxious inside.

“It’s an appointment that the Empress begged the Emperor for, so the Empress should thank me.”

“I’m always thankful for you.”

“Just with words?”

asked Lyle playfully as he stroked her lips. Medea grinned and kissed him. With a light kiss, he smirked and countered,

“A little deeper. It doesn’t count until I put my tongue in,”

he whispered, pulling her waist so she sat on his lap. Medea laughed and happily reciprocated.


“I am the Empress’s escort knight…….”

Seira blinked at the unbelievable content. The imperial family’s messenger only did his job and remained silent despite her flustered and thrilled incredulity.

She stood blankly for a while, receiving the letter of appointment from the imperial palace.

She had been satisfied with just taking the Knight’s examinations and leaving the capital… but now she couldn’t believe that she was appointed as an escort, to guard Her Majesty the Empress……. Furthermore, his Majesty even said that he would ordain her as a knight.

‘I can’t do this…….’

But she also couldn’t refuse. It would have been ungrateful to refuse this order and  it was clear that she would be knighted to act as the Empress’s escort.

‘Does Sister want to support the lady’s dream?’ [Luke]

It was a huge deal for her to take the exams but now her Majesty was going beyond encouragement and support—she was even having her knighted and even appointing her as a personal escort knight…….

Luke gazed at Seira with a troubled look.

For a woman it is not easy to handle a sword, but becoming a knight is an even more difficult task. Will it be okay like this?

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