YMA – 95

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“This is a newly assigned maid. This is Count Laurent’s daughter, Lady Rosemary Laurent.”

Medea blinked at the maid’s introduction.


After mumbling, she paid attention to a beautiful lady with a coy impression standing calmly next to a handmaiden.

She said it’s Rosemary—?!

Rosemary was a maid who appeared in the middle of the original novel.

When Emilia, the empress of the neighboring country, stayed in the imperial palace Rosemary served her.

Rosemary knew that Emilia had come to propose to Lyle, but tried to seduce him when Emilia wasn’t looking.

‘Why is she here?’

Rosemary was the first character to die after she was involved in a conspiracy to assassinate Emilia. Medea remembered it because it reminded her of a famous horror movie “Rosemary’s Baby.” [t1v: lawl wat.]

The Empress, Medea, is alive, so Emilia can’t propose to Lyle, and Rosemary shouldn’t appear either, but why…….

‘Will I be in danger instead of Emilia?’

Emilia was saved by the main character Seira, but now there was no Seira next to her. Because it’s before the knight’s test. Emilia originally appeared after the knight’s examination.


The handmaiden asked since Medea’s reaction was strange. Medea came to her senses and looked at Rosemary. She quickly greeted her:

“My name is Rosemary, Empress.

“Yes. You are Count Laurent’s daughter…….”

“That’s right.”

In the novel, Rosemary was not a very likable character. She was a character who flirted with the male protagonist, Lyle.

“Hmm. I don’t intend to place new faces next to me right now.”

As Medea spoke, she became flustered. The maid quickly explained further:

“This young lady was recommended by Marquess Bermon, your Majesty.”


The attendant was clarifying that since Rosemary was recommended by Marquess Bermon, she would be reliable. Medea, who had no friends, seemed to need a trusted person.

The problem was that I think I’ve heard the name of Marquess Bermon.

‘Bermon… Bermon……. Who was it?’

Medea had thought there would be no conspiracy for the Empress’ position since she was alive. So she hadn’t even bothered to write down the plot of the original novel. Medea blamed her frivolity and tried to recall Marquess Bermon.

The maid hinted that she might have mistaken Medea’s expression for something else.

“Didn’t the Marquess tell you something, young lady?”

Rosemary, who was anxious and wary of her, smiled and handed out a letter. A skeptical Medea gave her a look as if she was asking what it was she was holding out to her. Rosemary lowered her head and explained:

“This is a letter from Marquess Bermon.”

‘Bermon… I remember!’

After Emilia’s attempted assassination, she was a noble woman who tried to attach a mistress to Lyle. She had also attempted to get Lyle addicted to drugs!

‘Medea was close to a woman like that?’

It was clear that Bermon was not a good influence. Could it be due to the Marquess that Medea repeatedly attempted suicide attempts to the magnitude that she looked foolish?

As there was a baby in her stomach, she became uncomfortable to receive a letter from Rosemary.

“I see.”

She motioned to a maid to receive the letter on her behalf and the maid came forward and received the letter from her. Rosemary seemed surprised that Medea did not receive the letter in person.

“If it’s Marquess of Bermon…… I thought she was more considerate, but I’m disappointed.”


This fit Medea’s character. There were rumors that with the Emperor’s favor she had become gentle, but her rude reputation had proceeded her for a long time.

“I won’t bother to read it, so burn it. Handmaid, escort that child out, too.”

“What? Your Majesty, Emp…….”

At the maid’s unfiltered astonishment, Medea delivered a cold glare. Even if she lost her memory, her temper can’t completely disappear, thought the maid.

“I hear and obey.”

“Your Majesty!”

Hastily, Rosemary fell at Medea’s feet. She beseeched her with her forehead on the floor.

“Please tell me what I did wrong! What did I do wrong?”

“You’re cute and coy.”


When Medea answered in an icy tone, she looked up at her in bewilderment, flustered. She studied Rosemary with a frosty gaze.

“I’m favored by his Majesty…… I know there are rumors that things are different between us from before. I didn’t expect Marquess Bermon would betray me now.” [t1v: her name could also be translated to Vermon [ㅂ has a b/v sound] it looks so similar to Vermin]

Rosemary would be killed if she stayed here anyway. She knew that she would flirt with Lyle, and she didn’t want to pretend that she didn’t know.

“Tell the Marquis’ wife: It seems our happy days are over now. In the future, there will be no need for her to visit the imperial palace.”

Su-yeon has never met a woman named Marquess Bermon since she had possessed Medea’s body. This is because Lyle forbade her from meeting with other nobles so that Medea’s amnesia would not leak out.

Now, Lyle’s and Medea’s relationship has improved a lot, and they have a child in between them, so it didn’t matter if her amnesia leaked out.

There was no need to get close since she remembered Marquess Bermon was a villain. Now that she thought about it, Medea was sure that Marquess Bermon encouraged the orginial Medea to be absurd and attempt suicide.

“Your Majesty, please tell me if I did anything wrong! I’ll… I’ll fix it—I’ll do anything!”

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