YMA – 94

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Seira, who finally came to her senses, turned red like a tomato. Luke was still embracing Seira’s waist and supporting the back of her head.

Tears sprouted in Seira’s eyes as she shouted in indignation:

“I- I… I was talking about a date!


As expected, she didn’t mean to offer her body. He was expecting that.

Luke said with a languid smile.

“But you kissed me. Isn’t this the lady’s first kiss?”

A smile crept across Luke’s face at her startled glance.

Because of his teasing laughter, he saw a fire spark in Seira’s eyes. This appearance of hers was also very striking.

Ah… I’ve failed. I can’t escape it now.

Luke resigned himself and pushed his lips back onto her lips. Surprised, Seira did not think twice about hitting his arm and kicking him in the leg. He should get bruised. He felt like he  couldn’t help it even if Seira broke his arms and legs.

Luke coveted her softened wet lips, to his heart’s content. Although his tongue came into her mouth and wrapped around her tongue, Seira hesitated to bite his tongue. It implied to him that she allowed him to some extent, arousing him.

“Haaa….. Ummm…….”

When his lips finally fell off hers with a wet sound, Seira glared at Luke with tears in the corner of her eyes. Luke kissed her eyes, feeling like his heart was being squeezed.

“Haaa *Sigh*… Lady Hestia.”

“W-why are you doing this?”

“Because the lady took my first.”

Seira recalled that she had first lightly kissed his mouth and lamented.

“Then, l-let’s go on a date…….” [Seira]

“This humble servant, what I mean to say….” [t1v: although Seira addresses Luke respectfully—Luke has always addressed her even more respectfully, even though he is higher in status, age and a man. It infers how much he cherishes her.]

As Luke spoke, his timber sounded as if he was in pain. He smiled. Then, a feathery kiss fell on her forehead and hair.

“I am yours, Lady Hestia. Please marry me.”

At that moment, her heart dropped. Seira blinked and blankly stared at Luke. Luke studied her expression with a gaze that would not miss a single thing.

“No, don’t make fun of me……”

“When the lady returns, I’ll go down with a marriage proposal.”

Luke released Seira’s body, which he had been hugging, and knelt down in front of her. He held Seira’s hands with both hands and kissed the back of her hand. She was stunned.

“Lady Seira Hestia……. My body and heart already belong to you. Please… …. take pity on me…… Please marry me.”

Seira was utterly speechless. Her identity had been discovered, they had been arguing over whether or not she needed to go back to the barony, and then this—Out of nowhere!

“I-if you say this, so suddenly…… I can’t believe it.”

“What can I do so you’ll trust me?”

She turned around and pressed against her beating heart. She was suddenly kissed, but she was just as surprised that she had done something first—and even more so surprised that she wasn’t offended.

Earlier and currently— instead of being displeased, her heart was pounding, thrilled.

“Please close your eyes to allowing me to participate in the Knight’s test….….”

“It’s not possible.”

When Luke answered immediately, she pouted. As he shyly glanced at her lips, Seira looked back at him suspiciously.

“Is it because you already kissed me to your heart’s content?”

“As did the lady.”

At Luke’s smug words said with a smile, her face heated up to her earlobes.

“I- I didn’t do that! There! Why did the ducal heir do it twice?”

“I thought I was the lady’s first kiss…… I wanted to be your second kiss too. I apologize.”

Luke’s shameless words made Seira speechless.

He was still kneeling in front of her and kissing her fingertips, so Seira quickly pulled her hand away. Luke stood up with a disappointed expression.

“……If the lady returns to her territory, I will advise His Majesty and the Empress to allow women to participate in the knight’s examination.”

If his sister knew her identity and had him sponsor her so she could take the Knights’ test, it was clear that she was in favor of Seira’s actions. If his sister persuaded the Emperor, wouldn’t the Emperor would accept it?

“A-Are you serious?”

“Yes. However I’m not promising it will change right away. There’s no guarantee of success.…. But.”

Seira avoided Luke’s nearing gaze.

She couldn’t help but be shaken by his words that he would do that for her.

“……If the lady becomes my wife and stands by me, my claim will be stronger when I argue for it.”

Please, do you agree?

Luke whispered sweetly in Seira’s ear.

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