YMA – 91

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Luke woke up from his wet dream, lifted his blanket and checked his sleeping attire.

Oh my God…… I’m lusting for the baron in a wet dream!

‘Are you out of your mind?’

It was just a possible fantasy conjured up by his subconscious in the form of a dream. Even if the baron wasn’t the real baron, but the baron’s sister and young lady of the house, Seira, she would never do that. I don’t have any intention to do ‘it’…. [t1v: surreeee]

“What if the Baron isn’t a woman….?’

Seira’s body, which he had held in his arms in his dream, was soft and lovely. But it was because it was a dream. He must be a man! His body…….

‘No! Why does that matter….?’

Whether they were the baron or the baron’s sister, it was none of his business. I can’t believe I had such a dream.….

‘Is it because of my surpressed libdo?’

Luke got up and went into the bathroom.

Even while taking off his clothes and washing himself in cold water, he couldn’t shake the image of Seira from his dream.

‘”You always look at me with those eyes…… I know.”’

When he remembered how she had looked at him with those provocative eyes, his body became hard. Luke reached out to his desire as he recalled Seira’s soft touch.


Finally, he came, but his heart felt no relief. Luke sighed deeply, with a heated face.


Displeasure was written all over his face. Both maids and attendants bowed and unhurriedly disappeared when they saw Luke’s expression. Not in the frame of mind or mood to face the Baron, Luke even ordered that his meal be brought to his room and ate it.

There was something he had to check downstairs before he went to the office. As Luke made his way towards the stairs, he stopped when he spotted the baron also heading towards the stairs.

The Baron, completely ignorant of Luke’s feelings, noticed Luke and greeted him brightly:

“Good morning, Little Duke.”

It was his usual greeting, Luke glanced at the Baron with an uncomfortable look. Even though it was just a greeting, his face was heating up.

“Right… Good morning. Baron.”

His outfit reflected his intention of going straight to the training field. Luke looked at the geared out Baron and when an idea came to him.

“It’s going to be difficult today. Aren’t your muscles tense and sore?

“Yes. That’s true but…… It’s something I have to deal with.”

Luke stared intently at the baron, who looked neat and tidy as always. Their annoying beautiful appearance irritated him.

“……come to my room as soon as you finish training.”


Luke glanced at the Baron’s startled face, and said:

“I’m saying this because I know how to loosen up tight muscles. [t1v: wink wink] If you had a servant, I would teach him, but you are reluctant of servants entering your room. So I’ll teach you in person.”

“Ahhh….. I understand. Then…”

With her anxiety hidden, the Baron passed through the hall and left the mansion. Luke watched the Baron walk away with a troubled expression.


“Sigh, ha, ahh…. Your Majesty… Please… Uh, oh my…….”

Her blam-soaked breasts were squeezed in Lyle’s hands. He licked her earlobe, kneading Medea’s breasts like dough.

“I heard that having children impacts your sex life. It would be good to prevent it in advance.”

“Angh, ngh…… the due date is still, unn….. a long time… Ahh! Oh no……. eugh….”

Lyle put his tongue into Medea’s ear and twisted her sensitive nipples. Medea twisted her body when his fingertips pinched and rolled up and down the protrusions with the slippery oil.

“Nnagh…unn…. Your Majesty, stop…….”

“Right. It must feel empty here.”

His fingers that skimmed down her belly, lovingly caressed the wide-open secret part of Medea. Her thighs which were held apart by Lyle’s knees, trembled.

“I’m dying to push myself inside too…….”

“Huek, I…… Something like that— No! Ah…. Ahhhh……!”

His fingers, which had caressed her petals soaked in oil, penetrated deeply. Familiarly and skillfully, he thrusted Medea with her favorite teasing spot.

“Huh? What did you say?”

“Hhngh! Ah! Ahhh!…. you can’t…. Ahh! Hhhmm…….”

“Since I finished my political affairs work early today…… You’ll be cute all day long. By the time you can accept me again…… You’ll climax just by me inserting it.”

“Haa, ahhh…. It won’t be like that……. Ahhhh…. Haaaa! AAhhhhhh…….”

As he peaked, Medea’s back curled up like a bow, but Lyle had no intention of watching today. Today, he wanted to find out how far she could go.

“I’ll make you sticky. By the time it’s over, you might beg you to put it in.….”

“Oh, no……. Ah, not yet……. Ahhuek!”

Medea trembled and shivered under the tips of his sweetly teasing hands. The two legs pressed under Lyle’s knee twitched and her toes curled.

“So cute, Milly……. My lovely Empress…….”

“Ahhunn, AAhh….…. Oh! Your Majesty……. Angh,  Lyle……!”

Under the Emperor’s sweet torment, Medea filled the Empress’ bedroom with moans. There was someone listening to erotic sounds that reached the ceiling with a door in between.

Knowing the Emperor was a Sword Master, and that he sensed him. He acted like a servant pretending to notice the signs and quickly moved away from the door.

I don’t think I can do it today.

Judging by the atmosphere, it looked like they would be together all day.

He bit his lips in anxiety. He couldn’t wait indefinitely. If he delayed to the next date, he might be misunderstood as being suspicious.

He might already have been suspected since he had to change shifts with other courtiers.

He was preoccupied with figuring out a way—

A time when the Empress was alone…….

The Emperor would be absent when he had to attend political affairs meetings. Only then will it work.

He made a plan, walking away from the Empress’s bedroom.


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