YMA – 90

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It was a familiar carpeted hallway.

Luke realized that this was a dream as he walked down the hallway. The size of the hallway and the air that touched his skin were different from usual. It felt a little twisted and muffled. As it usually was in dreams.

‘Where am I going?’

The steps Luke was taking were getting faster and faster. The darkness came through the window, so it seemed to be night.

All halls in the mansion were almost the same, but Luke recognized where he was at a glance.

It was the guest room bestowed to the baron.

‘Why am I here….’

The door was half open. He had intended to pass by, but his feet stopped in front of the guest room because it was a dream. The sound of water had leaked through the open door.


A soft song was coming from the bathroom. It was the voice of a woman. It was not the false deep voice of a man’s, but a thin humming.

As if he were memorized and led by the sound, Luke walked into the room. Curtains were drawn on all the windows, but the bathroom door was half open. Just as the bedroom door was.

‘It’s a dream… This isn’t reality.’

Even though he told himself it wasn’t real, Luke was overcome with curiosity. He wanted to see how beautiful Baron Hestia was in her woman form.

After stepping on the thick carpeted floor, Luke crossed the bedroom. He couldn’t even hear his footsteps because it was a dream.

The soft humming melody had stopped and there was a sound of water. Seira Hestia had seemed to raise herself from the bathtub.

There was also a tinted window in the bathroom of the guest room. However, it had been treated glass so that you could not look inside from the outside. Seira’s naked body seemed to glow and shine in the sunlight coming through the window.


Luke sighed quietly as he stared at Seira’s nude body. Looking at her smooth white skin, thin waist, and voluminous and well-shaped breasts, Luke reminded himself that this was a dream.

‘This is not reality. So….’

He should not be confused by a fantasy when he wakes up. There was a difference between dreams and reality. This was just a dream that showed what Luke was suspicious of. It wasn’t the truth.

Seira from the bathtub took out a towel on the shelf and wrapped it around her body. The appearance of her wet hair sticking to her skin was alluring.

Luke approached the bathroom door as if possessed. Luke, who was mesmerized and looking at it, suddenly realized Seira’s eyes were meeting his own. Seira, surprised and eyes wide, clasped the towel that was hiding her body.


Seira, who was stepping back, dropped the towel.

Even if it was a dream, Luke was not brazen enough to openly gawk at her like this. Luke, who turned his head and took his eyes off Seira’s appearance, turned his back completely.

“Heir! Hey, please wait!”

He had heard Seira’s voice, but Luke didn’t wait. After striding across the guest room and leaving the room, he shut the door. He felt dizzy.

‘It’s just a dream.’

Luke, who took his hand off the door handle, opened the door as soon as he tried to move. Looking back, the naked Seira reached out and grabbed his hem.

“Hestia’s young…….”

He looked around the hallway with a puzzled countenance. Fortunately, no one passed by.

“What are you doing…! It’s dangerous.”

But Seira pulled Luke’s arm.

Luke entered her room, led by Seira’s hand, fearing that someone would see her like this.


When the door was closed, Seira reached out and locked the door.

“What are you…”

Even before Luke finished speaking, her soft lips pressed down on Luke’s lips. Seira spoke with a blush on her cheeks,

“Heir… I’ve been wanting to do this for long time.”



Seira’s slender arms wrapped around Luke’s neck as he was about to retreat. Embarrassed by her nude body pressing up against him tightly, Luke hesitated.

“You like me, too.”

Unable to bring himself to reciprocant her embrace Luke could only blush in response. Even though I knew it was a dream, he was bashful and dazed.

“Young lady… that…….”

“You always look at me with those eyes…… I know.”

Seira’s hand slipped into Luke’s shirt. Feeling dizzy, Luke couldn’t take his eyes off Seira’s face even though he thought he felt so overwhelmed he wanted to close his eyes tightly.

“What… oh—t-there’s a misunderstanding…….”


The hand caressing Luke’s hard chest traveled down and slid into his pants. Seira’s hand clasped Luke’s desire that was fiercely and frighteningly standing up.

The woman’s fingers wrapped around his penis were supple and soft.

“You’re already like this.”

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  1. I’m so confused!! At first i thought it wasn’t a dream even though luke keep saying it was a dream but when sierra ran after him i thought oh it’s really a dream but then i also think it’s not!!

  2. Se não for um sonho, é o romance mais rápido do mundo

    Acho que é um sonho, e é interessante que o Luke é igual a Medea quando o assunto é intimidade

  3. I think it’s a dream, it’s too good to be true 😅, poor Luke, he’ll be disappointed when he wakes up.
    Sorry to ask, but, when will the next chapter come out?😶 can’t wait to see what happenes next 😍

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