YMA – 88

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“Let’s try it then…….”

‘As expected, it’s real, right?’

When she heard it, it was heavy. The large egg and the golden frame surrounding it and the diamonds embedded therein seemed to be of a formidable weight.

‘I don’t think I’ll wear this because it’s too much.’

It was pretty because of the gems. Lyle moved toward Medea to put it around her neck thinking she should try walking with it in consideration of the sincerity of the gift.

“I’ll lock it for you.”

It was certainly cold and heavy on her neck.

‘It’s pretty, but…… It’s heavy. Wearing a stuffy dress with a lot of gems would be a fantastic torture set.’

Medea, who lightly glanced at herself in the mirror brought by the maid, turned her back to Lyle.

“Please untie it.”

At that natural remark, Luke looked at Lyle.

In fact it would have been natural to ask the maid to do it, it was not something she could say to the Emperor.

But, as if it was normal, the Emperor took off the necklace from the neck of Medea!

‘Are you two really getting along well?”’

When Medea put the necklace in the original box, a maid approached and collected the box.

“Tell the Duke thank you.”

“Yes. I…”

Luke paused and took a box the size of a palm out of his arms. It was a silver box. Luke hesitated, bowed and explained to Medea:

“This is something I personally prepared. Would you like it?….”

Medea happily accepted it.

“May I open it?”


When she opened the lid, a brooch with a purple mana stone was revealed. Lyle recognized at once that it was a magic artifact with a fairly powerful spell.

Medea smiled broadly at it in the shape of a violet.

“Oh, it’s so pretty. I am touched.”

“I’m glad you like it. It contains a spell that will protect your body, so don’t take it off your body and carry it around.”

“How does it work?”

At Lyle’s question, Luke turned to the Emperor.

“I understand that it responds by itself to the owner’s anxiety.”


Medea looked at the brooch curiously. She knew there was magic in this world, but this was the first time she had actually received an object containing magic.

Seeing Medea happy, Lyle smiled.

“Since the Empress seems to be happy, I should prepare a congratulatory gift, too. Since the Duke gave you a necklace and the Little Duke gave you a brooch…… Should I give you a ring?”

At Lyle’s words, Medea smiled and said,

“Then how about a bracelet?”


“If it’s from your Majesty, it would be a ring with a huge jewel. I won’t be able to touch your Majesty’s face with that on. You would get scratched by the gem. However, I have to carry what my Majesty gave me. So please give me a bracelet.”

“It’s not a big deal to scratch my face.”

“I don’t like your handsome face getting scratched.”

When Medea spoke eloquently, Lyle barely pinched her cheek and then caressed it.

“Now you know how to flatter……. Good. I’ll give you both a ring and a bracelet. You don’t have to wear the ring. I also like it when the Empress touches my face.”

When Medea turned her head she pretended to bite Lyle’s finger on her face, Lyle chuckled and hugged Medea.

Luke, who was watching, opened his mouth. It wasn’t acting, they looked really close. Although they were a married couple they behaved like intimate lovers.

“You two… I feel reassured since you seem to be on good terms.”

Although his resentment towards Lyle had not yet been resolved, Luke was deeply relieved since it had been so long that Medea had yearned for Lyle’s love.

Lyle coughed when he realized that his usual actions came out in front of the duke’s heir without realizing it. However, he did not release his arm that had hugged Medea.

“Ah, yes. I-indeed…….”

Discreetly, Medea tried to push away Lyle’s arm around her waist, but instead she was pulled into Lyle’s arms, who was disgruntled.

Medea whispered, her face flushed,

“Luke is watching!”

“He’s the younger brother of the Empress. Is this a big deal? I didn’t even touch it.”

“If you touch me in front of people, I won’t talk to you for a month!”

Lyle smirked at her warning. Was that an actual threat? Of course, the threat was very…… It wasn’t inconceivable.

“I, I hugged you, I did not touch you.”

Then, he downcasted his eyes and kissed Medea on the cheek. Lyle smiled with a brazen face as Medea stared at him in surprise.

“If you look at me like that, I want to kiss you…….”

Medea quickly covered Lyle’s mouth with her hands. Lyle stared at Medea. As she was not going to put down her hand.


Luke cleared his throat, amidst the embarrassing situation.

Lyle still held her hand. When Medea slapped his arm wrapped around her waist, he belatedly released her arm with a displeased face.

Medea looked at Luke as if nothing had happened, but she was also embarrassed.

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