YMA – 86

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“No! Ahh, oh!”

Her body trembled as Lyle’s fingers dug in trying to find her g-spot in her ass. Medea shook her head when his fingers stroked exactly where Medea enjoyed.

“Ahh! Mm.. Ang! Your Majesty……!”


Her reaction was as explicit as if the aphrodisiac used a long time ago also worked on her asshole. Lyle grinned when he saw Medea’s eyes grow bigger.

“It’s here.”

“Oh my god!”

Her body jumped up as if it had been electrocuted.

Lyle smiled and gently tapped on Medea’s erotic place with his fingertips. Her eyes turned white as his oiled up fingers pushed against her inner tunnels.

“Gasp! Ugh! At the same time..…Ahhh!”

“Let’s see how many times you can climax. After washing, I’ll lick you up.… So that you can recall what you are experiencing now and I can ask you which one you like better.”

“Oh! Huh, no we can’t.….”

‘You’re going to lick me later after doing this?’

She shook her head with a bright red face of disbelief, but Lyle moved his fingers, enthralled by watching Medea as if she were adorable.

“Ah! Oh! Umm…unn….Ugh….Oh!”


The bed sheets were wet. It might have been caused by lavender oil that Lyle used or liquid spilled from Medea.

Lyle kissed Medea as he fondled her breast. She was half out of her mind. It was endearing to him that Medea trembled and twitched whenever his fingertips brushed her pointed nipples.

“… It wasn’t bad. This kind of abstinence is good, too.” [t1v: abstinence?!?!]

While Medea climaxed 28 times, Lyle orgasmed six times. He climaxed from stroking it on Medea’s ass, grinding against her pubic area without entering her or stroking his length between her closed thighs.

“Haaaa… ha……….”

Lyle licked her trembling lips and put his tongue back into Medea’s mouth, Medea intertwined her tongue with Lyle’s tongue. The sound of the water heated up his body, so Lyle kissed Medea for a long time while hugging her for a while.

“Haaa *sigh*…”

Lyle, who raised her head, carefully hugged Medea. It was a lovely sight to see Medea looking up at him with dreamy eyes. Lyle, who kissed her cheek, embraced Medea, lifted her and entered the bathroom together.

If it was for a short time, this wouldn’t be too bad either.…. In the meantime, Lyle intended to discover all of Medea’s erogenous zones.


“Are these all gifts for the Empress from your Highness?”

“That’s right, the ducal heir.” [Luke is confirming his identity]

Typically, there was a person in the imperial palace who managed gifts. It would be problematic for officials to accept bribes in private, but it did not matter if they were for the Imperial family, so the nobles explicitly used to bribe the Imperial family.

However, in the case of the Imperial family, bribery did not necessarily mean a request would be granted. The imperial family often considered it their natural right to receive such gifts.

Lyle also put gifts in the national treasury, and there was no case of changing the policy just because he received a gift.

‘But you…….’

Medea also received many gifts during the time she became Empress. However, when it was revealed that she was not favored by the Emperor, the gifts dropped sharply to less than half.

Until recently, only enough items came in to save face. But mainly gifts sent in consideration of the prestige of the Duke of Card.

‘Is it different now?’

Medea wasn’t one to be discouraged by the lack of gifts, but it was not being favored by the Emperor that pained her greatly.

It was something to rejoice that her pain and weakness had been erased, but Luke was anxious because he was not sure if Medea was happy now.

Just because the Emperor suddenly changed his mind and immersed himself in Medea like a boy experiencing his first love.…. something felt suspicious and out of place to Luke.

Most of the gifts sent to the Empress were gathered together and examined by wizards. It was their job to magically check whether the gifts were poisoned or bad for the fetus.

Among them, the gifts of high-ranking aristocrats were separated and dealt with first. The same was true of Luke’s gift. He was the younger brother of the Empress, so as soon as he arrived, his gifts were examined by magicians.

Three carriages of gifts were carried into the Rose Hall of the Imperial Palace by the duke’s servants.

Officials who were classifying gifts that arrived for the Empress also looked at the incoming gifts as if they were surprised. Even if they were still in boxes, the boxes themselves were gorgeous and impressive enough to  be considered a treasure on it’s own.

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