YMA – 85

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Lyle gulped, his mouth suddenly dry as he stroked Medea’s burning cheeks.

“I’ve never gotten tired of it. I’ve always been lacking…….”

She also wanted to be reckless.

Medea couldn’t believe the timing of her pregnancy. She was happy to be pregnant, but she wished she could have been pregnant a little later.….

With a deep sigh, Lyle buried his face on Medea’s neck. She realized that she had overcome the previous crisis.

But what was with that sigh?

“Your Majesty?”

“Haaaaa… How can we endure 6 weeks?”


When Medea spoke, Lyle raised his head and pouted, lightly pinching Medea’s cheek.

“If you think I’ll leave the Empress alone just because we can’t have penerative sex, you are mistaken. There are ways to enjoy it without insertion and putting it in.”

Lyle warned, but Medea smirked.

“As long as it’s not too much for the child, please do it.”

“Ha. *snicker*”

It was clear that Medea’s laughter stimulated Lyle’s pride. With a furious face, Lyle laughed arrogantly.

“Great. I’ll do my best for the Empress.”


There were many attendants who were overwhelmed with curiosity as to the reason why the Emperor suddenly ran out of the political meeting. Although some already knew about the Empress’s pregnancy through spies, like Duke Card.

Medea wanted to hide it until her pregnancy had stabilized, but the news had already spread throughout the capital. It was the work of the Duke of Card. Medea’s position was not jeopardized by it, but the Duke wanted more power.

Already, there was a line of families trying to win the Duke’s favor. Many nobles knew the Emperor tolerated and pretended to be on good terms with the Duke but now the Emperor had fallen in love with the Empress. What hit the nail in the coffin was the announcement that he was now having children with her. People decided they could longer hold the Duke of Card at a distance.

“Are those all the presents you need?”

The gift of five carriages was reduced to three carriages. It was because Medea hated unnecessary gifts.

Luke thought perhaps it was because Medea was wary of the Emperor. But shouldn’t it be a little different now since their relationship had reportedly improved?

“Yes.” [Luke]

“Those with fast information networks already sent gifts. Idoits……. We don’t have to overshadow them, but it’s their fault they sent inferior gifts.” [Duke]

Because the Duke had to save face.

The show of gifts would also be a measure of how much the Duke cared for Medea and, conversely, how good his relationship was with his daughter, the Empress.

“I know.” [Luke]

Rare silk, oils, tea brought from the East, and other carriages contained various treasures from Card Duke. Since the Imperial household was already rich, it would not have been easy to prepare gifts worthy of the Empress—that is, if it wasn’t from the Duke of Card.

The presents sent were also to show off that the Duke of Card was different from other nobles. It was to reveal that his power and wealth was only second to the imperial family.

“Go ahead, don’t forget to say hello to your sister.”


Luke nodded, recalling the ruby necklace he received directly from the Duke.

When Luke got on the wagon, the three of carriages with an escort of knights set off. The Knights were personnel to accompany the goods in the wagon.

‘I hope my sister is happy.’


“Ha-eung… haaaaa (Sighs)…. I—Surrender….”

Medea begged, spilling saliva. Her whole body trembled with pleasure.

It was still in the early stages of pregnancy, so she didn’t have to get an oil massage, but her body was covered with balm.

“It’s too late.”

“Whoo! Uhhh!”

A relentless hand crept between Medea’s legs. Medea struggled, twisting her whole body. Because her two legs were held apart by Lyle’s thighs they couldn’t be closed.

“Ah! No more…… Ohhhhh mmm!”

“You’ve only orgasmed six times.”

Lyle chuckled and toyed with Medea’s wet entrance. Lyle’s thick and long fingers teased her clit and her g-spot, making her back tremble.

“Relax. My fingers are much shorter than my cock. It won’t touch you too deeply inside.”

She was so cute like this. He kneaded her weak spot with his fingertips.


Medea trembled, tightening around Lyle’s fingers. She struggled to close her legs, but as Lyle held her legs wide open exposing her body.

“Hmm… hmm mmhhnn huh……. Ahhhhhhh….”

“It’s too bad I can’t fuck you like I usually do…… but it’s pretty fun to play with the Empress like this too. I can relish the remaining six weeks.”

Her back shook up and down as he touched her secret parts and talked. Lyle licked Medea’s cheek as she moaned.

“Have you ever fainted from touching this place? It might have been hard to in the past, but…… It may be possible because your body has become more sensitive.” [t1v: pregnancy can increase libdo, sexual sensitivity and orgasms—natural births can also induce orgasms *~the more you know~*]

No …..


Before she could shake her head weakly, Lyle’s fingertips lightly twisted her labia and clit. Lyle behind her back laughed as she struggled with pleasure.

“It’s not bad to watch you struggle either.….”

Lyle’s enlarged penis, fully erect, was now lying between Medea’s asscheeks. On top of that [no pun intended], Lyle seemed to be stimulated whenever Medea struggled.

“It’s not as good as inside of you but…… now that we have a child, we can’t help it.”

‘It’s my fault because I embraced you so much.’

After Medea gave birth, Lyle planned to place a magic tool in the Emperor’s and Empress’s room that would act as a contraceptive. Although it was said that it is good for the Imperial family to be blessed with many children, Lyle wanted to be careful because it was said that it would be too much for a woman to become pregnant one after another.

“Oh! There…… No…”

Medea was embarrassed by the joy she got from Lyle oiled up fingers playing with her asshole. While one hand played with her clitoris and teased her wet flesh, the other hand’s fingers lightly penetrated between her cheeks—everything felt more vivid.

“I just adore this side of you, too. What are you expecting?”


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