YMA – 84

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“Do you like the food? Are there any inconveniences…….” [Luke]

Somehow, Seira felt burdened by Luke who started to eat every meal with her.

Indeed, there was nothing strange about having meals with Luke since she was a guest. However, she was a minor lord in an isolated, rural, corner territory of the Silore region and Luke was a ducal heir and technically a count until he inherited his title as Duke.

In other words, she wasn’t important enough to pay attention to.

“I’m eating well. I’ve encountered no inconveniences because everyone is so hospitable.”

As Seira pondered why he was interested in her, she concluded it was because he resembled the kind Empress inside and out as she studied his face.

Luke was a really handsome young man. Not only was his light silver hair eye-catching, but also his dark blue eyes were astonishing. When she first saw him, she almost forgot herself and her manners and stared blankly.

‘I’m a man now, so it won’t be weird if I look at him—at least I’ll have that peace of mind.’

When Seira first met the Empress, she had to stop herself from staring because she was so pretty—reminding herself she was disguised as a man. But now it would be acceptable to stare and make eye-contact with a fellow man in this role.

Luke was flustered by Seira, who began to gaze at him with sparkling eyes.

‘Why ……..are you looking at me like a puppy? Is there something you want?’

Since Luke suspected that the baron was a woman, everything they did seemed feminine. Smooth blonde hair, charming light green eyes, and lips that looked like they would taste sweet when bitten.

‘What if all of this is a misunderstanding…….’

As they stared at each other Luke felt strange and turned his head. The butler hurriedly approached Luke.

“Young master.”

“What’s going on?”

When Luke asked, the butler spoke with a soft smile:

“It’s a message from the Duke. It seems that the Empress is with child.”


Surprised Luke jumped up from his seat.

Seira, upon unintentionally overhearing the conversation between the two, was also delighted. Everyone knew that the Imperial couple had been childless for a long time.

“This is not the time to be idle! We must send a congratulatory gift right away!”

“The Duke feels the same way.”


Luke frowned and looked at the butler.

The Duke Card’s thoughts were conspicuous. It is clear that Medea would not meet with him even if congratulations were the order of the day, so he intended to send Luke, who she had called to the Palace recently.

“Well, I guess…… Baron, excuse me, but I have leave first. Don’t mind me and eat slowly.”

“Yes. Congratulations, Little Duke.”

Luke paused for a moment at the sight of Seira’s tender big smile. Luke could tell how much she liked Medea and that softened his heart more than the empty elaborate words of aristocrats.

“Uh, yes….”

“Please convey my congratulations to the Empress.”

“Of course.”

Feeling like his face was about to heat up, Luke rushed out of the dining hall.

For some reason the image of the Baron’s smiling face kept squeezing into his mind which was filled with the thought of congratulating his sister.

How come?


It was weird for Medea to realize she was pregnant and it made her quite uneasy, but being in Lyle’s arms put her at ease. As soon as Lyle returned, Medea seemed to be bewildered and happy when she was in his arms.


“What did the doctor say?”

Would Lyle lie for the moment to lay with Medea?…. Frankly, she wanted to. But she also genuinely wanted to test the Emperor.

“They told me to be careful until you are nine weeks pregnant.”

“9 weeks…”

Sheesh. It’s short. Medea frowned with the desire to click her tongue.

Sex with Lyle felt good but she wondered if it would still feel good when she got pregnant. Honestly, she figured sex during pregnancy would probably be annoying.

“Should we just do it?”

asked Lyle as he looked down at Medea. Medea freaked out.

“What? No! Your Majesty is already so big! It would be really dangerous!”

“I don’t have to put all of it in. Plus there are also ways to enjoy it without putting it in.”

“Eh…. Why do you want to do that? We’ve been working all day.… Aren’t you tired of it?”

At that moment, Lyle choked up.

Tired? Did I hear it right? Did you just say you’re tired of doing it with me?

“Are you already bored with me?”

At the calm sad voice, Medea flinched.

“Oh, no! It’s not like that—”

“What’s it like then?”

Medea gulped as she was encircled in his arms, she tried to step back, but Lyle’s arm was already wrapped around her waist.

“I’m—I …….Y-Your Majesty, I’m happy to make you feel good…… for me, it’s the same…” [t1v: she’s confessing in a roundabout way “Lyle, you make me feel good”]


Medea glanced at the Lyle, her cheeks coloring.

“Aren’t you tired of me? I meant it like that.”

Medea’s eyes that peeked up at him were so cute, Lyle already felt his lower body standing at attention.

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  1. In all honesty tho I’ve heard that being pregnant is the closest a woman can experience what’s like to have a man’s libido. Hormones and stuff

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