YMA – 80

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While breakfast was being served by the maids Medea pondered over the plot of the novel.

The novel had already changed beyond recognition.

The beginning of the novel started with the funeral of Empress Medea and the death of Ian.

Medea’s funeral had not been a focal point of the novel, in fact, it started a few days after the national funeral was held.

After that, Ian was murdered, and Seira began managing the land by burying Ian’s body in a cemetery under her name, pretending to be her older brother.

After spending the late autumn and winter like that, she catches the Emperor’s eye by helping Lyle, who is in disguise, and comes out to inspect her estate in early spring. Lyle hides his status as Emperor and suggests that Seira take the knight’s examination.

Seira comes up to the capital to take the knight’s test to evade reiterated threats from her uncle. Seira, who passed the test with flying colors and the top score, becomes Lyle’s escort knight. Around the same time, a princess from another country appears and stays at a separate palace and talks to Lyle directly.

Lyle pretends to be looking for the next Empress to keep the nobility in check and suppress them. While he does this he finds out that Seira is a woman and falls in love.

‘I’m alive, so it’s not going to happen?’

The plot of the novel is based on the premise of looking for the next Empress.

But now the Empress was still alive, wanted to live quietly, and was even favored by the Emperor. The soul of the daughter of the Duke was no longer around, and the princess from another country who offered Lyle a political marriage while hiding a lover was not present.

There was even a nobleman who raised a woman to Lyle’s taste(?) to wrap Lyle around his finger, but instead, he was distant and repulsed.

‘Since it’s already changed so much… It’ll be okay, right?’

From mid-spring to summer, when the novel begins ardently…… Then in late autumn after the Emperor and Seira marry and go on honeymoon the novel ends with the announcement of the imperial pregnancy.

‘If I have a son, I want to call him Ian.’

Those are Seira’s words.

“Your majesty, may I serve dessert now?”

“Oh… Yeah.”

Medea, who had come to her senses, raised her head.

With being embraced day and night, won’t it be likely she was already pregnant? With that thought in mind, Medea figured she must already be with child.

Medea looked at the maid.

“There’s a clinic in the Imperial palace, right? If there is a woman in the clinic, would you call her?”


After asking for a woman, Medea found out there were no female doctors; the imperial clinic sent out a doctor with a soft and gentle face with a feminine spirit instead. The doctor approached Medea timidly.

“Your majesty, may this doctor examine you?”


Unlike his weak appearance, there was no problem with his skills. Upon examination, his face brightened.

The maid’s ears perked up when they noticed the doctor’s serious eyes lit up and he smiled brightly.

“As you may have already guessed, you are pregnant. Congratulations, Your majesty.”

“Your majesty! Empress! Congratulations!”

The maids were delighted and rushed to bless Medea.

Medea was happy but her heart was also complicated. The child between Medea and Lyle was a child who did not exist in the novel. Would her child be born safely and grow up well? Worry overtook her.

“Hurry, let’s quickly send His majesty this news……!”

“Yes, do it like that.”

Medea authorized it with a calm face.

Lyle was currently in a political meeting right now, but it won’t be a problem to interrupt the Empress’s pregnancy. Rather, it would be better to let the servants know. He could solidify his power and position by establishing a successor.

“Your majesty, is there anything you want to eat?”

“Your majesty, it’s better if you warm up.”

“Your majesty!”


The maids who originally fiercely served Medea, now stood by Medea with great enthusiasm. In the past, they fretted about Medea hitting her head again and going back to her original state, but now they were hopeful and confident about the future.


The door to the living room suddenly opened and Lyle rushed in. It was clear that he had come running as soon as he heard that Medea was pregnant.

“Your Majesty, I thought you were still in a political meeting…”….”

“The political meeting is not important. I heard that you are with child. Is that true?

As Medea smiled and nodded, Lyle’s face shone brightly. Lyle was about to squeeze Medea, but when he saw the maids freak out, she ended up hugging her.

“Thank you, Medea. From now on…… I’ll do a great job.”

Medea’s mood improved as she saw Lyle’s thrilled face.

Lyle carefully placed Medea in a chair and asked how long she had a child.

“It’s been 3 weeks since the last period so the child was conceived in September.”

He asserted that the child would be born near the end of summer. Lyle grinned as he realized the date of their affair that led to pregnancy.


“I passionately coveted you that day because I felt you were exceptionally cute, and I thought you had a child.”

At those words said in the presence of all the maids, Medea looked around in surprise. Medea’s maids pretended not to hear it and quietly avoided her gaze and looked away.

“You’re lying! How can you remember what happened 3 weeks ago!

“Why can’t you remember? I even remember what you said shivering under me. ‘Your Majesty, I feel like I’m going to die.…. I can’t do it anymore.’ You cried so adorably while I was doing it.” [t1v: omg ded.]

At Lyle’s laughing words, Medea pinched Lyle’s arm mercilessly. The maids quickly and quietly retreated from the bedroom.

When all of them went out and only two of them were left, Medea hit Lyle’s arm as if she were frustrated.


“I don’t know! How could you say something like that…….”

Lyle sighed happily, as he embraced a whining Medea in his arms.

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  1. I hope this means a break in the smut and more focus on the plot. I like smut but this novel is fcking ridiculous with it. Like I wish I could blend another novel with a ton on tension and no smut with this novel.

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