YMA – 8

‘It should be easy to come out of the window, step on the decorative wall, and enter the balcony of the next room.’ 

But it was dangerous!… … 

‘Absolutely unreasonable. Nope. Nada. It’s impossible!’ 

I ended up doing it anyway.

I had exhausted all my tactics before I made that decision. I even tried to tell my maid-in-waiting, “I have a cold” excuse. But she wasn’t fooled by my reason. 

I knew that she wouldn’t accept my concussion as an excuse.

So this was what I came up with:

“Your Majesty didn’t come, so I sneaked out and got lost while trying to find you because you didn’t come!’… … Being coy and lying while trying to pass off such a weak excuse as truth is hard, but it makes sense for now.

The only thing left to figure out was where I could spend the night while hiding covertly.

If I caught in the middle, this would all come to naught. 

The question is, how do I avoid the next bed-sharing day even if I manage to avoid it today 

 … ‘Let’s focus on the immediate problem now, well… … . ‘Hick!’ 

Medea hurriedly hid behind a pillar at the sound of guards running, 

After confirming that the sound of the steps had faded away, Medea sneaked out from behind the pillar, spied the end of the corridor, and quietly tip-toed away. 

There wasn’t such a thing as being too cautious in such a big palace when she had no idea how many people roamed these halls.

Soon she had to hide again. Why did the people suddenly increase?

‘Is it because of me? Maybe they discovered that I have disappeared.’ 

Earlier, Medea had been left alone in the bedroom. Knowing that no one would enter her room but the Emperor on this night meant he had already arrived at the bedroom and discovered that she had escaped. 

Medea glanced out the window. The night was already deep, and the moon had already passed it’s zenith. 

Even as a modern person without a watch, I could that it was late. 

‘You jerk, you only arrived now?’ 

It was probably close to 1 am. 

He must have been trying to arrive as late as possible. 

I admit that Medea was a terrible bully, but it took two to tango when it came to relationships. 

“Well, whatever, it works out for me. With this, if I’m lucky, I’ll even get deposed.” 

 “… … Do you really want to get locked up in a temple like that?” 

I didn’t anticipate a creepy voice appearing behind my back with such horrifying timing. 

Medea flinched and leaped away in fright.

“Wh-who? Oh… …Shit.” 


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