YMA – 79

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“Hmm… heh… umm……my semen keeps flowing out…….”

When he rubbed the tip of her nipples she flinched.

Lyle smiled mischievously and extended his bold stare between Medea’s legs. As he said, his semen was still flowing out little by little.

“Hmm. I don’t think it’s just semen”.


He gently rubbed between her legs and penetrated her opening. Medea looked back at Lyle in tears.

“Ah, y—your Majesty……. It— it’s too much……. ahh! Please…….”

“I’m going to bathe the Empress…What were you expecting?”

She wasn’t planning on getting out of bed all morning, so it was a good idea to do it now.

Medea’s body trembled as Lyle stirred her wet flesh with his inserted fingers.

“Haahh, ah… no… From the morning, ahhhh……!”

“You’re soaked for something like that.”

With a grin, he stroked her vaginal wall. Medea reached a loud orgasm.

Lyle turned around and hugged a limp Medea who was panting and sweetly smiled.

“Spread your legs, Empress. I’m dying to have you.”

Medea hesitated at the whispered words that felt like a soft kiss falling from his lips and intoxicating her. It was embarrassing to do such a thing in the morning, but Medea knew how good it felt to be embraced by Lyle.

“Oh, then… Just a little bit….”

“Okay, just a little bit.”

Of course, their standards for “a little” were very different between Lyle and Medea.

When Medea wavered while spreading her legs, Lyle grabbed one of her legs and lifted her up. Her pubic hair was exposed and shiny as her entrance was twitching as if asking for something.

“Hmm- Were you looking forward to it?”

He teased her as he stared at her core with a fierce gaze. Medea didn’t know how to respond.

“Oh, no……. Ohh, Anngh! Ahh!”

Suddenly, his penis stretched her wet lower mouth to its limit as Medea and Lyle gasped and grunted. Lyle whispered as he grabbed and squeezed Medea’s ass as he held and lifted her up by her buttocks.

“Wrap your legs around my waist.”

“Ahh, yeah…Ummm…”

Her whole body was trembling with the obscene heat filling her stomach. Medea hung off of Lyle’s neck while trying to wrap her legs around Lyle’s waist. Lyle fondled Medea’s butt as he held up her and then began to thrust with rhythm.

“Gasp! No! It’s… Oh, my! Your majesty!

“Hmm… Good, Millie……. Just like that…….”

“Ah! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ahhh, already……. Lyle……. Unngh!”

His cock was swallowed to his roots by her own weight and made her wild. She was pierced by an obscene pleasure bouncing around her entire body, savoring those lewd stimuli.

“Ahhh…. Ah! Ah! Ah! Lyle….…Ang! Ang! It feels so goo— good! Oh my god!

Lyle gasped as he thrusted and fucked Medea, who was moaning and desperately hanging on to him. Her head was so deeply dyed in lust and elation that it made her dizzy.

“Great… Millie……. More….”

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Yes! Ohhh! Ohhh…!”

Lyle still had a long way to go, but Medea didn’t last long and reached a zenith. Lyle shook his back with a frightening intensity. Medea, who became more sensitive after tasting her peak, cried, saying she was dying.

“Haaa! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… No, now! Yes! Ang! Lyle……!”

Even if she cried and begged, he couldn’t hear her now. She had to feel more.


Medea’s body trembled as she returned to the bedroom wrapped in a large towel.

While the Emperor and the Empress spent time in the bathroom, the maids cleaned and organized the bed and the room. Lyle laid Medea in the middle of the large bed and took off the towel.

“Haaa…” [breath out sfx]

Her shaking and feebly breathing appearance struck Lyle as both erotic and beautiful. He ecstatically looked over Medea’s nudeness before gently caressing her cheek.

“Rest while I’m gone. When I come back… I’ll cherish you again.”

Medea’s face heated up at his whispering words. He wanted to do it again after they had already done it from last night to the morning?

She thought perhaps he was just joking but when Medea saw Lyle’s insatiable gaze on her unclad body, it didn’t seem like empty words.

Lyle laughed as a frightened Medea pulled up her blanket and covered her body. Lyle encircled Medea’s cheeks with both hands and kissed her gently.

“I love you, Medea…….”

Medea’s eyes widened at the unexpected confession of love. Lyle once said something similar in the midst of the lustful fervor during a passionate affair, but it was the first time he said it out loud with a sober mind.

Lyle smiled at a startled Medea, kissing her cheeks and forehead, and left the bedroom.


What? Are you serious?

The moment she heard Lyle’s words, her heart stopped beating and then began to loudly pound.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

As her heart ran a mile a minute Medea hid her face under the blanket.

What should I do? I think I’m feverish.….


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