YMA – 78

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Whenever she moved her legs, it felt like semen was dripping down. With her face dyed red, Medea carefully lifted Lyle’s arms very slowly, which had been holding her waist.

Last night seemed to have caused Lyle to feel tired in his own way. Medea deliberately raised Lyle’s arm and slipped out of his arms.


As Medea tumbled her legs out of the bed, she felt a stabbing pain traveling from my toes to my head as if she had moved her body wrong.


Medea glanced at Lyle, who was still sleeping, and sighed with relief. He didn’t wake up from her movements or sounds.

Medea gingerly tiptoed across the floor as her knees shook. As her hips moved, semen piled up inside flowed down her entrance.


Even though it was the end of autumn and cool inside the palace, her face was burning despite the weather.

Medea tried to pull her eyes away from her thighs and hobbled into the bathroom. Without knowing that Lyle, who was pretending to be asleep, was secretly watching her from behind.

When Medea’s figure disappeared into the bathroom, Lyle quietly pulled the blanket off of himself. It was cute and sad to see Medea walking with her legs trembling.

‘Should I go and hug her?’

But could he stop himself at just cuddling? Of course, he’d want to touch her, and if he touched her, he’d want to insert himself in her.

Even if his desire was deep, it was too deep. Fortunately, his desire was confined to one person, Medea. If he had tried to embrace many women like the former emperor, he would have felt disgusted with himself.

‘Can’t we do it one more time?’

Lyle thought as he looked down on his lower body, which was erect and full of power, maybe because it was morning wood or a side effect of watching Medea in the nude. He thought he had more energy than was necessary.

Since they had already started, he thought it would be fun to push Medea until she couldn’t get out of bed, as Sid advised.


Fortunately, the bathroom was clean. Medea remembered that there was a door for the maids and locked it and then approached the bathtub.

The water facilities in this world were pretty good, so there was also a faucet. Although the general populace didn’t have access to plumbing, hot water was available all year round for the imperial palace, loyal readers of that1villainess and the houses of high-status aristocrats.

She checked the water, scooped it up with a bucket, washed herself, and looked down between her thighs. The semen was still flowing out little by little.

‘I have to wash up before the maids come.….’

Still, she got used to it, Medea could move even though she had suffered so much last night. Even though she was not the main character, he was quick to adapt to it because she was a character in a romance novel that was rated R-19.

‘No, you’re supposed to be already dead.’

She was also supposed to be a villain.

Medea, who had sprayed water on her lower entrance, sighed. No matter how much she wiped it off, it seemed to keep flowing out.

‘I don’t want to put my finger in it and scoop it out.….’

The semen is also the remnant of Lyle, and inserting a finger while Lyle’s semen lingered within her had the same effect as when Lyle touched her directly.

‘Lyle’s still in the room.…. If your moan leaks out, you’ll be attacked.’

Medea’s cheeks grew red, recalling what she had been embracing Lyle since morning.

Well, no, I don’t think that’s too bad either…….Just do it?

She hesitated and carefully poured water between his legs, and a large palm circling from behind her ass stroked between Medea’s legs.


Surprised, he hugged her bouncing body from behind. Lyle hugged Medea’s naked body and fondled her wet body.

“Ah……. Aang…….”

She felt aroused even when he was lightly sweeping down her breast. As Medea’s breath quivered, Lyle grabbed her breasts and squeezed them.

“I went into the bathroom and wondered what you were doing.…. Was it not enough for me to do it?”

“Uh-huh, ah-huh.….No, it’s not…….sir, I’m going to wash up.…. Ugh…….”

He grabbed her breast with both hands and teased them with his growing desire. Her breasts shook greatly and even the nipples stood firm.

“I saw the empress rubbing between her legs. But you’re going to back out now?”

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  1. I’ve read a lot of smut but I genuinely feel bad for this heroine. Like she can’t do anything without him pouncing on her 😂😂😂 I can barely recall a plot to this story it’s just him being horny.

    1. The text between didn’t show up
      It was about hot waters available all year around for aristocrat and loyal readers 😅🤣

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