YMA – 77

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Lyle stepped into the bathtub and sat down, and then set Medea on his lap.

“Uh hugh…….”

As she shook under the sweet sensation, Lyle began to greedily fondle Medea’s body.

Now, Lyle felt her react no matter where he touched her. Lyle’s breath got rough as he felt Medea get stirred up between his legs as his lewd touches provoked her.

“Haaaaahhaaa…. My Empress… Do you already want to do it again?”

“Oh, no…No, it’s not…Oh, no, it’s not like that.…. Hmmm…….”

“No, you are squeezing and sucking mine so deep…….It feels great. Don’t worry I’ll give the Empress an unbearable amount of affection—so much you won’t be able to stand it.”

Recalling Sid’s words to relax, Lyle churned and flexed his penis while deep inside her abdomen. When it lustfully rubbed her insides, sparks flew in front of her eyes.

“Ohhh! Ahh! Oh, my god!”

Lyle lovingly hugged a sobbing and struggling Medea, as he began to covet her for a second time. It seemed like holding back was a powerful tactic.

It seemed that the strange sensation threatened to overflow after filling her stomach. Medea sobbed helplessly, drinking saliva filling her mouth.

Medea’s legs were spread apart and lifted by Lyle’s thighs at his will. Her slender ankles captured, Medea wept and lewdly moaned.

It felt so good. She felt like she was going to lose her mind.

About a third of the water in the bathtub had been spilled while she struggled with obscene impulses. As she tasted another climax [of which she couldn’t keep track of], Medea looked at the tip of her toes curling in the air.

Firecrackers exploded in his head, and a strange sensation hit his whole body as if her body were floating. There were no rollercoasters in this world, but it seemed as if she felt that weightless feeling while on the crest of a drop and a sense of dizziness washing over her.

“UHhhhh….aaaaahhhhhhh, ah, ah, ahh…….”

Although he was usually great in bed, he was particularly persistent today as if he planned this before. Medea tried to run away twice due to excessive stimulation, but it was impossible. From her middle, her legs were completely weak and she could not get up with her own strength.

“Ha……. Haaa….… Ooohh, yes…….”

Medea slumped when his penis pulled out of her. She was surprised that she didn’t lose her mind even though he had embraced her so much. Her body trembled with lingering feelings and the afterglow of her orgasms with her private parts still contracting.


Lyle turned Medea’s body around with a satisfied face as if the affair in the bathtub had filled his heart. Before she had leaned her back against Lyle’s chest and now they were facing each other. Medea held Lyle’s neck reflexively.

“Uh… Your Majesty, um…….”

As if it were natural, their lips overlapped with an intense kiss and saliva exchanging between them. He was so happy at this sweet moment when he was kissing and embracing her body closely.

Medea curled her legs around Lyle’s waist as if she were in a good mood, and Lyle smiled,

“Did you feel that good?”

Medea’s face heated up at his whispered question.

Lyle chuckled and began to fiddle with Medea’s body leaning against his chest. Since she had a sensitive body that was still in the afterglow, Medea gasped,

“Oh, Your Majesty……. Ah, not yet…….”

“No can do.”

When Medea twisted under Lyle’s touch, rubbing herself against his chest. Excitedly, Lyle’s eyes lit up, grabbed Medea’s ass, and pushed her fingers between her legs.

“Ha! Your Majesty…….”

“Look, it’s still tight.….”

He inserted fingers, stroking and caressing her lower lips wet with her honey, watching Medea’s face as she panted and shook her head in embarrassment.

“No, no, no, uh……. Lyle don’t bother…….Aaah!”

When he bent his fingertips and thrusted in her inner tunnel, Medea bounced back and sobbed.

Lyle, unable to bear it any longer, grabbed Medea’s ass and thrusted his penis in.

“Oh, yeah huuhh! Ah, Your Majesty…….Ahh!”

“This time, you call my name every time you cum. If you call me Your Majesty, not Lyle, or forget to call out my name as you climax, you will be punished.”

Medea nodded reflexively at his fierce whispering words, as he stroked her back. Lyle laughed as if he was pleased and began to thrust into her in earnest.


Would this be enough?

Lyle wondered as he stroked Medea’s cheek as she slept.

Even though she fell asleep deeply, she weakly groaned when Lyle stroked her.

Lyle sighed deeply and glanced over Medea’s naked body. The woman’s body, which had a clear trace of the affair, was enchantingly beautiful. When he thought that all those traces were inscribed by himself, he even welled up pride.

He was thinking about sleeping without taking his cock out of her. He thought it would be difficult to sleep with it inserted because both Medea and Lyle’s bodies were sensitive.


When he sang her name quietly, Medea in his arms tossed and turned. He kissed her on the cheek and pulled the blanket over them both.

Lyle hugged Medea in a delighted mood and went to sleep. A happy smile graced his mouth as joy filled his heart.


Lying on the Duke’s bed [t1v: pretty sure the author meant she’s a guest bed in the Duke’s palace], Seira stared up at the ceiling blankly.

It was a high ceiling. No room in her home had a ceiling this tall.

Was this okay? She wanted to achieve her dream, but her heart felt heavy because it seemed she had deceived those who trusted her. She felt so grateful for being invited to the capital and being given a chance—and now she had been even invited to stay at the duke’s residence.

But the dice had already been cast, and there were no takebacks.

It had been discovered that Ian had been poisoned. He was slowly being treated, so she would have to go down to her hometown and change her identity when his body fully recovered.

So until then…….

Even if it was for a very short time, she wanted to live as a knight. Of course, the first thing she needed to do was pass the knight’s examination.

Seira had 4 months left. It was both a long and a short time.

Determined that she would definitely pass the exam, Seira went to sleep. The day would be too short for all the training she needed to do from tomorrow.


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  1. Thank you for updating. I kinda wish they would have some non sexual moments but something tells me that’s not gonna happen 😅

  2. Lol the book is reminding us that there is an Actual plot and drive to this novel Aside the perpetual sexual conflict, I kinda feel bad for Millie – it’s clearly too much and she’d completely at his mercy at times. I wonder if that is what she wishes for or if she just accpets all his assaults… there is a difference. Author please clarify for my conscience

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