YMA – 76

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A teardrop fell from Medea’s blinking eyes as she swallowed her breath at the touch of Lyle’s hands stroking her between her thighs again. His fingers came between her lower lips he had licked earlier, rubbing through her convulsing flesh without relenting.


Medea twisted under the sensual stimulus. Her body was heated by his touch that had, at first, delicately stirred her and now was rough and feverish.

“You’re tight. I can see how much you want to taste me seeing how much you are twitching and convulsing on me.”

As he licked his lips, Lyle pulled his fingers out of Medea.


Medea swallowed her breath as Lyle turned her around and took his penis in his hand.


The wait was too long. Lyle had been desperate to fuck Medea. He felt like he had been waiting all day.


She felt her ass cheeks being spread apart and he inserted his tip. He pushed in without a surprise at the sight of himself in the mirror.


Her deep pink entrance opened wide and the magnificent penis was swallowed down to his roots.

Medea, who witnessed the grotesque scene through the mirror, was speechless by the debauchery. Her entrance, which has already swallowed Lyle’s desire to the root, was twitching…… as if she wanted more of him. Her face heated up.


Even though he had already pushed it deep, Lyle thrusted again as if to make sure there was no place to push in further. Medea’s back flinched as his tip squished her inside.

“Ugh! Unngh, ahh…….”

Watching Medea moan in the mirror, Lyle smiled as if he was greatly satisfied. When he reached out and grabbed her trembling breasts, Medea lifted her head and took in the sight of them in the mirror.


Medea was embarrassed when she found a woman with a shyly sensual expression. She didn’t know she had this look on her face. On top of that, her flinching pussy was constantly pouring clear liquid even though it was holding Lyle’s enormous organ.

“Ha… I can’t stand it.”

As he trembled at the whispered words, a large penis pulled out.

“Gasp! Gasp!”

Her insides tugged at him due to the sense of loss. The whole stomach seemed to shrink due to the lustful stimulus spreading along her spine.

Then at that moment, Lyle began to relentlessly thrust into her.

“Ahhh! *Gasp*! Ahh! Whoa!”

His hot and large pillar constantly dug into her with a lewd bulge on her lower stomach. With a constant sweet shudder, Medea struggled to escape from Lyle’s arms, only to be deeply fucked.

Her wet insides seemed to melt with pleasure, he widened her insides as Lyle buried himself to his roots and twirled in her insides.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah! Yeah! Ahhh! Oh, my gosh!

Her body, which had reached her zenith instantly, was held in Lyle’s arms, as his waist shook violently up and down, thrusting into her. Medea shuddered and sobbed with lustful pleasure. The strange stimulation that filled her stomach sweetly tormented Medea without a break.

“Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Noo… Ah! It’s melting me! Ahhh, ewwwow!”

While struggling, she felt the second and third peaks coming. Medea struggled in Lyle’s arms, raising her sexy voice. Her convulsing flesh poured out of love juice, and a sticky sound resonated loudly into the bathroom.

“Ha! Ah! Ah! Ahhhhhhhh…….Ahh! Ahhhhhh!”

She was so overwhelmed by the lustful sensations that she felt like she was going crazy. She couldn’t think of anything but Lyle’s penis, whose whole body trembled when she penetrated by the obscene feelings that spread to her toes.

“Oh, oh, oh…Aaaaaaah!

As Lyle tasted his pinnacle, he ejaculated inside Medea. Medea also collapsed into Lyle’s chest, tasting a huge apex again.

“*Sigh*, *sigh*hhhhaaa…….Ummmm….”

Listening to Lyle’s harsh breathing, Medea felt a sweet sense of satisfaction.

She glanced at the mirror at the feeling of semen leaking out of her entrance, and turned bright red. Lyle’s penis was deeply inserted, and the sight of a hazy semen trickling down through it was truly suggestive.

“…Shall we wash up now?”

Lyle whispered in an passionate tone. Medea, who was enjoying herself the afterglow, mumbled, unable to look directly at herself in the mirror.

“Well, let’s start with this.….”

“Take it out,” said Medea in a tiny slow voice. Lyle chuckled and lifted Medea’s ass up with his waist.

“Oh, uh huuhhh!”

Lyle’s penis was still frighteningly passionate, Medea shivered at the feeling of being lift up from inside. Lyle said, pleased with the strange response from Medea,

“I will do it this way. When I’m excited while washing you, I can embrace you right away…….”


Medea was astonished as if lightning had struck her on a clear day. Lyle grinned and nuzzled Medea’s waist.

“Hey, shall we go into the bathtub like this?”

“Yes? Oh, no! Your Majesty, if you move now…….Whoa……I don’t want to!”

Lyle, who lifted Medea’s waist with one arm, walked to the bathtub. Everytime Lyle took a step his cock which moved left and right up and down, driving Medea crazy.

“Huhh, huhh, yeah……I don’t want to…….Stop, ahhhhh.”

Lyle laughed as if he was having fun, as Medea trembled on his cock.

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