YMA – 75

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‘But it’s not foggy. Is it a special bathroom mirror?’

Medea got out of the bathtub and stood in front of the mirror.

It hadn’t been long since Lyle embraced her, so her whole body was filled with traces of love bites, that resembled petals. Lyle left traces on the back of her neck, trailing down her breasts to her inner thighs, buttocks, her private parts, and her waist and back.

‘Somehow, it’s a little embarrassing.’

Medea turned away, blushing, so she didn’t see someone coming out from behind the mirror and taking off their robe.


Her heart sank at the familiar voice.

“We’re gonna wash up together, right?”

As she turned around, Lyle, who had taken off his gown, greeted her with a grin.


Lyle smiled at the happy expression on her face. He had doubted Sid’s words, but it seemed to be very effective.

“Come here.”

When he opened his arms and spoke, Medea rushed into his arms and hugged him. The joy he felt at that moment was indescribable, so Lyle had to repeat to himself that this was no big deal. It was unusual.

Her breasts rubbing against him were soft and tender while his lower organ, which was already excited by the sight of Medea’s body, now became increasingly stiff.

Lyle lowered his hand that had been encircling her waist and clenched Medea’s asscheek with force.


His mouth was watering because of the soft texture in his hand.

As she grabbed and hugged Lyle’s neck, he grasped and massaged Medea’s ass while lifting her since she was shorter than him. Medea wiggled. Now that Lyle’s penis was stabbing her in the lower abdomen, it was bothering her.

Like Medea, Lyle became aroused when they touched due to the effects of the aphrodisiac.

Lyle gulped, as he was about to ejaculate just by pressing against her soft skin. Not yet. As Sid said, he was going to hug her and relax all night long.

He would be in trouble if he didn’t properly seduce her and melt down her resistance that way she wouldn’t refuse before he embraced her. He didn’t think she would reject him now based on her reactions but he didn’t understand a woman’s heart.

“Will you kiss me, Millie?”

Lyle said, hoping his voice didn’t sound impatient.

As Medea pulled Lyle’s neck down at his words, the emperor leaned towards her gently. When they kissed lightly and fell apart and looked into each other’s eyes, their gazes intertwined.

“That’s not a kiss,”

whispered Lyle as he tugged on Medea’s waist. Medea’s lips were half-open as if she wanted a kiss.

Lyle ran his fingertips across her collarbone and he flicked her erect nipples. Medea moaned and looked at Lyle as if he was heartless.

Who was really cold-hearted?


He picked on her pointed nipples and gently rubbed them. Medea’s cheeks, while looking at Lyle, began to heat up lovingly.

“Tell me what you want me to do,”

Lyle commanded while suppressing his burning desire. At his growl, Medea shrank and took a step back.

She was running away again.

He felt like he was going to die from burning. Lyle swallowed his rough breath and touched Medea’s breasts, then caressed her lower abdomen and then pushed his hand between her legs.


As if it were unbearable to withstand his touch Medea pushed her thighs together. However she was too late, Lyle was already tickling her wet lower lips.

Medea took another step back as the lewd sensations grew stronger. Lyle took two steps towards her and grabbed Medea’s waist.

“Spread your legs…. Medea…….”

Lyle rubbed her petals while groaning in a low voice. At the racy stimulus, Medea twisted her back and shivered.

“Ah…, Your Majesty…”….”

“Please, Millie…Should I kneel and beg? Will you open your legs for me?”

The hand that had been tormenting her between her legs slipped away. Lyle knelt at Medea’s feet. Media’s cheeks were flushed as she looked down on the feverish enemy who looked up at her from on her knees.

“Millie, come on…….”


Hesitating, Medea spread her legs. Lyle gulped when her trembling knees opened and her wet, dripping privates were revealed to him.

“Oh, wait! Ahh…….”

Medea hesitated and Lyle pulled her waist towards his face as he buried his face in her core. A strange pleasure filled him as he stuck out his tongue and swept through her folds, and licked up her erect clit and spread her flower liquor up and down.

“Huh! Oh! Ah! Oh, my! Oh, my God—-Your Majesty!”

Sparks flew in front of her eyes while the tip of his tongue only brushed her clit, almost making her cum.

Lyle reflexively pulled on Medea’s knee as she started to inch away. He lightly bit her clit.

“Ugh, aha haaa! Aaaaah!

Her body tasted her first climax as he sucked her clit with a splashing sound. Medea about to collapse, managed to hold Lyle’s shoulder. But Lyle stuck out his tongue and started licking her flower bud up and down.

“Oh! Ahhh! Stop—oohh noo.….Lyle! Ah!”

Firecrackers seemed to go off in her head in succession from excessive stimulation. She tried to run away in fright but was caught by the ass as Lyle drank heavily in her flower liquor.

“Hhhhhh ahhh, ahhh, ah!”

At her second climax, Medea’s head bent back. Lyle propped her up, as his tongue lashed out and licked her twitching entrance.

“Ugh, uh…….Ahhh…….”

Shivering from his extraordinary touch, Lyle rose from his seat, holding Medea. Still dazed by her climaxes, he hugged and kissed Medea in his arms.



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