YMA – 71

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Lyle took Medea’s love for granted after marrying her. He had never wondered before about what kind of person she liked.

Lyle had heard women like such smooth, slick-looking types, and upon seeing Medea’s interest, he became a little anxious and inquired.

“I like someone who listens to me well.” [t1v: HA!]


“If I wanted a star in the sky, my ideal type would not only get all the stars in the sky for me but the moon too. I like a person who knows and understands my heart the best!”

Medea declared proudly, with her back straight. Lyle looked sullen.

“Is that so? I listen to everything you want, too!”

“Then let me free and dismiss the guards! I can’t even go to the library! I want to go out!”

“When you’re with me, you are allowed to go out.”

“No. Why do I have to go with your Majesty every time?”

For a moment, Lyle was speechless.


“I don’t have to go around with your Majesty. Your Majesty must be annoyed. Why do you insist on being and going out with me?”


Lyle’s mouth tightly grimaced as he looked at Medea. He stared at her with a disgruntled countenance, then abruptly sprang up from his seat and sat next to Medea.

Now he knew Medea didn’t like him as much as he liked her. It was the opposite of the relationship’s dynamic from before [t1v: as in Medea loved Lyle more before].

Of course, it didn’t mean that Lyle wanted to go back to that time, but he couldn’t help but feel miserably dismal whenever he was confronted with the gap of her feelings compared to his.

‘Is this karma?’

Karma for neglecting Medea since the beginning of their marriage.

As Lyle calmed himself down, Medea was analyzing her words, wondering if she had said something wrong.

‘I don’t think I said anything incorrect or improper.’

Medea glanced at Lyle’s handsome face, meeting his brooding eyes under dark eyebrows that were frowning.

“Tell me, what kind of husband am I to the Empress?”

“A sex-loving husband.”


Lyle was dumbfounded. But he had some self-awareness and realized he deserved her assessment of him considering how much he bothered her.


Lyle’s upper body, which turned to Medea completely, slowly approached. Medea leaned back reflexively.

“When I hear that…… Should I live up to your expectations?”

“Ohh! Wait!”

Medea freaked out and slapped Lyle on the head as he tried to snatch her skirt. Just then, a knock rang out against the door.

“……who is it?”

A voice containing a sincere desire to live echoed beyond the door. Outside, Sid swallowed with a dry mouth.

“Your Majesty… this is Sid. May I come in?”

Lyle looked around the door of his office with an irritated glare, then looked back at Medea. Medea was frantically arranging the hem of the dress that had been lifted.

“Come back in five minutes.”

Then, he pulled Medea into his arms and licked her lips. Her lips were crushed roughly but his and his tongue came in to taste her saliva.

Medea panicked and shoved Lyle’s chest in bewilderment but he didn’t budge. Why was he so strong?

“Oh, wait….”

He hugged his waist and gasped, twisting his body under a hand fixing the back of his neck. Lyle growled, hugging Medea, half lying on the sofa.

“……I’m just want to kiss you, so stay still.”

You’re lying!

A hand clasping her waist came down and started to fondle her ass over the dress. Because the dress was thick she wasn’t provoked but she was worried about who may see this scene.


Medea gasped as Lyle encircled her tongue hastily as he groped her breasts over her dress. He didn’t pull down the hem of the dress, but Medea’s body trembled as he grazed and pinched her nipples over the cloth as if he wanted to put his hands inside.


Muttering a swear in a low growl, Lyle looked up into Medea’s hazy eyes. She felt like dying.

‘Should I just do it…….’

The face of Medea turned red and white as if he quickly realized the meaning of his burning eyes. Her desperate eyes, shivering head with excitement were cute, but Lyle decided to endure it by kissing Medea’s fingertips because he thought pushing any further would hurt Medea.

‘Should we set up a separate room in the office or let them bring my work to the bedroom……?’

He had no intention of following the previous emperor, who had neglected his affairs due to his affairs with women. The previous emperor was still firmly in control of the military, so he never was dethroned but in return, the country was devastated and corruption ran rampant.

The bureaucrats could not complain to the emperor, but the common people’s lives were difficult due to the widespread misconduct of officials.

It hasn’t even been 10 years since that status-quo was reversed. The amount of work that had piled up every day was now at a manageable level, and the state’s affairs were stable. He could not neglect government affairs now. He certainly wanted to fulfill the duties of the Emperor.

However, his stomach was burning every day because of Empress Medea, who he couldn’t embrace enough to be assuaged.

“Shall we do it in the bedroom? Should we do it here? If you want to do it in the bedroom…… Can I embrace you after dinner?”

It was cute to see the fever rising on her relieved face. Medea was sure she’d get used to those words, but she was still so embarrassed he wanted to tease her more.

“Uh…… i-in the b-bedroom.”

“Yes, as soon as we finish dinner. Come in with me in the bath.”

He had added another thing, Medea opened her mouth in disbelief and looked at Lyle like he was a swindler.

Lyle grinned and kissed Medea’s lips again. Why are you opening your mouth so wide? So that it’s easy to put my tongue in?


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