YMA – 70

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Rather than looking at him as a man, Medea looked at the Baron like a younger brother or child, but that alone made him jealous.

Of course, if he saw the eyes Baron Hestia looked at her with, he would have been furious.


Lyle took Medea’s hand and buried her lips thickly in the palm of her hand, sending a hot look.

“Where are you looking? I thought I told you to keep your eyes on me. ……you don’t care about me?”

Instantly, Medea’s face heated up. Shamefully, Lord Gerrard and the others quickly ducked their heads down—pretending not to see.

His actions determined Lyle’s first impression to Seira.

‘I can’t believe it…’


‘I couldn’t express my thanks.’

Seira left the audience room with a sullen face. Every time she tried to talk to the Empress, she couldn’t say a word because the Emperor interrupted her.

The Empress saved my brother’s life, made them aware of the existence of the mine they didn’t even know existed, and even invested in it. She even asked Seira, who doesn’t have any blood ties in the capital, to stay at the Duke’s residence.

‘You must have thought me pathetic.’

“What are you so depressed about?”

Gerrard tapped Seira on the shoulder and asked. Seira looked at Gerrard as if she had come to her senses.

“Sir Gerrard.”

“Well, you are going to Duke’s, so I won’t see you for a while.… the Empress saw your impression well, so let’s meet again.”

“Thank you for everything!”

Seira bowed down and said. Gerrard grinned and stirred Seira’s hair.

“Yes, go to the Duke’s and work hard.”

It was a rude act against a Baron, but Seira was not offended. Gerrard recommended her, so she was able to come this far, and he was the one who took responsibility for it. He was like a benefactor to Seira. He actually saved her life.

“Yes, I’ll make sure to…… I will return your favor.”

“What grace. See you later!”

Gerrard grinned and left first.

Seira agreed to stay at the palace for the time being, as she would have been sent to the Duke’s residence later.

Even though there was a title, it was a baron of a small local estate, so the room assigned to Seira was grand, but even this was more splendid than her room in Hestia’s castle. Seira sat on her bed, relieved not to stay at the knight’s barracks.

She couldn’t even imagine going to the Duke’s residence.

‘I owe you; I’ll take care of the Empress’s family……. I have to work hard!’

Clenching her fists, Seira vowed.


After leaving the audience room, Lyle looked glum. There were some signs on the throne, but his face was transparent when he came out of the audience room.

Lyle allowed Medea to send men to the Duke’s residence, but he did not send her back to her room but made her come to his office. It was so she could stay with him while he was working. Medea was reading the love novel she told the maid to bring her.


Sitting in front of the desk, Lyle gazed at Medea. She was concentrating on the novel without even knowing that Lyle was staring at her.

At first, Sid and other officials came in and out, but they glanced at the Empress in the office, met Lyle’s frightening gaze, and stopped entering.

Now only Sid managed to show up and post the documents.


Medea raised her head because he intentionally pulled out the chair.

Lyle, who stood up in front of the desk, walked in front of her, looking at Medea.

Tapping… Tapping…

The gaze, as he approached, was sharp. Medea looked at Lyle, wondering what was wrong.

“Is it fun? The book…….”

“It’s all right.”

Standing in front of Medea, Lyle looked down on her with a deep gaze, making her anxious.

“What’s wrong with you?”


“You’ve been upset since a while ago.”

“Not really……. It’s absolutely not because I feel bad that my cute Empress smiled at another man.”

Medea was dumbfounded by what Lyle said and lightly smiled.

“You need to give off a good impression to those who have travelled a long way to see you!”

But Lyle still looked unconvinced. Looking disapprovingly at Medea, he sat on the couch’s armrest.

“The Empress is like that…… do you like the weak-looking type? People with a womanly appearance.”

“No, why are you making a big deal out of this?”

“Tell me. What type do you like?”

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  1. There’s that conversation before when she was asking him what he wanted and he replied to stay by his side all the time. She thought it sounded boring, but she could do it as long as she had a romance novel. I felt that was a summary of how their relationship was going to be. Him wanting her all the time, her being slightly annoyed, but willing to indulge. Glad this actually happens with reading in his office.

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