YMA – 69

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The knights and wizards sent to the province of Silore returned. Surprisingly, the news that there was a vein of manastones ore left Lyle speechless.

‘There’s really a result? On that humble estate?’

This revealed the reason why Ian’s uncle tried to take away the land.

Lyle again sent a research team to develop the mine. This would create the economic means for Baron Hestia to feed the miners, and that would slowly begin to flourish into a local mana-related industry.

It was Seira and her brothers who were delighted more than anyone else at the news of the discovery of the ore on the estate. The Empress has happily stated that she will not take away their mines but invest, and the profit share was favorable to them.

From his parents’ carriage accident to Ian’s disease, that turned out to be an addiction……. It seemed that their string of bad luck had really turned around to good fortune.

The three siblings were embarrassed by the favor the Empress showed them. Seira was the only one who came to the capital, so Ian asked her to thank the Empress properly.

Even so, Seira was nervous. There were so many awful rumors about the Empress that even if she showed them favor for no reason, they could not help but be suspicious.

Seira, who entered the audience room with the dispatched knights, was nervous, and her heart was pounding. She was daring to have an audience with the Emperor and the Empress under disguise—she was pretending to be her brother. Later, if this were discovered, her whole family could have been imprisoned for insulting and lying to the imperial family.

Am I behaving properly? Can I do this?

“His Majesty and Her Majesty are coming in!”

At the cry of the servant, the knights hurried to straighten their statures. Seira also stood alert and looked into the royal passageway.

The Emperor and the Empress wearing colorful grand clothing entered. The Emperor’s appearance was outstanding, but it was really the spirit and overwhelming charisma that gave Seira a cold sweat. The Emperor’s handsome features came into sight afterwards.

The Empress was coming in, holding the Emperor’s hand. The following maids lifted her skirt slightly so that she wouldn’t step on it.


She had never seen such a beautiful woman in her life. She seemed flawless, with blue-colored silver hair that seemed to be made by melting the moonlight, smooth and white skin, thick red lips, a slender waist, and thin arms.

Seira looked at Medea in rapture and barely recovered her mind at the tap of Sir Gerrard next to her. Seira lowered her eyes.

Her heart was pounding in her red ears even though she was also a woman.


Lyle glanced at Seira, escorted Medea onto her throne, and then settled himself down on his throne.

“I’ve heard the report. You found a mine?

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Lord Gerrard’s voice as he raised his head was full of strength.

The Emperor mobilized the group to win the Empress’s favor, but I was startled that such an unintentional contribution was made.

It’s like a lightning bolt accidentally fell and caught a mouse. Regardless, as the Baron’s life was saved they also found a huge vein of mana stones.

“Well done, it must have been unexpected, but you responded competently in saving the Baron’s life.”

Lyle’s gaze at Seira was somehow cold. Medea, who was sitting next to him and watching Lyle, wondered what was going on.

‘What’s wrong with him?’

In the novel, Lyle treated Seira well, with a good feeling from the beginning. She was a ‘Baron’ far from power and felt sorry to hear that ‘he’ had recently lost ‘his sister’ in an attack from his uncle.

He had even taken care of Seira’s lodgings, who had just come to the capital so that she could stay at the countess’s house where his nanny was.

‘Wait, wait, wait! So, where’s Lyle’s consideration for you?’

Medea turned her head and looked at Seira.

She would be in danger if the fact that she was a woman was revealed here.

“I heard Baron Hestia had no ties with the nobleman of the capital……. Where are you going to stay?”

‘I’d rather you say an inn!’

However, the situation has fallen short of Medea’s expectations. Sir Gerrard stepped forward with a grin.

“Since this is a talent I’ve recommended, he will stay at my mansion with my knights.”


It would be only a matter of time before Seira’s identity would be revealed if she had to share accommodation with knights. Seira’s face turned white as soon as she heard this.

“Well, Baron Hestia has a bad complexion. Even a local aristocrat is a lord who thinks they are too good for a knight’s barracks?”

To Lyle’s grumpy question and not reading this on the og translators site, Medea pinched Lyle’s forearm hard, pretending to cross her arms. The pain was considerable because she chose the part without decoration and pitched with her nails. Lyle almost made a loud noise and looked at Medea.

Medea spoke with a fake smile. Of course, the smile was pretty beautiful, too.

“Your Majesty…..you speak of things that are, of course. Lord Hestia has mastered swordsmanship, but I heard he was weak. Lord Hestia also a business partner in the mines, so instead of Lord Garrard getting the honor, I’d like him to be the guest of Duke Card.”

Will let me, Your Majesty?

If you’re not going to help Seira, I’ll send her to Luke, you son of a bitch! What are you doing to the heroine?

Lyle’s face heated up when he saw Medea’s aegyo [cuteness] even though she smiled with a commercial smile.

“Well…… I guess so.”

With the appearance of the Emperor reluctantly allowing it, Lord Gerrard saw that’s how he was sent to Silore.

His Majesty was wrapped very tightly around her finger.

Seira didn’t show it, but she was relieved inside. She was still nervous being the Duke’s guest but at least she would have more privacy and better accommodations than at the knight’s barracks.

The Empress, who she had already thought of as a benefactor, was now on the level of a goddess. As Seira looked at Medea with a moved look and sparkling eyes, Medea smiled back at her as if she were looking at a kitten.


Lyle, who was watching the scene from the side, somehow felt twisted. [t1v: mwhaha]


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