YMA – 68

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Medea thought hazily as she looked at Lyle, who was distracted by tasting her ejaculation and love juices.

“Ahhaa [Sigh]…… Millie…”

Finally, the curtain and corset straps were loosened from Medea’s ankles. Lyle got up, licking the saliva off of Medea’s face. Medea realized that it was her last chance to escape as the sight of the Emperor taking off his clothes entered her eyes. If she were to let herself be embraced like this, she would not be able to escape Lyle’s arms until dawn the next day.

Her wrists were still tied, but Medea rose to her shaky legs and tried to flee.

“Oh, my Empress.”

Medea’s appearance, her ass soaked in Lyle saliva, made Lyle’s penis even harder, reaching his stomach. As white liquid precum began to flow from his tip, Lyle could not stand it anymore and approached Medea. Medea glanced back, trying to get out of bed.


Medea was about to fall from the bed; Lyle quickly snatched her from the waist. Medea’s face turned into a mess as she felt his hot mass heated her up and pressed directly against her ass.

“No, Lyle…….”

“No way.”

His tip penetrated down between her ass cheeks and down near the core between her hips. Lyle’s mouth was watering as it touched her soft, curling flesh as he would melting in her.

“I don’t like it. Are you trying to run away? Huh, Medea?

“Ah, ah, ah….”

Medea shook her head in anxiety as he barely inserted the tip and rubbed her sensitive entrance.

“N-no…. un…Put it in…….”


Lyle grinned as Medea turned red at the words she had inadvertently murmured.



Words could not adequately express the deep-seated pleasure that oozed out. Lyle pushed himself all the way in, to his root at once as he grabbed Medea by the waist and began to thrust into her in a frenzy.

Medea reached a zenith again, shuddered, and focused on pleasure. To her embarrassment, she felt so good.

“No, no……. Feeling so good.…. Ah! Ahhhhhh…….”

Lyle sank into bed, hugging her from behind, clasping the struggling Medea’s breasts. He put her trembling legs over his knees and spread them wide to reveal her secrets.

“Huh! Uh oh, oh, yes! Ahhh……no……!”

His fingers dug between her legs using the saliva-soaked flower liquor. Her body quickly reached its apex when he used body fluids to lubricate the place where she trembled if Lyle just brushed by it.

“Ah! Ahhhhhh…….Stop……!”

It was clear that he was to covet her until she lost her mind. Medea struggled and tried not to taste her climax as Lyle tightened his hold over her flower bud and her body quickly reached an orgasm.

“Huh huh! Oh! Ah-ha! Ah-ha…….”

Lyle’s penis that filled and stretched her to her stomach didn’t leave Medea alone, even if she was exhausted and spent. While sobbing and bouncing up and down, Lyle rolled her flower bud again, and she continued to reach peaks.

Suffering from the lewd punishment, Medea wept in Lyle’s arms.

It was a regular evening as usual.


Lyle pulled out his penis only after Medea fainted twice. The ribbon that had tied her wrists he had unfastened before, but Medea was sulking.

On the other hand, Lyle stood by Medea, glowing with happiness as he served her.

The Emperor was waiting on, delivering, and serving her by hand. If the nobles found out, it would be hot gossip for months, but Lyle didn’t care. He thought there was nothing he couldn’t do for Medea as long as he lived.

“Empress, you need to eat more. Your body is going to get sick if you don’t.”

Who the hell got her body to this point?

At this age, Medea already had five full-time healers. They were all waist specialists! [t1v:OBGYN or massage therapists, I think]

Fortunately, she hadn’t lost weight yet, but it would be easy to lose 2 to 3 kilograms a week if she suffered like this every day!

She glared at him, but Lyle just grinned, gazing cutely at Medea. Facing that smile, Medea felt ashamed to death for some reason.

“Why— why are you laughing?”

“Because the Empress is cute?”

She saw maids lined up on one side of the wall, exchanging glances. Medea pinched Lyle’s thigh under the table with a burning face. However, his overly-solid thighs were not easily pinched, so only instead her fingers became tired.

“Why are your thighs so strong!”

“I don’t think your thighs are strong enough.”

Medea was at a loss for words when Lyle naturally said a vulgar reply to her whisper.

Holding the indignant Medea in his arms, Lyle said pleasantly,

“When we’re done eating, let’s go straight to bed. Are you done eating?”


Startled, Medea shook her head vigorously. She couldn’t go straight to the second round without giving her back more rest.

“More, I’ll eat more! Prepare dessert too!”

At Medea’s determined words, the maids said they would bring more food with friendly faces.

Lyle looked pleased with Medea’s actions.

‘Ugh… you’re so sneaky that it’s hard to push you away…….’

Shaking with shame, Medea glared at Lyle.

Lyle kissed Medea on the cheek, innocently whispering, “What?”

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  1. Listen I love that he loves her now and I love all the smut but he’s got to start listening to her. He controls every part of her life she can’t even go out. He can at least stop ignoring her protest the girl has no energy to do anything else poor thing. Like can’t they just talk have tea something.

  2. At this point with all that smut I wonder if she will end with triplets 🤣🤣 this guy literally beds her every day…. cause i think he even forgot the main reason of creating an heir…. i just hope is twins or triplets who obstacle him to get close to Millie 🤣🤣🤣

  3. I feel bad for virgins who read Asian smut bc their expectations for how often a dude can get hard and fck is going to be skewed.

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