YMA – 67

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“Ah……. Oh, no…Sire, stop…….”

She thought he would like to feel it a little more, so Medea hurriedly turned around with her arms covering herself. Lyle smacked his lips at Medea, his appetite stirred by her gasping with a red face.

“Millie…… .you’ve only washed a little. I want to suck them more. Hurry up and show me.”

“Oh-oh-hun. No more……. Please. I’m shy.….”

With her lips half-open, Medea begged as she looked up at him with wet eyes. Lyle gulped.

“If you don’t give me your chest…… or would you rather I consume the whole thing?”

He would covet her from head to toe without leaving a strand of hair unturned.

Medea became flustered as Lyle whispered with a curious laugh. His decadent smile instantly heated up her body.

“Ah…… err…….”

Lyle smirked at the hesitant Medea.

“Hmm, my Empress, is that more to your liking?”

“Ah……. No…….”

“Your answer is late.”

Lyle stopped smiling; the ribbon decorating Medea’s dress came undone. He grasped Medea’s arms, who looked at him with huge eyes turning her around tying her wrists with the ribbon.

“Huh? What are you doing……. Aang! No…….”

Lyle propped up Medea’s breasts with both hands, biting and sucked them gently. Medea groaned and sobbed with sweet pleasures.

“Oh, my…Your Majesty… stop, aaaaaaaaaaaaahh….”

“Stop crying with such a cute face……. Empress, you always arouse me excessively. If I don’t punish you…….”

“Huuuuun Aang….….!”

The two saliva-soaked nipples were rubbed and pinched obscenely. Medea sobbed, twisting her body at the deviant stimulus.

“It looks completely drenched. What am I going to do with this lewd Empress?”

Lyle smiled grumpily and touched the hem of Medea’s dress.

In a moment, the hem of the dress was torn, and a corset and petticoat was revealed. Lyle happily untied the cord of the corset that had already been loosened.

“Cute Medea. Where do you want me to please you more?”

“Ah…… I don’t know. Such a……………Oh………………….….”

A torn dress and a corset from which the strap fell under the sofa.

With Medea in one arm, Lyle got up and pulled her petticoat down. Thin underwear wrapped in lace fell to the floor, showing off her soaked panties.

“Oh, my… it’s all wet.”

With a laugh, Medea turned red to the tip of her head.

Lyle hugged Medea, headed to bed, and untied her panties. Soon it fell to the floor with a slick sound.

“What will the maids think when they see that underwear? Huh? My Medea…….”

“I don’t know……. Please untie me. Mmhmm…….”

Gently kissing the struggling Medea, Lyle took the corset string he had placed on his shoulder. He fastened Medea’s ankle with them and bound it to the bedpost.

“Oh! What are you doing? Oh my god!

Lyle, who untied the curtain from the bedpost, tied it to Medea’s other ankle and connected it to another pillar. To her astonishment, Medea found her legs wide open and lifted.

“Oh, Your Majesty……. I’m ashamed……. Please stop…….”

“Not yet. I’m going to punish the obscene Empress who made my thighs wet and then release her.”


Lyle kissed Medea’s cheek hot with shame and moved under her ass. Medea’s pussy was already wet with love juices.

“Oh, no, don’t lick it!”

She had already received Lyle’s service several times but felt too self-conscious that she was so wet. She couldn’t stand it because she was embarrassed.

But Lyle gazed greedily at Medea’s pussy, as if stopping was out of the question.

“Because it’s a punishment, you shouldn’t feel just good. Don’t you think so, Empress?


Medea’s eyes opened wide as Lyle’s tongue teased her from her asshole traveling up to her clit.


Lyle laughed deeply as she trembled at the stimulus that almost made her orgasm.

“You’re being punished. If you orgasm, you’ll get punished even more.”

“Ah! Such a…!”

It was a completely unreasonable demand that she not peak when Lyle was servicing her. But Lyle buried his face in Medea’s thigh as if he would not listen to her protests and excuses.

Medea’s face turned red with a premonition that her punishment would be a sweet fall—like a bee drowning in nectar.


Every time a soaked finger with her love juice pushed in between her asscheeks, her body bounced. Medea struggled, unaware that she was tightening around his fingers inside her tunnels.

“Yes, uh yes….Ugh yes…….”

While his thick, long fingers worked her asshole, making her lustfully react and climax, Lyle’s vulgar tongue came in and out her pussy, tasting her frantically.

Medea blamed the aphrodisiac on her lewd ability to climax from her ass.

“Oh, my God. ha-ha-uh-huh! Aaanghhhh!”

Lyle’s smile deepened when she bounced off, spraying a puddle and being able to taste her climax. Medea, who had already reached countless peaks, groaned in ecstasy and trembled.

“Haaa, hhhaaaaa….”

Medea couldn’t afford to care about saliva flowing down her cheeks.

She could barely protest Lyle licking her ass—there was no way she could protest him licking her labia and drinking up her flower booze…… she had already cum dozens of times.

“No, no,.. Uh-huh…….Ahh yes”

She felt so good. Medea felt it every time Lyle embraced her, but now she really thought it was dangerous.

‘I have to run away,’


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  1. Cada vez me desilusionó mas con estos protagonistas😑. La historia sólo tiene sexo, pero nada mas; ellos son planos como personajes principales. Su sexo nunca me cautivo y mucho menos llegue a sentir la pasión de realmente hacer el amor. Es mas como una porno todo él tiempo, él la somete y la otra se deja, no hay deseo de compartir ni hacer sentir bien al otro romanticamente, todo es carnal pero no hay una compenetración real como pareja. Solo es sexo en bruto😑, la lujuria esta ahí, pero eso no me es suficiente en una novela erótica, y desde que uso el afrodisíaco y el cuerpo de ella reacciona exageradamente ya todo me parece artificial 😔

  2. Lyle sounds like a 60+ pervert men, he talks a lot in bed HAHA. I just think it’s not exciting 😂

  3. Seriously! How does he have the stamina to keep going. Medea will be needing physical therapy after all the “exercise”

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