YMA – 66

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“……By the way, Medea.”

Lyle spoke while carrying Medea to the sofa in the bedroom. She ended up sitting on Lyle’s lap on the couch.


Medea was a little irritated because Lyle wouldn’t let her off his lap. Nevertheless, Lyle’s face was so cute because he couldn’t stop smiling.

“As the Empress wished, Baron Hestia’s life is saved……. Is there any reward?”

“Yo-Your Majesty, it’s the knights who saved him.”

“Who sent those subjects?”


Medea stayed silent. She looked up.

“Well, I let you do it!”

“I won’t ask for much. Millie…….let me lick your breast a little.”

Medea was stunned by the vulgar words that were murmured in her ear. When she looked at him, Lyle was grinning mischievously.

“…… you’re saying that again. Your Majesty, do you like my body that much?”

“Yes, I love it. If the Empress allowed me to, I would put it in all day long and not want to take it out.”

Medea was dumbfounded at his words.

“I’m just going to taste a little. What? Medea…….”

While he whispered scandalous things, Medea struggled to flee Lyle’s lap, but her arms were tightly held.

“Let me lick your breasts.”

“You’re too much! I’m embarrassed!”

“This is a bedroom, and it’s just the two of us. I’m not going to tell anyone that the Empress made me suck her breasts.”

At his teasing, Medea pinched Lyle’s arm and face mercilessly, but Lyle only chuckled while saying, ‘Ouch, Oww’.

“Huh? You’re not going to let me go until night?”

Lyle said so, even though he didn’t have the slightest intention of letting her go, even if she let him lick it.

Medea blushed and looked conflicted.

“……so, afterward, do you promise you’ll let go?”

It was already afternoon but before evening. She didn’t want to be dragged into bed already because it was before she ate.

Considering Lyle’s tendency, it wasn’t weird to do it on the sofa.

“Of course.”

He was going to let her go and then catch her again.

Grinning, Lyle spoke. Medea was apprehensive of Lyle’s smile but was determined to do as he wished. It’s better to have small odds because if she refused, she would be embraced, and even if Lyle was lying, she would still be embraced.

“Well, then… You can do that…….”

Medea shyly said, bowing her heated face. Lyle grinned and pressed his lips against Medea’s cheek.

“Gather them with both hands, so it’s easy to lick, my Empress.”


But Lyle was already undoing and pulling down the front of Medea’s dress. He loosened the cord on her corset, and put his finger in to open it to pull out her breasts.


“I want to focus entirely on licking the Empress’s breasts. Hurry.”

Medea was speechless as Lyle made obscene demands with a nonchalant face.

“Well, I can’t do that. Ah…. Just do it.….”

Even though Lyle was just fiddling with soft flesh, she moaned. When he licked the nipples on her chest, they began to stand sharp. She felt her voice come out. Medea whimpered, turning away from her breasts being touched.

Lyle grinned and grabbed Medea’s chin, and kissed her.

“Um…… huh…….”

Their tongues were entangled, their saliva mixed, and he delicately licked the weak spot in her mouth. As she gave her lips to Lyle, her whole body seemed to be filled with sweet heat.

“Huh? Millie……You have to give me a prize. Your Emperor is begging like this.”

At Lyle’s repeated request, Medea reluctantly lifted her breasts with both hands. Lyle smiled and ordered again,

“Pushed them together…. in the middle……. That’s right.”

The already excited nipples protruded further as the voluptuous breasts were squished together. After suffering day in and day out in the past few weeks, Medea’s areola turned into a watery pinkish colour.

Lyle took in the obscene sight with a lustful gaze and licked it.


A moan naturally flowed out at the sweet stimulus that spread to the point where her whole body was numb. It’s not comparable to when he was drinking in her lower flower, but it also felt very pleasurable.

“Are you feeling good, Empress?”

Lyle inquired with a laugh.

Medea felt like crying with chagrin. Here she was sticking out her breasts to Lyle as if she were asking him to lick her! There was no denying it with her face glowing red with pleasure.

“Ah……Hurry up….”

Medea meant for Lyle to lick it quickly and finish it, but it also could sound like a plea for him to lick it urgently in passion. Lyle grinned and buried his face amongst Medea’s breasts. She looked even more appetizing when her small hands emphasized her rich breasts.

“Ah………Ah, uh…. Oh…… Ahhh, oh……. Ooohhh!”

All her attention was focused on Lyle’s small movements. His breath hit the top of her wet breast, and her ass naturally shook, stirred up as his hot tongue circled and licked along the perimeter of her nipple.

She felt amazing…

It was a massive dilemma because she felt so good with Lyle. What if Lyle wielded it against her sooner or later?

Neat lips bit small bumps and sucked them in. Medea groaned with angst and pleasure and tried to endure.

Her body’s senses were gradually elevating, driving her to one place.

Medea already tasted it dozens of times every night, so she knew what it was. Medea had never before climaxed to the sole caressing of her breasts.

She was embarrassed just imagining it.

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