YMA – 65

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According to the plot, Seira would come up to the capital.

Medea suddenly stared at Lyle with subtle apprehension.

‘What if Lyle meets and falls in love with Seira?’

However, in the novel, Lyle did not fall in love with Seira at first sight but fell in love with Seira slowly through various events.

It was different from him suddenly being addicted to Medea.

‘I feel uneasy, so if I tell you not to bring her to the capital…….’

Seira’s dream would be broken.

In this world where it is difficult to become a knight in a woman’s body, pretending to be Ian was the only chance Seira had ever had.

‘I can’t do that.’

Unlike Medea, who has no significant dream, Seira was someone who worked hard towards her dream. She also protected her younger brother Nicole and won the Emperor’s love.

‘Unlike me, who is easily complacent, she is a great person.….’

Medea felt envious but didn’t want her life or want to imitate her. No matter how hard she pursues her dreams, Medea wasn’t interested in swords.

“……Ask them to bring them along. I want to see what they look like.”

“All right, make sure you don’t fall for the baron instead. I think it’s a good arrangement.”

Lyle whispered as he kissed Medea on the cheek.


“You mean the Empress?”

Seira replied in disbelief, her voice trembling.

Unable to say that she had swapped clothes with her brother to save his life, Seira was still pretending to be Ian.

At Seira’s persuading, Ian changed clothes with her, and she disguised herself as him, but if this was revealed, Ian would become a sordid coward who threw his sister’s life to the dogs in order to survive.

What was yet to be uncovered was the poison Ian had unknowingly become addicted to since his childhood, making him very thin and weak. Compared to Seira, who was strong and healthy and had been secretly learning the sword, it was better that others mistook her for her brother.

The two looked very similar to their late mother, making it difficult to distinguish the two of them, even by those who attended to them very closely.

“Yes, the Empress heard rumors of a dispute here on the estate and ordered us to watch over your siblings. It’s a good thing that we could save your lives in the nick of time, if the Empress had heard your rumors a little later or delayed in deploying us, you wouldn’t have been as lucky. Thank the Empress.”

Rumors of a dangerous Empress were known far beyond the capital to the Silore region. Because of the strong impression of a wicked woman afflicting a capable Emperor, they were flabbergasted to hear that Medea was interested in their lands and affairs.

Indeed, Baron Hestia’s estate was all swamp and rough mountain ranges, so the Imperial family had nothing to gain.

“I am deeply indebted to Her Majesty, the Empress’s grace.….”

Ian, dressed in Seira, spoke with great admiration.

Other neighboring aristocrats bordering their lands acted complicit and harboured intentions to steal pieces of their territory. They had not dared to expect such assistance. Ian had to ask the capital for aid every breeding season of beasts. He was deeply thankful for the Empress’s interest.

“Well, speaking of which…I recommended Sir Ian to the Emperor. I couldn’t let such a talented swordsman rot in the countryside.”


Now Seira’s eyes were huge with dreams of going to the capital, becoming a knight while switching identities with her brother.

Gerrard grinned.

“It just so happens that the Empress is interested in you……. It’s a great opportunity. Your Majesty has already asked me to bring you, so you shouldn’t refuse. We will leave a good steward on the estate so that you can go up to the capital.”

The good custodian referred to Ian disguised as Seira and supervising the estate.

Seira turned to Ian in bewilderment. She had masqueraded as her brother to save Ian’s life, but somehow the situation became huge. She was in disbelief that he talked to the Emperor about her. If something went wrong, her whole house would be humiliated.

Seira about to quickly confess, but Ian grabbed Seira’s arm.

“It’s a good…… opportunity. Brother.”

Facing Ian’s determined eyes made Seira speechless. Ian held Seira’s gaze and shook his head almost imperceptibly.

Even to Ian, Seira’s skills were outstanding. It was completely unjust that she couldn’t be a knight just because she was a woman.


“The Empress has shown interest in our humble estate.… and the gangs working with uncle would dare not pay attention to this place again. So go up to the capital with confidence and peace of mind.”

Ian knew what Seira was worried about, but he wanted to open the way for her. Even if he was a helpless brother in many aspects, the least he could do for her was let her borrow his name.

“When will you be returning to the capital?”

Ian asked on behalf of a hesitant Seira. Gerrard smiled cheerfully and replied,

“We’ll leave as soon as the wizard’s study is complete. Do look forward to it! If there’s something to be found in your mountain range, wouldn’t it be fun to talk about? Ahahaha!”

Gerrard laughed at the Empress’s ridiculous imagination, utterly clueless. Who could have suspected a high-value mana stone mine would be under-earthed?


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