YMA – 64

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“Oh, wait….”

Her retreating body quickly touched the wall. She looked back, but it was too late. Lyle locked Medea between his arms and looked into her face. Her ripe red cheeks were lovely and looked appetizing.

“Look this way, Millie.”

Medea was cute, looking down as if she was shy of eye contact. Medea closed her eyes tightly as he kissed her cheek while holding her chin up.

Well, you can’t turn down an invitation like this.

Lyle could feel Medea wriggling, trapped between the wall and his arms. Lyle bit Medea’s thick lips.

“Hmmm, hm huh….”

Medea gasped a little as he touched her body over her clothes and sucked in her sweet tongue. Lyle indulged deeper in her mouth, drinking in Medea’s saliva in ecstasy. A soft voice leaked out every time he licked and tasted a weak spot that stimulated Lyle’s nerves.

“Millie……I won’t let you go until you give me permission,”

he whispered. Lyle grinned grumpily.

These days, Lyle’s afternoon routine was filled with returning to his place as soon as he finished his political duties and spending time with Medea.

She hated when he tried to touch her and avoided him but never refused to kiss Lyle. Using her weakness, Lyle carried out his will every night for the past couple of days, using his kiss as a weapon and yoke.

“Huh… um…….”

It was a game that wasn’t a loss to either side because he enjoyed tasting her lips and stroking his passion. The foreplay was excellent, but it was also delightful to see Medea lose her mind and fall in lust with his kiss.

As he heard, the medicine had a more substantial effect on women because even though it is just a kiss, moans flowed from Medea’s mouth.

“Are you already wet, Millie?”

Lyle’s serious question made Medea’s face burn. Medea tried to push her way out of his chest, but his hard chest wouldn’t budge. Instead, Lyle hugged her and kissed her on the cheek.

“Don’t be upset. I couldn’t help but read your mind. Are you going to be cruel to me?”

“When y-your Majesty? You’re being so self-indulgent every day……. Oh, don’t lick me when I talk.”

There was a strange feeling of a tongue licking her lower lip. Lyle chuckled and whispered to Medea,

“Because your lips are sweet. Millie……open your lips so I can lick more.”

“N-no, I don’t want to. Uh-huh, don’t put your tongue in when I’m talking…….Ah….”

Lyle’s tongue dug in at the first chance and rolled up Medea’s tongue. Medea pushed Lyle on the chest but did nothing to him.

Sfx of kissing, slurp…


“Haaaa hhhhhhaaa……. [sighing]”

Lyle looked at Medea with kind eyes, her expression becoming hazy and dazed after prolonged kissing and the licking and caressing of her lips and tongue. Lyle spoke in a subdued voice, stroking his thumb over her brightly stained, flushed cheeks.

“What did you talk to the Duke about?”

“What…? Oh, nothing. He congratulated me on winning your Majesty’s favor.”


He had been worried that Medea might have brought up divorce to the Duke, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

Indeed Medea was unlikely to divorce with the help of the Duke. Of course, she would notify him afterward to see the Duke’s face distorted.

“……Shall we go to bed?”

When he took his lips to her ears and whispered, Medea shook him off and slapped Lyle’s chest. He backed down, unlike when Lyle kissed her; he let Medea go.

“You’re saying that again! Even though you already bothered me this morning!”

“Huh? Did I bother you? It seemed to me that the Empress was enjoying herself enough.”

Lyle said his words with a mischievous smile as if reminiscing and Medea’s face turned red. The cuteness of the figure made Lyle hug Medea and fiddle with her cheek. She looked and tasted so sweet.

“Oh— don’t lick me!”

“Can I bite you?”

“No biting!”

Struggling to get out of Lyle’s arm, he didn’t let go of her this time. When Medea changed her tactics and went limp in Lyle’s arms, Lyle smiled and held Medea in his arms.


“The Empress looks tired, so I’ll take her to her bedroom.”

“No, I’m not tired! It’s bright!”

At her urgent cry, Lyle cracked up. Only then did Medea realize that Lyle had teased her, so she pinched Lyle’s face.

The servant and maid watching were astonished, but this was nothing to Lyle, who was already familiar with Medea. On the contrary, he took Medea’s hand, which pinched his face, and even bit her fingertips lightly and joked.

“Aren’t you curious about Baron Hestia’s safety?”

Hestia? I’ve heard that name before.….

Medea’s face lit up in realization.

Seira Hestia! It was Seira’s family name.

Medea looked at Lyle, holding her in his arms, gloating.

“Did they arrive?”

“Yes, they arrived yesterday and reported that they had saved the baron and his sister from being attacked. I didn’t tell you right away because I thought you might be worried, but they are safe now without a moment to spare.”

They were saved just in the nick of time! If it took longer, I could have been in big trouble!

Medea was greatly surprised that Ian’s life had been saved on the brink. It gave her goosebumps to think that the rush saved someone’s life.

“I heard that the baron is quite a capable swordsman, even though he was ill. The uncle hasn’t been caught yet…Sir Gerrard says we should bring him to the capital for protection. What do you think?”

If his sword skills were quite good, it would be Seira, not Ian. Seira had already changed her clothes with Ian to protect her brother.

And yet, perhaps for Ian’s honour, she didn’t tell the Imperial Knight the truth?

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