YMA – 63

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“No, I must have told him I was going to meet Duke Card…….”

“If his Majesty is looking for you, you should go.”

Although he applied for an audience to see if rumors of the Emperor’s favoritism were true, he did not expect to see it with his own eyes.

No, isn’t this also a play staged by Medea?

Then the Duke studied Medea’s expression, and someone strode into the room.


“I greet the Emperor.”

The Duke quickly bowed and greeted Lyle, looking at him. Lyle, who pushed into their meeting, glanced over the Duke with a blank face and turned to Medea.

Duke Card clearly saw Lyle’s expression change at that moment. His stiff manner was released, and affection filled his red eyes, making him look young. It was an expression of the Emperor that had never been seen in the Duke’s life.

“Why did you come all the way here……?”

Medea asked, clearly embarrassed.

Lyle stood by Medea’s side and studied the Duke. He was worried that Medea might have brought up divorce without his knowledge.

Initially, he tried to refuse the Duke’s appeal to meet with Medea by ignoring it, but he had no choice but to allow him to meet with her after he sent a petition to ask what Medea’s fault was and why she received probation.

Medea’s probation was, in fact, only Lyle’s reluctance and had no basis. As the Duke threatened to pry into it, he had no choice but to allow him an audience with Medea.

“Duke, I saw you in the morning…… I’m seeing you again.”

“I was worried because I heard that the Empress was still on her probation, so I applied for an audience. I don’t know what her Majesty has done wrong, but it’s my fault as her father, so please be generous and forgive her.”

Lyle’s eyes narrowed as the Duke spoke, poking his nose in his estranged daughter’s business as if he were a good father and he cared. Lyle knew that Medea and the Duke did not have a loving relationship even though they were on the same team.

‘But now Medea has no memory. She’ll end up relying on me.’

“…the Empress is already a part of the Imperial family, so I can’t blame the Duke. I will take care of the Empress, and you don’t have to beg for forgiveness on her behalf.”

While saying so, Lyle circled his arm around Medea’s waist and embraced it.

Medea glanced at the Duke in surprise. The Duke was stunned and froze in shock.

“I thought I asked you to finish your meeting before my work was finished.”

“Y-you set the time late.”

Medea grumbled, watching the Duke’s eyes.

Lyle pulled Medea into his arms, saying he would not listen to anything else.

“The Duke, now that you have confirmed that the Empress is safe, can I take her?”

“Of…..Of course, Your Majesty.”


Medea tried to get out of Lyle’s arms, so he picked her up. The Duke’s eyes grew bigger while watching the two, but not an eyebrow was lifted as if it was familiar decorum to the servants and knights.

“Let’s go.”

“Y-Your Majesty…….Please put me down.….”

Lyle took Medea without being able to say a proper goodbye to the Duke.

The Duke felt as if a ghost must have possessed him.

‘Did the Emperor really fall in love with Medea? Seriously?’


“You’re saying that the relationship between my sister and his Majesty has improved?”

Luke asked in disbelief at Duke Card’s words.

The Duke seemed delighted. It’s sufficient enough to use Medea politically, but the best thing was to mix Card’s blood with the imperial family.

“Indeed, I had resigned myself to thinking nothing would improve with Medea’s temperament. But it seems like something happened to spur this sudden harmony. His Majesty’s eyes when looking at Medea have changed. I don’t think we have to worry anymore. There’s no harm in strengthening the relationship between the imperial family and our Card family.”

Satisfied, the Duke of Card confessed that he thought he would reapproach Medea again.

Luke was not convinced.

“Then why won’t his Majesty let sister off probation? I heard he won’t let her take a step outside his residence.”

“The insides of His Majesty are unknown. All that matters is that the Emperor has become fond of your sister.”

Luke pondered and agonized with a grimace.

His older sister strived to be loved by the Emperor constantly. It was a pleasure to hear that the Emperor finally fell in love with his sister, but he was doubtful.

What do they mean he “favored” her but then “locked her up”? Is it true that his sister is really loved? Perhaps …… his Majesty was abusing his sister?

“Luke, don’t overthink. Medea is now the Emperor’s woman. Regardless of what he does with her, it’s his Majesty’s business; it’s not something we, as servants, can interfere with.”

Duke Card warned Luke sternly, seeing his troubled expression.

While looking at the Duke with a nonchalant face, Luke’s fist tightened out of his father’s view.

“I know, Father…….”

But contrary to his words, Luke thought that if it was clear that Medea was being abused, he would save her by any means necessary.


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