YMA – 62

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From that day on, the Emperor’s mood was unpredictable.

Work always closed early. Lyle called on officials to be quick and accurate, and competent as a matter of course to follow.

However, if he deemed someone’s work to be good one day, the next day it could be the worst, and the people around him were roasted.

It seemed like he was ready to pounce on mistakes and grill them.

So officials stayed on their toes and tried hard to make sure that there were no mistakes in the documents presented to the Emperor.

When officials secretly asked the reason through the maids and attendants, they said that his mood depended on whether or not he had relations with the Empress.

‘Oh, my Heavens.’

At least the courtiers were less bullied by the Emperor, the officials in the administrative palace were indiscriminately exposed to the Emperor’s tyranny.

“Is it today, too?”

“She said that the Empress didn’t let him embrace her last night. Now we’re done…….”

As such, the officials of the administrative palace were paying keen attention to the situation of the Emperor and the Empress at night. Thus it was natural that the issue entered the ears of other high-ranking nobles.

Everyone was shocked because he was previously an Emperor who ignored the Empress. The most surprising thing was the Duke of Card, who knew nothing.

The Duke tried, again and again, to meet with the Empress to see if the rumors were true. However, he was still prohibited from meeting the Empress.

It was not a day or two, but the servant who delivered the message was silent and very nervous when the Duke asked what the Empress’s Her Majesty had done wrong to be on probation for so long.

Feeling a strange foreboding, the Duke filed a petition with the Emperor. A day and a half after sending the petition, an answer came from the Imperial Palace. Since the Duke of Card was the Empress’s father, he would grant special permission to meet the Empress.

The Duke of Card smiled inwardly. It was apparent that the Emperor was reluctant.

Why on earth did the Emperor do that –because of the different relationship between the Emperor and Empress?

Desiring to see and confirm the change with his own eyes, the Duke of Card hastened the carriage bound for the Imperial court.


Going to the receiving hall, the Duke of Card was calculating how he would deal with Medea.

Previously, Medea had never given birth to the Emperor’s child; he could threaten that she could be dethroned without Duke Card’s power at any time. Although he knew Medea hated him, her father, the Duke, she was always forced to give in to Duke Card because she was an Empress who Lyle could not love.

But since she was the Emperor’s favorite now, dealing with Medea would be quite different. With this in mind, the Duke of Card thought he should gently appease Medea this time.

While praising her for acquiring the Emperor’s favor, he was going to gently scare her with her childlessness and remind her that she still needed the power of the Duke in loo of a prince who had not yet been born.

Medea would never see this coming and would eventually succumb to him.

“Her Majesty, the. Empress is arriving.”

The Duke of Card bowed politely and posed to the servant’s announcement.

The door to the back of the colorful jade opened, and Medea, dressed in a luxurious dress, entered the hall. The Duke of Card hurriedly raised his head and was surprised by the brightness of Medea.

The lean body, which was always on a diet to the point of being excessive to catch Lyle’s eyes, had gained weight and looked good. In addition, the Duke of Card was quite surprised at the strangely colorful appearance, perhaps because the Emperor favored her. Medea had always been beautiful, but she always seemed to be chased by someone and couldn’t shake off the tense atmosphere that surrounded and coloured her.

“…… I’m glad you look good,”

the Duke said, concealing his surprise.

Sitting on the Empress’s throne, Medea looked down on the Duke of Card with a slight frown.

In the novel, the Duke of Card was a villain who interfered with Seira, the main character. He suspected Seira, a young knight who had been strangely favored by the Emperor since the death of his daughter, Medea, and eventually even tried to assassinate her when he found out she was a woman.

He failed because Luke, the Duke’s son and second male lead, thwarted his murderous goal.

“It’s been a long time, Duke.”

Medea knew how the Duke had treated Medea through the maids.

The Duke of Card smiled graciously at Medea, who was looking down at him.

“Finally, you’ve captured his Majesty’s heart……congrats, Your Majesty.”

‘Are you being sarcastic?’

Knowing that Medea had been treated coldly by Lyle, Medea could not be simply pleased with the Duke’s words.

“What is it, Duke? The Duke and I are not very close, are we?”

“How could you say such a tragic thing? I can’t believe father and daughter are not close. The world will speak ill of me if I don’t come and congratulate my Empress even though something so happy has happened.”

“I know there is nothing to celebrate yet…….”

Medea said, not concealing a quiver. The Duke, who had expected Medea’s excitement, looked at Medea with his sharp curious, and mysterious face hidden.

Medea was a child with great emotional ups and downs and was very happy even if the Emperor paid her a little attention. It was strange that Lyle wasn’t attentive even though he paid attention to everyone around him.

“Your Majesty loves the Empress so much…… I’m sure something good will happen soon. Where would the son of the Emperor go as long as the Empress is careful?”

In other words, “If you are not careful now, his love will soon disappear.”


She was annoyed, but Medea concealed her feelings.

Medea intended to help Seira in many ways and did not know if she needed a Duke’s help in the process. She planned to get Luke’s assistance, not the Duke’s, but she didn’t know what would happen in the future and didn’t have to hurt Duke’s feelings for no reason.

“I understand, Duke. Is that all you have to say?”

The Duke of Card looked at her, surrounded with an air of resplendence without any agitation.

Medea who understood what he meant and usually looked pale or trembled with anger.

Where did this confidence come from? Trust in the Emperor’s heart?

Or…… are you sure you’re pregnant and have nothing to be afraid of?

If Medea really had Lyle’s child, there would be no disadvantages for the Duke of Card. Even if he and Medea were on bad terms, the origin could not be denied.

“Your Majesty, His Majesty is looking for you,”

the servant who entered the hall carefully conveyed.

The Duke of Card looked at Medea and fixed his face when he saw her face slightly red and embarrassed and not brightening up.

‘What’s that?’

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