YMA – 61

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The hazy morning sunlight penetrated the thin curtains into their bedroom. Lyle opened his eyes with satisfaction as he caressed Medea, who was in a deep sleep.

‘Good morning.’

Smiling with delight, Lyle glanced at Medea in his arms. Perhaps because she suffered until dawn, her soft body was still colored like a peach. Even though she was asleep, she was still sensitive and even trembled at Lyle’s casual touching.

‘How adorable.’

He thought he could covet her all day. How lovely Medea looked accepting him and cried out underneath him— how lovely Medea was! Lyle looked at Medea with a satisfied smile.

I’ll have to go see to government affairs … but I want to do it.

Swallowing his dry saliva, Lyle removed the blanket from Medea’s body. He salivated as Medea’s nude body was revealed under the sunlight that began to light up slowly.


He had been desirous all night. On a new day, he was filled with passion as if he were full of new longings. Lyle drooled and glanced at Medea’s nudity with a voracious gaze.

The body that had been in my arms gently stretched out its defenseless, stretched its legs wide. Her navel was littered with traces of their affairs, intact, with semen poured out by Lyle.

Nevertheless, the wet entrance swirled as if it were dreaming of something related to Lyle.


He couldn’t forcefully wake up Medea.

Lyle, who was apprehensive, slowly swept up Medea’s thighs with the desire to touch only a little.


His hand stopped when Medea tossed around, but he couldn’t get his hands off her soft skin that seemed stuck.

‘No, Medea hasn’t been asleep for long. I can’t hit it right now.….’

Since he embraced her until dawn, Medea only slept for a few hours now. Of course, she could sleep while Lyle attends a political conference and does his morning routine……. To hit it right now.….

While hesitating, his hand revealed her desire and touched Medea’s petals.

Medea’s cheeks were colored, and her hips were lifted up, and her ass shivered.

“Oh, yes… um…….”

Even her tossing and turning was breathtakingly obscene. The thin waist shook, and the shapely breast fluttered. As she wiggled her toes as if she wanted to close her legs, Lyle gawked at Medea. He suspected she woke up from her sleep.



Her head turned to the side and glanced at him. Lyle, who was anxious, lowered himself a drowsy Medea.

“Medea…. Can I put it in?”

He whispered, rubbing his painfully hot and sore penis between his wide-open legs. Medea tried to pretend to be asleep, but her slick pussy was already soaking wet. She wanted to close her legs, but Lyle caught her.

“Oh, no…… from the morning…….”

“Medea…. I’m sorry. Please… I can’t stand it anymore.”

His hot penis was already spilling white ink. Medea was also already thrilled by Lyle’s touch, so she stared at Lyle with wet eyes.

“I don’t know…. It’s your Majesty’s fault, so take responsibility.”

“Gladly…… My Millie…….”

Lyle put her legs around his waist and pushed into her in a flash.

“Ah…? Haaa ha! Aang!”

Medea bounced on his organ and reached an orgasm. Lyle penetrated her with passion as she looked ecstatic. Medea who felt a climax just by his, was floundering and sobbing under Lyle.

“AH! Y- Your Majesty……. Uh-huh! Yes! I’m feeling it’s……!”

Medea struggled with fright at Lyle’s fierce thrust. Lyle stuck Medea again, pressing against her.

“Ah! Ah, ah! No… Coming again……! Aang, Your Majesty……! Uh-huh…! Yes……!

She was already on the verge of a second climax. Holding Medea’s wrists sobbing and struggling, he pressed her to the bed, and Lyle looked at Medea with dim, deep eyes that did not fit the situation.

“You’re to blame, Medea.…. Now I can’t stand it just by looking at you.”

“L, lie! Ah ahhh! Hiccup, already….! Fuck!”

Medea’s head quickly turned white with his fierce thrusting. Medea was agitated by the fullness of pleasure.

“Yes! Yes, yes, annngghhhhhhh!…. Good. Uh-huh.….Ah…..”

What a lewd act first thing in the morning! Soon, her maids would come to the room to wake her up!

Medea tried to escape from under Lyle, frightened by her reason falling apart.

If you start the morning like this, you’ll think of this all day!

Lyle, however, seemed to have no intention of letting her go, poured out kisses that seemed to melt her resolve every time Medea said no. She didn’t know anything else; she was distracted by Lyle’s kiss and fell in lust.

“Unnnnn….…. Oh! Unnn…ahhhh!”

With Lyle’s kiss, Medea climaxed again. It was a naughty morning.


Officials all glanced at the Emperor’s appearance, which seemed to be in a better mood than ever. All officials now knew that when he was in such a good mood, it was due to the Empress.

Recently, the Emperor left work early to quickly return to his residence. His aide, Sid, smiled widely. If the Empress kept at it, it would not be painful to go to work every day.

On the other hand, Medea, who was unable to walk properly, was being served by the maids-in-waiting while taking a bath and grinding her teeth.

‘Tonight is never happening! Tsk! Look at this! I’ve given you permission for one time. But you really played such a trick? I felt good, but…Anyway! Not tonight for my waist!

Medea’s body was so promiscuous that the maids-in-waiting blushed while attending to her. As well as the plentiful kiss marks, there were remains of his strong grip on her ass cheeks, and waist was also marked.

Medea, who was getting her nails with her body deep in the bathtub, sighed deeply.

She needed to rein in her greed. She liked it too much. She was like a kid, too. She stuck in a place, and she couldn’t even get out…….

My back was throbbing with pain, so I thought it was no good.

‘But I’m not seeing Lyle because he’s too good at night!’

If I really couldn’t do that, I would kick him out of bed! Definitely!


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    1. Unless there was a time skip I forgot after their first time it’s actually only been about a week? If it wasn’t the right week for ovulation… But probably they just don’t know yet.

  2. You know these look like rabbits !! They would not come one or another chapter in which they did not have sex or fight, something to conceive a little romance !! I say no

  3. Is it just me that i think she kinda slowly turn to his s*x slave, his method to get her do with him look like the one in hentai…
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    1. It’s really killing the snu snu scenes for me knowing that she’s hypersensitive just because of the aphrodisiac. Urgh. It really does feel like a hentai. I’m starting to really dislike Lyle. He’s way too manipulative. He still hasn’t lifted the ban for her to contact her family and now he drugs her. This relationship is way too one-sided that I can’t even read the snu snu scenes anymore… I’m really hoping things get better but apparently even in the original, Seira was no longer happy with Lyle in the end.

      1. I agree. Just knowing she’s not in control of her body and seeing how he’s basically torturing her to get what he wants takes me aback. Im still enjoying the smut but no so much him?

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