YMA – 60

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“Oh! Your Majesty, Hhhuuh!”

Lyle’s fingers plunged into the place where him just brushing by it made her taste a pleasure that shook her whole body. When he caressed the place, Medea was seized with obscene pleasures as if she had been struck by lightning.


As she tasted the peak, strength left her legs. Lyle, who didn’t miss the opportunity, rubbed the soaked flower wine as if it were adorable.

“No! Unnnnghhh, OH! ahhhh…….”

She was embarrassed and tried to close her legs again, but Lyle’s fingertips touched the flower’s head. Just one rub rained down sparks in her eyes as firecrackers exploded in her head.

“HA-Ahhh-oh-oh! Uh, unh, ahhh! Aangghhhhh! Haaa!

Her body bent like a bow as her slippery flower bud was touched. Between her trembling legs, her clitoris was being intensively tormented.

“Oooh! nnggh! Aaahh, unnng!”

Her body shuddered and tasted pinnacles again and again. Medea sobbed as she tasted a feast of climaxes, which was repeatedly reached as the momentum was stretched to greater heights.

“Uhhhhh!! Wow…stop…. Aang…!

Lyle’s groaned and growled as Medea’s body pressed against him, struggling with pleasure. I wanted to put my desire inside Medea right away and covet her all night, but it was not yet possible.

“Not yet……. Millie, spread your legs more.”

At his whispering words, Medea shook her head with her cheeks reddened. Lyle smiled, anticipating her reaction, and gently rolled Medea’s clit.

“Oh, yes! Ah, ah, ah……!”

When Medea alone reached an orgasm, Lyle continued to fondle her with a grimace, holding himself back. Medea sobbed and continued to reach her zenith twice— three times.

“Huh yes! Ah, Ah, ha……. Please…. Stop! More…… Ahh….”

The tips of her toes shivered with pleasure, and the liquid that oozed from inside of Medea flowed down her thighs to my ankles. Lyle drenched his fingers in the lewd liquid, happily tormenting Medea’s sensitive spots.

“How could you stop feeling this way……. Millie….”

“Ahhhhh…Please… Please, Your Majesty……. I’m going crazy…….Oh. Yes…….”

Lyle gave a deep kind look to Medea, who begged while drooping in his arms.

Lyle’s long, strong fingers relaxedly brushed around her vagina on his weak thighs, drawing a circle.

“Then…… will you allow me to embrace you as much as I want?”


In her hazy head, she thought, “This was his purpose!” but it was already too late. Her whole body trembled because he was firmly in Lyle’s arms and tasted peaks dozens of times.

“Hhaaa…! No, that’s not allowed….”

Lyle kissed her on the cheek when Medea replied in tears.

“Then I will only make you feel more.”

“Huhh ahh, ah, ahhh!


“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ahh…….”

Medea’s whole body quivered with a pouring liquid. It was a circumstance she never experienced before. Lyle seemed to be happy when Medea squirted.

“Medea………. This is the first time you’ve ever ejaculated. Do you feel good?”

“Huuhh…I can’t anymore.…. Sire…… Please…….”

She begged with tears, but only a soothing kiss answered. Even in the midst of this, Lyle’s kiss felt so good that Medea’s whole body was thrilled, captivated, and engrossed.

“Yes, well….”

Looking at her bewildered half-closed eyes soaked in ecstasy, Lyle had a mischievous face as he gently caressed between Medea’s thighs. She was frightened by the lewd tremor, but Lyle’s fingers penetrated into Medea again.

“No! Oh, no! Ah-Yes!”

She must have orgasmed 30 times already. Medea floundered helplessly in Lyle’s arms. White flashed in front of her eyes while Lyle’s fingertips stroked her sensitive entrance back and forth as pleasure spread throughout her body.

“Aha! Aha! Aha! Hiya! Yay! Yes…….”

As she reached a climax, love liquid reached her toes. She felt she would crazy if Lyle continued.

“Ahhhhhh…! Now…… I’ll do it now…….”

“What did you say, Empress?”

His fingers, which were furiously penetrating inside, relaxed and caressed for an answer. Medea trembled violently with pleasure and opened her lips.

“Haaa….haaa, whatever you want. You can do it, so…….”

“Does that mean I can covet you until I’m satisfied?”

“Yes, yes, yes… So please…….”

Lyle took over Medea’s lips as if he was satisfied with her crying and begging. Medea’s eyes were closed as she kissed him sweetly with her tongue.

“Um……. Yes….….”

As they coveted each other’s tongues with a rattling sound, their heads became blank. Lyle breathed heavily and laid down Medea’s naked body on a nearby table. He couldn’t hold back to get to the bedroom.

“Aang, Your Majesty…….”

Love liquid trickled through her legs at Lyle’s touch. Lyle gritted his teeth and loosened his robe. Because he had been holding back for a long time, the liquid was flowing from the head of his penis, which stood up fiercely.

“You’ve aroused me and got it up so much that you won’t be able to sleep tonight.”


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  1. King , this is message for you : Don’t let her get pregnant first or you will not gonna got your s** desire🤣
    Thanks for the translation as always

  2. Damn the smut still gets me 😂 but Everytime I try to read her moans I become some kind of comedian 😂 like.

    “Aha! Aha! Aha! Hiya! Yay! Yes…….”

    Are you turning into a horse now??? And what’s up with the yay 😂 I read it like it’s some yehey 😂

      1. Same. I find the scenes hot in general, but I tend to giggle when I read the moans, grunts, and breaths. Even just “Ah, um, yeah” gets me snickering.

  3. Me encantan las escenas eróticas, pero Lyle pomo prota me cae muuuuuy mal, es egoísta, y mientras él se se sienta satisfecho no le importa la condición del otro, si la hace sentir bien sexualmente, pero por todo lo demas es pésimo compañero 😑

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