YMA – 6



“Your Majesty!”

Lyle turned to Sid, startled.

Suddenly, Sid, standing in front of the desk, laid down a bundle of documents in front of the Lyle.

“What are you thinking about so deeply?”


When I replied with a sulky face, Sid glanced back at the servants in the Oval Office.

They quickly stepped out of the office.

“Is it because you saw the Empress earlier?”

I don’t want to admit it, but I was bothered by Milledia.

Lyle replied without releasing his frown.

“I’ve never seen Medea run.”

‘I thought you would never run, even if the palace was on fire.’

“I always thought she would rather die than disregard a noble’s dignity and decorum.”

Lyle’s expression at Sid’s reply became severe.

“…Is it really memory loss?”

“What if it is? Are you going to visit?”

Lyle sighed.

It seems that Medea has become a completely different person he doesn’t know.


“Then what are you worrying about? Is it because the union night is in two days’ time?”

For a moment, Lyle was confused and then stunned.

I was so preoccupied with Medea that completely I forgot that the day of our union was approaching.

Sid nodded as if he was troubled.

“If she doesn’t remember… … she may refuse.”

“It’s her duty as Empress. She won’t reject it.”

I replied, irritated.

But to my annoyance, Sid’s expression seemed to say, ‘Is that so?’

“But it didn’t seem to me that she even remembered etiquette. It is even questionable whether something like the Empress’s duty remains in her head now.”


Thinking about Milledia already gave Lyle a headache, now it feels like there’s already another problem he will stress out about.

Lyle became very uncomfortable.

“Why don’t you go and take a look?’

“It seems like someone wants me to be close to the Empress.”

“Her Majesty, the Empress has changed. That’s a good enough reason.”

Sid, who answered in an even tone, met Lyle’s glare.

The Duke of Caird was not entirely on Lyle’s side, even though their political views were consistent. Perhaps if there were a son between Lyle and Medea, he would be a loyal ally of Lyle’s, unless Lyle abused her greatly.

He might even be willing to deal with Lyle’s uncle, Lord Rowendal.

“Aren’t you going to be with the empress anyway?”

Lyle did not intend to dethrone Medea even if he did wonder if she was infertile.

I have no intention of adding another task to my pile of burdensome responsibilities like having an affair or taking in a concubine.

The former Emperor had too many affairs, mistresses, and concubines—his innumerous infidelities had shocked the country.

Fortunately, the Emperor had only one woman, but rumors spread that the Emperor was cursed because of the his father’s excesses.

“I’m not reluctant.”

Just like you have to drink medicine, Lyle thought of Medea as something bitter that must be swallowed and used. Well, not even a must-swallow treatment. Medea was only bitter. That’s what Lyle felt for Medea.

I almost spat in my tea.

In a voice that barely swallowed and choked, Medea asked:

“Union day?”

Her voice increased a couple of notches, loud enough to ring in the room.

The maid-in-waiting looked at Medea with an expression that wanted to point out her lack of propriety.

After losing her memory, she became like a child.

She is the highest woman in the Empire, the mistress of the imperial family. Additionally, if her memory comes back, she was also the woman who would point out everything the maids had done and discipline them harshly.

“…You are the mistress of the Imperial Palace, and you have an obligation to continue the imperial family line and bear it’s heir and descendants.”

In the novel, Medea was only portrayed as a dead empress, but there was no such story of the joint nights.

Medea, who thought that Lyle would never come to her bedroom because of their estranged relationship, was embarrassingly bewildered.

“But… … But I don’t remember His Majesty!”

“You can think of it as the first night.”

It was the first night in many ways.

But Medea shook her head.

“No. I’m not in that condition. I fell off the second floor and still have a concussion!”

“His Majesty also witnessed your Majesty running down the hall.”

When the Emperor, who was staring with his mouth open, came to mind, the maid became more embarrassed.

‘She wasn’t like this… … .’

“Chit. Is there any other way… … .”

If it were Medea before she lost his memory, she would have been anxiously waiting for the union night. And her tension and anxiety would have been relieved by grabbing and pulling at the maids as if they were rats.

After recalling the memories of that time, the maid in waiting thought things were better now. The Empress’s attitude seemed to be softer than before.

“His Majesty is a very chivalrous man. So don’t worry, just follow His Majesty’s lead……”


If he had been really a chivalrous man, he would have stopped by at least once to see his sick wife’s condition, but the criticism was swallowed.

Lyle not coming to see her was a good thing while she was new in Medea’s body.

‘Ah… do I have to run away…’

Medea sank on the sofa with a tired face. Even if you run away, where would you go?

I couldn’t figure out what this world was like in the perfectly coordinated imperial palace.

She knew she was perfectly protected because she was an Empress.

What is the level of security in this world? Is it safe to walk out in the streets? If you run away and get a job, what kind of job can you get? What about your identity? Won’t they ask for your ID?

Tens of thousands of worries and thoughts were in my head.

As I started my day with a web novel and ended the day with a web novel, my imagination took off. The branches of my thoughts continued to spread out continuously, depending on various scenarios, and the endless possibilities grew.

“How secure is it in the capital city? Is it safe even if a lady doesn’t carry an escort?”

When Medea suddenly asked this, the maid-in-waiting turned pale.

It wasn’t hard to guess what the Empress was thinking, even if she had changed noticeably in just a few days.

“It’s never safe. You could be kidnapped and sold to traffickers in no time!”

“…… Isn’t lying to the royal family worthy of a severe punishment?”

“If you’re a regular child, you could be safe. But you are the most beautiful woman in the Empire.”

The maid-in-waiting ignored her beating heart, trembling nerves and managed to speak in a confident, calm tone.

“Your beauty is not obscured by disguise. Please consider the difficulties of those who serve you.”

Medea frowned at the maid bowing gracefully.

‘You seem certain that I’ll run away from home. Well…… If it’s dangerous as a woman, you can dress like a man….’

The maid was nervous as she watched Medea’s twinkling eyes. She was worried about the Empress, who had made so many mistakes. Thinking so, she dilberated about whether she should increase the number of her servants.

‘Maybe we increase the number of guards and escorts by telling His Majesty!’

While thinking of many things, the maid informed the Empress that she had finished preparing for her bath.

The day of the union was the next night, but the original Medea reportedly had to undergo a skincare regimen starting from the day before.

‘Tomorrow is the problem. How do we avoid it? Are you sure you won’t die if you refuse? Um…… should I just close my eyes and get it over with? Even if you do this and that, you’re still very handsome. Plus, he’s the male lead…..’

Meh! Where’s my pride? I can’t believe I’m falling into this world’s way of thinking where women’s rights are weak.

It was the worst.

If I was going to possess someone, couldn’t it have been a body with some ability?

There is no answer to my questions.

Meh, I don’t even have the motivation……’ (Girl, I feel you I haven’t even died or lost my internet connection and I’m depressed af)

Medea sighed as she headed to the bathhouse with her maids.

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  1. “What is the level of security in this world? Is it safe to walk out in the streets? If you run away and get a job, what kind of job can you get? What about your identity? Won’t they ask for your ID?”

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