YMA – 59

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Night arrived.

Lyle, who had been waiting for the night to come while managing political affairs, left all the officials and headed to his residence as soon as the sunset.

Even as he was on my way to his residence, all he could think of was how he could seduce Medea and embrace her as much as he wanted.

Dinner would be served with Medea when he returned. Earlier in the day, he wished he had dragged her into the bedroom and had an early night. But he had to return to the Emperor’s office without even raising his hand because he had promised to complete a couple of tasks.

‘There was no helping it.’

Lyle stopped by another room to take a bath and groomed himself before going into the house with sneaky thoughts. As he entered the residence wearing a loose robe, Medea, who was sitting on the sofa, got up in a hurry. She was also dressed in a simple dress without a corset.

She wanted Lyle to take her right away, so as soon as she met Lyle’s eyes, Medea’s face turned red.


When she spoke to the maids, they quietly left the Emperor’s quarters.


The sound was clear even though the door was closing quietly because both of them were silent.

Lyle drew the hem of his gown and approached Medea.

“Millie, come here.”

As he spoke with his arms spread out, Medea’s head was lowered down half-shamefully and took a step away. Lyle’s mouth barely held in laughter when he walked up to her and held her in his arms.

Lyle was sure she was looking forward to doing something cute once, but he never intended to leave it simply like that.


I was going to completely melt Medea and make her sleep tight first.

Lyle sighed deeply and made Medea look up to him from his chest. Her reaction quickly came as he held her fragrant lips.


Medea knew the joy of hugging Lyle, so a shallow groan flowed out. Lyle was going to enjoy the foreplay for as long as possible because he knew he could only do it once in the worst-case scenario.

“Hmm…. Uh-huh….….”

He sucked her soft lips and intertwined her sweet tongue with his. When he grabbed Medea’s breasts over her dress, a gasp leaked out as her lips were soaked in spit.

When Lyle grazed and pinched the area where her nipples would be over her clothes, Medea twisted her body away, overwhelmed. The thought of Medea being so sensitive only under his touch, no one else, made Lyle excited with a deep satisfaction.


Medea looked a little embarrassed when he pulled her dress down in a hurry. Since he could only do it once, she thought he would do it in the bedroom.


Her breasts, not restricted by a corset, popped out the front of the hem as her dress was pulled down. Lyle couldn’t control his fervor and buried his face between them. As he teased her erect nipples with his tongue while enjoying the soft skin, a sensitive sound leaked out of Medea’s mouth.


Lyle laughed as he remembered that he had put a lot of medicine on Medea’s chest.

He grasped her breasts, rubbing them, her nipples stiff and jiggling in both of his hands.

“Huuhh, aahhhhh….”

Medea looked at Lyle with an impatient face, already ready.

You can’t do that.

Lyle smiled at her grumpy look and sucked her nipples.

“HAaa! Aaaahhhhhhngg.”

Shaking, Medea almost orgasmed. Lyle pretended not to know, preoccupied with clenching Medea’s thin waist and coveting the softness of her breasts.

Medea trembled when she felt the tip of his tongue soaked in saliva tickling her nipples.

“Oooh, Ohh… Haaaa… Sire…….”

“What’s wrong, Millie?”

Medea was at a loss what to say with her neat face dyed red. She could already feel a river rising and leaking between her legs.

“Ahhhh… Let’s go to the bathroom.…. Aang…….”

“There’s only two of us here. I’ve got all the curtains pulled over the windows, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

“Oh aahh….right…Only …………. Unnnngh….….”

Medea became dizzy while speaking under the tip of Lyle’s tongue that brushed her nipple.

She couldn’t believe she was feeling this much.…. she was afraid that Lyle’s insertion would make her go crazy from pleasure, and she would enjoy it as much as she did last time.

Medea shook and grabbed Lyle by the shoulder. Lyle pulled down the hem of her dress further, curious how excited she was. The garment hanging around her chest came down to her waist and stopped, so he tore it apart.


The torn dress fell to Medea’s feet. At Lyle’s attempt to pull down her petticoat, Medea backed away in fright. If he took off her petticoat now, her soaked underwear would be revealed.



Medea, remembering her promise to allow him to bed her before bed, was dyed red.

Taking advantage of Medea’s faltering pace, Lyle quickly pulled down her dress.


She curled her legs in embarrassment, but it was too late. Lyle’s eyes had already seen her exposed to lewd wet panties.

Lyle grinned and untied the thong’s bows on Medea’s thighs.

“That’s why you didn’t want me to take it off. Oh, yeah, umm – Millie? Did you feel so good that I touched you? You’re soaking wet.”

Medea shook her head, trembling like a rabbit in front of a lion.

“Oh, no……. Ohhh…!”

A sweet shudder ran down her spine as he flicked her nipples soaked in saliva with his fingertips.

Lyle clutched Medea’s waist as she tried to escape from shame and untied the rest of the string. She tried to clasp her thighs together, but when Lyle untied her strap and pulled on her panties, the damp cloth easily escaped between her legs.

“Would you run away even with evidence like this? I didn’t even touch you here…I can’t believe how wet you are.”

“Well, that’s because your Majesty used a strange aphrodisiac ……that—that’s what it is!”

“Huh? Even so…….”

Lyle’s hands entered between her clasped thighs. Medea was shy and gave strength to her thighs, but she couldn’t beat Lyle’s strength.

“Isn’t it correct to assume the Empress enjoyed it?”

“Hiccup, ah …Not there……. Ahhgnnn!

The tips of Lyle’s fingers stroked her soft petals as a shivering joy bloomed. Medea shook her head in fright. If he touched her place like this….!

“Hhnnggghhhhh.…. Oohh, Your Majesty! Aang…….”

One of Lyle’s arms held Medea’s waist, and the other was curled in between her legs. He was delighted to feel that Medea was losing her strength little by little and not knowing what to do.

“Cutie, spread your legs so I can make you happier. Hmm? My Medea…….”

Thrilled by his sexy whispering voice in her ear, trembling, Medea was in tears. In this condition, she would climax soon.

“Oh, my lord……. Sire th- that’s enough……put it in….”

He could see her willingness to do it quickly and finish it, but Lyle only flashed a smile wickedly.

“You must be wet enough so that you won’t suffer. I can only insert and reach it once…… I’ll give it to you when it’s easier to enter.”


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