YMA – 58

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Medea watched Lyle’s back with wary eyes, thinking.

She thought she could escape Lyle if she ran into any room and locked the door…but was worried about what would happen later at night.

“I feel so good, but to just do it…… I’m…… I’m so happy.’

If she let herself loose just a little bit, she felt she might fall in love with the feeling. She could just barely maintain her reason by such a narrow margin, so she wanted to avoid having anything to do with Lyle as much as possible.

‘No matter how great it is described in a novel, does it make sense for it to feel so good?”

She didn’t think Lyle would betray her, but it would be the smart thing to be on guard and keep an eye on him. Medea had no intention of falling in love with Lyle until she later called Seira to confront Lyle.

‘Even if we do it right now, I think it’s going to last all night……. Wouldn’t it be better for me to reduce the number of times?’

The only answer was to take refuge in a nearby room.

Medea sneaked around Lyle as he pulled the curtains on other windows.


She could hear Lyle’s angry voice, but she entered the room coldly and locked the door. Outside the door, Lyle knocked on the door.

“Medea! Aren’t you going to open this?”

“N-no! You’re going to touch me as you want!”

“You can touch it, too! You like to touch my body!”

Medea was embarrassed and confused when something unexpected was pointed out.

“Wh-when, do I!”

“I realized you do when you stared at my naked body. Did you think I wouldn’t know if you sneaked in a touch while I was sleeping?”

Momentarily sheepish, Medea turned red to the tip of her nose. And then turned furious and yelled at Lyle outside the door.

“Your Majesty’s touch is not invited because he is not so delicate!”

“Didn’t you run away because you are wet?”

“N-no, it’s not?”

“No? Wouldn’t it be better not to tell a lie that I’ll find out soon?”

Hehe. The door is locked. How are you going to check it?

“It’s just your Majesty’s delusion!”

“Hooo – I’m delusional. Can you take responsibility for that?”


Medea looked triumphantly at the closed door. Lyle, standing outside the door, narrowed his eyes.

“All right, Medea. Stay away from the door because you could get hurt.”

“What? N-now, wait!”

Medea, who was about to approach the door to stop Lyle, on second thought withdrew, reckoning that she could not risk her life on such a thing.

Outside the door, I could hear the sound of a sword being pulled out, and the door was neatly carved and fell to the floor.

Ugh. Hugh!

Lyle leisurely slipped his sword into its sheath, watching Medea staring at him with a blank face, utterly stupefied. Then he smiled wickedly handsome.

“Alright, my beloved Empress. How are you going to take responsibility now?”

“Uh- We-well, it’s wet— but! I’m embarrassed, so please don’t roll up my skirt…….”

Lyle, who was looking at Medea with a playful look, smiled as she confessed in a stammering voice.

“I see, but what wouldn’t you say if I didn’t check you at night?”


He nodded his head as if he could not see Medea, who had hesitated with her ears dyed red.

Actually, he wanted to embrace Medea and go straight to the bedroom but was holding back. She was the Empress, and the woman he loved, so he wanted to let her have her own way as much as he could.

“Well, I have a condition, too! You can do it, but you have to do it just once.”

Lyle’s smirk on his face as he looked at Medea hardened.

“Uh……. What?”

“I feel it a lot, so I’ll use your Majesty’s standard instead. Let’s do it once by ejaculation.”

“Come on, wait, Millie! We can only do it once? Such a rule….”

“Your Majesty may have good stamina because he is a warrior, but I am not. It’s too much to accept you every day to your satisfaction. Please take care of my body’s condition.”

Lyle also had nothing to say when Medea openly apologized. Lyle also had an inkling that he was swept up in embracing Medea and pushed her beyond her physical strength whenever they slept together.

“Well, one time is too little. At least five or six times…….”


“I’ll compromise a lot—how about four times…….”

“Then 0.5 times.”

“What? What’s 0.5?”

When Lyle flusteredly implored, Medea confidently explained,

“It’s not when your Majesty reaches release, it’s that you quit as soon as I’m at the peak.”

“……do you know how many times you reach orgasm when you play with me?”

“A lot?”

“Millie, please. At least three times.”


Lyle’s shoulders drooped at the decreasing numbers.

He desperately wanted to win Medea’s heart and could not be hated by her.

“…… Let’s compromise to once.”

Lyle sighed deeply as Medea smiled while held in Lyle’s arms. It was a perfect defeat. Even in the midst of wanting to die, Lyle could only think how cute Medea was.

* * *

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