YMA – 57

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Medea got angry and left the parlor, but she was still unable to leave the Emperor’s residence. Seeing Medea stamping her feet at the door of his residence, Lyle was so relieved that he had forgotten why he was upset.


As he approached, calling her name, Medea glanced at Lyle and turned around as if she didn’t want to see him.


Singing her name softly and soothingly, Lyle approached Medea.

Even though the Emperor called her first, Medea had the gall to pretend not to hear him. But for Lyle, she just looked cute.

“I, the Emperor, am trying to favor you, the Empress. Is that too frustrating?”

As he approached closely and whispered, Medea flinched back.

“Gee, it’s because you’re going too far!”

“Too far? What do you mean?”

When he asked with a smile, Medea realized that Lyle was trying to tease her again and glared at Lyle with a hot face.

“Uh huh—What’s with that look? Do you dare glare at the Emperor?”

“Your Majesty sometimes glares.”

“I’m the Emperor. Do you dare tell the Emperor not to stare? “

As Lyle approached, Medea took two steps back.

“Well, I don’t think so, but……. Well, yeah! I was staring at you! So what are you going to do……huuhhhh?”

Lyle, who strode up to Medea, quickly stole a kiss from her lips. Her body trembled with an indescribable soft-touch heightened by the aphrodisiac in her system.

“Whoa, uh…. Ahhhgnnhh…….”

“I will punish you like this. Every time….”

Whispering, forehead to forehead, Lyle caressed Medea’s face, cupping her cheeks in both of his hands. Her red face clouded with pleasure and a quickened, heavy breath leaked out to the tip of her nose.

“Huh, um…. Ugh….”

“How dare you raise your voice to the Emperor?… if I don’t punish these fine lips, well…….”

The maids and servants, who quietly followed the Emperor and Empress, quickly fled without making a sound. Of course, a member of the Imperial Palace’s legislator also bowed on his way out.

The guard, who was looking around, quietly closed the door at the Emperor’s residence entrance. Lyle, who glanced at Medea’s lips, deeply smiled internally.

“Oh, no… There are people…….”

Medea looked around, embarrassed by Lyle’s touching her breast over her dress. Before she knew it, I was surprised that the door of the residence was closed and absent of any maid or servant.

“Are you all so absorbed that you don’t even know that they left? Did my kiss make you feel that good?”

“Oh, Your Majesty…….”

Her body reacted steadily and passionately even though it was being touched over her clothes. Feeling her nipples harden to pronounced protrusions, Medea turned around, covered her chest with both arms.

“Ah……. Stop….”…. No.”

“No way.”

Smiling, Lyle approached Medea, who was stained red. Medea who hid her chest with both arms as if she were wary, slowly stepped back.

“I will not let you go if your cute place is wet.”

“You won’t let me go?”

Medea, who knew that the place was already wet just by kissing, asked with a nervous face.

Lyle looked at Medea suspiciously and said.

“Well…… shall I punish you?”

Medea felt her mouth go dry at Lyle’s smile. It was obvious without asking what the punishment would be.

Medea pressed her skirt reflexively.

“……so to check I’d have lift your skirt to see the Empress’s cute place.”

Now lewd words were coming very naturally to Lyle. Medea grabbed the hem of her skirt, nervous.

“Millie…. If you try to run away again, do you really ride me and have your insides clasp my mine under you all day long?”

At Lyle’s words, Medea turned red even all the way to her ears. Even if no one is around, what are you talking about?!

“W-w-what was that?! What are you talking about?”

Lyle burst into laughter at the hostile glare Medea shot him.

As Medea turned around in surprise at Lyle’s approaching figure, Lyle quickly snatched Miledia’s waist.

“Hiccup! Sire!”

“You think you can just run away? My cute Empress.”

Lyle giggled, whispering dreamily into Medea’s ears. Medea shook her head desperately. Lyle was an insane person to insert all day.

“Oh, no! Never!

“Hmmm, I think I just saw the Empress turn her back on me?”

Speaking, Lyle swept his hands over Medea’s dress and touched her ass lightly. Medea struggled, swallowing her panting breaths. If he saw her wet underwear, it would be over.

“W-well you know what?…. Hiccup!”

Suddenly, Medea was surprised by Lyle grabbing her ass. Lyle spoke while squeezing and rubbing Medea’s butt.

“I have to check your skirt, so stay quiet.”

“What? Now, wait!”

Medea’s urgent gaze was directed toward the window, which was still open. It was broad daylight, so the curtains were naturally pulled back in the window.

“Curt-curtains first!”


Lyle’s eyes turned to the window with bright sunlight.

‘Well, it wouldn’t be good if anyone peeked.’

“Okay, I’ll listen.”

Lyle kissed Medea on her forehead and released her waist. Then he went to the window himself and started to draw the curtains. It was the Emperor’s residence, so it was a room with many windows, so it seemed that it would take a long time to close the curtains.

‘Whew… I finally did it…….’


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  1. Ugh he doesnt respect her at all! Did he think of her as a sex toy, there to vent his desire?? Bitch she said no so it means no!!

    Medea too, she said no but once it started she let herself got pulled in into lyle’s scheme. She needs to be firmer ffs

      1. which is why i don’t think the emperor loves her, it’s more like a weird creepy obsession.

  2. I bet she run the hell out of there and is hidding in a very obvious place 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. You should respect her thought dude😑
    She is a human not a vampire who didnt tire out.
    She needs food and peaceful sleep

  4. I’m sorry this is just not fun to read anymore… Like does nobody else find it creepy when Lyle doesn’t even understand what’s wrong with confining, isolating, and drugging your wife??? Ugh. Idiot.

    1. Omg same it’s really frsutrating me!! She clearly sais him no for sex too but he insists… it’s called rape. I am so unconfortable with the creepy king

    2. Note that this novel is based from historical setting. So morals can’t be applied. They have very different way of thinking compared from the 21st century obviously

    3. That’s part of the appeal. We all differ. I personally don’t get people who enjoy second chance romances with abusive, hostile, cheating spouses. But apparently there are a lot of people who do!

  5. No matter how much I read it, it’s not enough. I wish there were more.😿
    But, thank you for your efforts. 😻

  6. You guys… Remember this is just fiction smut novel, in real life surely this man will deserve jail..

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