YMA – 56

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“They say that you can’t conceive a child if you do it too much.”

Lyle was angrily sharpening his teeth, declaring he would not let the person go if he found the one who whispered such things into the Empress’ ear.

Even when he seduced her and tempted her, Medea did not let him touch the tip of her hair with sharp rebukes until Lyle’s insides were completely burnt with frustration.

Although Lyle tried to call a doctor to explain the matter to Medea made another excuse.

“We might have conceived a child from last time so I should be careful.”

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is correct to stay away from and watch out for sex, so the doctor nodded in agreement and suddenly met Lyle’s fearsome look.

“Medea and I are young and healthy, but we haven’t conceived any children yet, probably because our union days are too infrequent. Don’t you think we should increase it?”

Lyle pressed him with a lively look at the doctor. The doctor nodded, sweating profusely.

“Well, eh, I think so. You’re right…….”

In fact, when the first date of union day was set, the doctor decided to do it three days in a row. According to Medea’s menstruation cycle, they had been encouraged to have a relationship for three consecutive days in time for a possible pregnancy.

In Medea’s previous life, she had learned how to calculate ovulation in a sex education class.

Usually, you need to be involved 3-4 days before and after ovulation; thus, it was more likely to get pregnant…….

‘If you tell that to Lyle now, I won’t be out of the bedroom for eight days every month! You’re going to die!

There was a lot of lack of medicine in this world. It was because science and medicine were relatively less developed, and most depended on magic or healing.

Medea didn’t have accurate knowledge about ovulation. It was also ridiculous to mandate she had to have a relationship every two weeks.

“Well, then, as we decided for the first time, three days every 11 days…….”



Simultaneously, similar oppositional words broke out from the mouths of Lyle and Medea for different reasons. Lyle felt it too little, and Medea thought it too much.

The doctor caught in between gulped, his mouth dry, and pulled at the collar of his shirt as the Empire’s two most powerful people glared at him as if to strangle him.

“Shouldn’t it happen at least one day, day after day?”

Medea shook her head firmly as Lyle took his chance.

“No, Your Majesty! We don’t know if I am pregnant or not since the last day of our merger, so I should be careful in advance. Doctor, how many weeks before we know if I’m pregnant?”

Suddenly, the doctor, who was asked a question, hurriedly answered, pulling down a handkerchief that had been wiping cold sweat.

“It depends on the body and constitution, but usually it is three weeks…….”

“Did you hear, Your Majesty? So we can’t do it for three weeks…….”

“Three weeks? Is the Empress trying to hang me dry and kill me?”

said Lyle with a straight face; mentally, Medea clicked her tongue.

She didn’t think she could really postpone it for three weeks because she had a menstrual cycle. Since she hadn’t had her period since coming to this world, she would be able to tell whether she is pregnant or not within a week or two.

“Empress, don’t you think you’re being too arrogant with my favor?”

As he gritted his teeth, Medea glanced at Lyle.

Despite his threats, even when he hated touching Medea and he didn’t harm her. She would never be afraid of such a bluff, but……. I thought it would be a little disappointing to lose my favor [t1v: aka she like the D].

“Y-Your Majesty, you first imprisoned me and then used a strange drug! Get me the antidote! Then I’ll be in your arms every day!”

When Medea shouted with her cheeks dyed red, Lyle looked at her with an impatient face.

“I said there was no antidote! Besides, I punished the Empress for being rude to me first! What do you mean imprisonment!”

“You don’t let me send letters or receive them, but try and drag me into bed every day! What is it, if it’s not confinement?”

“Who during probation ever receives letters? Aren’t you too arrogant to be an Empress?”

As the voice of the Emperor and Empress increased, the maid of honor and servant did not dare to intervene, only looking at the two masters.

In addition, the crouching doctor opened his mouth with a look that he wanted to run out of the room right away.

“The……t-the two —or two of you seem busy, so I’ll leave you alone. His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress…….”

As the doctor spoke in a hoarse voice, Lyle’s frosty eyes turned to him.

“Say here now, doctor. Is there a child in the Empress’s womb?”

“T-that’s……I don’t know at this moment…….”

As Lyle’s body was fuming, the doctor hurriedly changed his words. If his tongue made the wrong move, his neck might have to pay for it.

“I don’t see any energy at the moment.”

“How many days a month is it right to be involved?”

“Your Majesty! Sire— You are cowardly! You’re intimidating him right now!”

Medea protested, but Lyle pretended not to hear her and instead held the doctor’s eyes with a frosty glare. The doctor, who was trembling with a blue face, said,

“It’s right to be as involved as possible! Your Majesty and Her Majesty are both in good health! You can do it everyday…….”

“Empress, did you hear him?”

Medea jumped up and down.

“Who wouldn’t say that when your Majesty is so frightening!”


Lyle’s cool voice made his shoulders jump.

“Yes, my Emperor.”

Lyle, who had a soft smile and a fierce glare on his face, looked down at the doctor.

“Did I scare you?”

“Oh, ah— no, no! Scared? Me! The grandeur of the Emperor dazes my eyes! Your Majesty never threatened me! Yes, sire!”

At the doctor’s desperate cry, Lyle looked back at Medea with a triumphant look.

“That’s right.

“What do you mean “yes”? Your eyes were so scary. No matter how hard you try, there will be no union—just so you know!”

Lyle got up from his seat with a perplexed look on his face as Medea left the parlor in a fit of anger.


Lyle chased Medea out of the drawing-room, and the room became quiet. The doctor slumped and sat on the floor without a pulse.

“Counselor, may I serve you a cup of tea?”

When the maid-in-waiting carefully asked, the doctor nodded.

“Give me cold water. His Majesty… I think it was just yesterday that he was yelling at me to cut back on the days of the merging.…. How much things have changed….”

Everyone agreed.

* * *

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