YMA – 55

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After having such a lovely day and sweet night the day before, Lyle had expected Medea to fall into his arms, but her reaction was very different: 

“Don’t approach. Stay 1 meter away!” 


She ran away to the bathroom to wash as soon as she opened her eyes, calling in the maids to prevent Lyle from doing anything. With the maids-in-waiting help, she wore a conservative dress that tightly wrapped around her neck and even gestured as if to tell him to go away. 

For Lyle, who was already under the aphrodisiac effect, he was going crazy but did nothing. 

‘I’m sure the medicine worked?’ 

Did I see wrong? Last night, under Lyle, Medea had been entirely excited and had at least four times lost her mind. 

How lovely it was to see her crying, drunk off sweet ecstasy, hanging from his neck. Lyle could get off for five hours just thinking of the scene. 

“What nonsense! Millie, won’t you come here right now?” 

As Lyle snarled, he strode toward Medea, who turned red. Medea shouted not to go when her maids quickly evacuated. 

“No! Everyone out! I must be alone with the Empress!” 

It was evident to whom the attendants gave priority when it came to the Emperor’s command. 

Medea stamped her feet after her maids politely bowed their heads and rushed away. In the meantime, Lyle snatched Medea’s waist as she was about to run out the door, trying to run away. 



Prayers were not answered. 

Lyle whispered sullenly, holding his lips to Medea’s ear. 

“Did you forget to thank me for making you feel good even amongst all your fussing last night?” 

“M-my memory—well… … .” 


Lyle smirked as he looked at Medea, trembling like a rabbit caught by a lion. 

The last attendant was already pulling out and shutting the bedroom door quietly. 

“If not, I can recreate everything that happened between us—step by step. So we can refresh our memory together.” 

“Oh, Ahhhh! No! I-I remember!” 

Medea shouted in fright at Lyle’s immediate attempts to take her clothes off. 

The aphrodisiac effect is so substantial that his desire for Medea was more robust than before, and it was difficult to control it. 

“… .”

“… … Your Majesty?” 

Lyle was just staring at her with blazing eyes without answering. 

Unnerved, when Medea called Lyle carefully and Lyle let her go with a disgusted expression. 

“Why are you avoiding me?” 

“B… Because of that weakness, I’ll feel weird just by your Majesty touching my cheek… … . I’m afraid I will make a questionable sound.” 


Lyle was aware that he used a large dose on her. Additionally, it was said that the aphrodisiac works stronger on women than on men, so the pleasure Medea feels would be at a level that is difficult to describe. 

“Okay….. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could obstruct it appropriately?” 


When Medea asked, as if she really didn’t know, Lyle shamelessly faced her. 

“With a kiss.” 

“Uh? No, what will people say if you do that in public?” 

“They would say that the Emperor favors my wife, the Empress?” 

Lyle bluntly said, as if he was cutting off her concerns. But Medea was adamant: 

“I hate it because I’m embarrassed! There is also a separate joining day, so why… … .” 

“You only kiss me on union day?” 

Lyle questioned his ears. He used the aphrodisiac because he wanted to be closer to Medea, but it seemed that only the opposite effect occurred. 

“If you’re confident, you can stop with a kiss….” 

Of course, Lyle didn’t have enough confidence to stop at just kissing. 

Lyle was speechless and stuttered for a moment. 

“T-that’s that’s true, but… … . not necessarily a union day…….” 

“They say that you can’t conceive a child if you do it too much. So, from now on, let’s only do it on union day. Okay?” 

Last night, it was Medea who had enjoyed herself utmost and made vulgar sounds. 

He was embarrassed because it was Lyle who had always touched Medea with an excuse.

“Who’s the one who … !”


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  1. Lyle is kinda annoying. Well suits the title I guess. Doing things without concern from medea like wth man. You disgust me

    1. Exactly! He’s turned her into the princess from the Princess and the Pea and for what? It can’t be fun being hypersensitive all the time

  2. Well done Medea!!!
    She wouldn’t need to act like that if he had a little more of control.
    Thanks for the chapter!!!!

  3. Oohh..you might regret this Medea. I mean if a simple caress is pleasurable then… Lyle could seduce you enough that you’ll end up going back from your own words. You may even end up begging him for it well that’s assuming Lyle could hold off too. hahaha

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