YMA – 53

“Yes, it’s aphrodisiac, as you suspected. After using it, it allows only those involved to taste the ultimate pleasure repeatedly instead of it being only a rare occurrence.”

Lyle opened the lid of the bottle. It looked like a fairly large bottle, roughly 500ml. A sweet and fragrant scent came out.

“Come here. Open your mouth first.”

When Medea came in front of Lyle and sat down, Lyle put his finger in the bottle.

A honey-like viscous liquid flowed along Lyle’s fingers.

Lyle spread it over Medea’s lips, put his finger into Medea’s mouth, touching her tongue and the inside of her mouth.

“Unnh… . Oh… ….”

A sigh flowed out of her tongue as if she was kissing. Lyle swallowed, his mouth dry, and laid Medea down on the bed.

The thin pieces of transparent cloth hung from the left and right of Medea’s chest, drawing rich folds that obscured the view of the peaks of her breasts. Lyle poured the aphrodisiac over it. A lukewarm, sticky liquid poured out.

Lyle spread her legs wide, applying a generous amount of aphrodisiac to Medea’s breasts. Stretching back and forth, the fabric titled side to side revealing Medea’s secrets completely.

“Oh!… my god.”

A finger drenched with aphrodisiac penetrated into her entrance, soaking the soft flesh inside. Lyle applied plenty of aphrodisiac to Medea petals and mixed them with her flower wine to ready her for his tower that would fill her up.

“Ahhhhhh, Oh…… Ahhh… …”

He could help but find it regrettable that his finger couldn’t reach deeper. Lyle kept pushing in his wet finger, rubbing her insides and applying plenty of aphrodisiac, but it was a pity that he couldn’t apply it to the deeper part of Medea.

Fretting, Lyle finally poured the liquid on his penis. He took his penis dripping with a dripping red, raspberry-colored liquid to Medea’s hold and pushed it all the way to his roots all at once.


There was a shock from spinning with pleasure. Lyle pulled out his penis as if that wasn’t enough and then again applied a lot of aphrodisiac.

“*Gasp?* *Gasp!*”

Lyle’s penis struck deep into her core again. Lyle shook his member from side to side, regretting that he couldn’t go deeper, and then turned Medea’s body upside down.

‘It goes deeper in this position.’

‘Ahhh… … . sire… … . Yes… Ohh…”

Lyle lifted up Medea’s quaking waist, pushed his soaked fingers in, and again spilled all the remaining liquid on his erect organ. Then he took the tip of the red liquid dripping into the wet mouth and pistoned it to the deepest depths.

“Hhhhaaaaa Ah, ah!”

Shaking at the sweet stimulus, Medea bounced off a puddle. Lyle was gasping for breath with his member deeply inserted inside of Medea.

The effect of which was not seen if the medicine was washed off before its color changed. If you neglect the color change and start to touch it, the person who applied the aphrodisiac would experience the same effect.

The former emperor strictly adhered to this usage, but Lyle had no intention of doing so. In Lyle’s life, one woman, Medea, was enough for him.

“Haa… . Ahhh, Ohh… … .”

Medea, lying on her bed, felt relieved when Lyle didn’t move. She just lay down blankly, gasping for breath.

‘Didn’t it say that the color becomes transparent when the aphrodisiac is absorbed?

‘Haaa oooh … . Ahhhhh… Ah… .”

The red liquid soaking in Medea’s secret slowly became transparent, and Lyle suddenly wanted to see what face Medea was making.

But he hesitated for a moment because he didn’t want to remove himself from inside her.

“Hnghh! Ahhh Epp! huh aaaaah!”

He laid her ass to the side, bent one of Medea’s legs, and then turned her on her back while still inside of her.

Flames flew into Medea’s eyes as his penis rotated and pulsed against her inner wall. Liquid splattered. Medea, who had reached heights, twitched and kept trembling in a limp state.

The stimulus felt by them was excessive— letting them taste the ultimate pleasure –it was too high.

Lyle felt similarly, and his face was burning red.

“Millie… Medea.”

His voice mixed with a hot sigh was sent a chilling thrill down Medea’s neck. Medea knew what that signaled when Lyle sang her name in that voice.

“No, Your Majesty… … . N-not now. I felt it so… … . Wait! Ugnnnh, Sire… … !”

Whether the frightened Medea struggled or not, Lyle held her two legs on his shoulders and held the position about to insert his pillar.

His lower body was melting in pleasure, so he couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Medea…. Millie. I’m sorry I……. I can’t take it anymore……. Kohh!”


He started to stab her with his member as if Lyle was beaten with the fervor of belief.

Flames sparkled in front of Medea’s eyes when his already large penis raced towards climaxes without hesitation using the aphrodisiac as a lubricant.

“Agh! Uhangh… … . Ah, ah… …!”

Lyle didn’t insert it more than a few times, but they seemed to be reaching their peak. He quickly noticed that their wet flesh was constricting and sending a signal.

“Ohhh, yeah! Ahhh…… !”

The light constantly flickered in his eyes, and Lyle’s whole body shuddered and kept quivering. Medea curled like a bow, unable to withstand a few minutes after their loins began mixing.

“Hek! Ohhhh, ahhhh…… !”

Lyle ejaculated while Medea climaxed while screaming at her peak. Because they had peaked much earlier than usual, his size did not decrease at all.

Instead, Lyle, who was drunk on pleasure, pushed into Medea’s core even harder.

“Hunnn Oh!… . Ahhak *gasp*… … .Ahhhhhhhhhh… … !”

Saliva flowed down my cheeks, and my body shook violently up and down, but I couldn’t wake up. Sensual stimulation ran all over the body as if being violated by pleasure. I was so thrilled with joy that my fingertips were numb with delight.

‘I can’t do this!’


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