YMA – 52

Even when he was old, the former Emperor was still handsome, but he was worried that his many concubines would cheat on him and have an affair because of his declining energy.

Rumors came to the Emperor, who was agonizing over this, about an aphrodisiac used by a monogamous species, the Suin people, that lived across the continent.

The Suin would welcome humans as companions and use it on the first night to prevent cheating.

Unlike the Suin, who have only one companion during their whole lives, humans change their minds easily, so they guarded against this tendency.

The Emperor secretly spent a fortune to buy the recipe for the aphrodisiac. Then, absurdly, the Imperial family also adopted the same rules as the Suin tribe.

The woman who married the Emperor had to use this aphrodisiac. As if it were a secret tradition that came down from the imperial family, it was even written down on a monument and kept it.

As an example, the Emperor used the aphrodisiac whenever he visited a new concubine. The aphrodisiac was also used on the Empresses and Queens as well as the concubines.

Lyle despised the former Emperor, so of course, he did not want to use it. By the time she married Medea, he had avoided bedding her, and after he was forced to sleep with her, he was reluctant to use it, in case she would bother him further.

I can’t believe it came to mind now……

The aphrodisiac was a strange drug that reacted only to those involved immediately after use. After applying the aphrodisiac to the body and establishing a relationship, even if the drug was not applied afterwards, the same supreme pleasure was experienced even without it.

It was difficult to cheat because you cannot taste the same pleasure with anyone other than the person who was imprinted on you with the aphrodisiac, and you would continue to want to sleep with that person.

Of course, there was an antidote to this drug. However, it is known only to the Suin who created the aphrodisiac and had not been passed down to the imperial family.

The Emperor saw the effect of this aphrodisiac. The Emperor’s concubines never put a man into their bedroom except Lyle to get an heir.

‘Can I use this?’

Medea would never think of divorcing Lyle.

Lyle always made the first move; maybe with this, Medea would approach him first instead.

Lyle blushed when he felt his lower body got hot and protested against the confines of his clothes just with his imagination.

He had never imagined that he would use it and couldn’t believe he wanted to. The reason he didn’t get rid of it and the recipe was that he had completely forgotten about it.

He had been in a hurry to seize power and thought to deal with it later. But…….

‘Because I only have Medea…… It would be okay to use it.’

And since the two of them didn’t have children yet, Lyle struggled with the excuse that it was good for the imperial family.

* * *

Lyle returned to his Palace with a bottle of aphrodisiac. He told the court officials that no one should come in, locked all the doors to his personal quarters, and entered the bedroom where Medea was waiting.

Perhaps because she was told to wait in bed, all the curtains on the bed were undone. Seeing her do something so cute, Lyle approached the bed, his heart pounding.

“Oh, Your Majesty…….”

Sitting in the middle of the bed, Medea’s cheeks were hot as she looked embarrassedly at Lyle.

Lyle couldn’t breathe at that lewd appearance.

When did you prepare such clothes……

A chain of gold passed over her chest and waist, and the white transparent cloth attached to the chain narrowly covered her breasts and lower folds.


Lyle swallowed his saliva and strode up to the bed. He put down the bottle of aphrodisiac on the side of the bed and quickly took off his clothes.

‘What is that?’

Medea glanced at the bottle that Lyle had brought. Raspberry red liquid. What was that? It seems like there was such a thing in the novel……


Medea recalled Lyle’s first night with Seira and the aphrodisiac that Lyle had used. Medea looked at Lyle with a perplexed look

“Uh, I…. Y-your Majesty… … . What is that?”

Lyle blushed as Medea stuttered and pointed to the aphrodisiac at the corner of the bed. He brought it with the intention to use it on Medea but still felt ashamed.

“It… An i-imperial tradition. I should have used it on your first night, but… … At the time, you were too young to use it.”

“Oh, it…”

“Didn’t you say you’d do anything if I sent trustworthy people to Solare right now? I want to use this to embrace you.”

Having read the novel, Medea remembered the aphrodisiac. She thought it had a ridiculous effect…….

‘It was described as “supreme pleasure.” Would it really feel that good?’

It’s always felt good to be held by Lyle, but it said it was more than pleasure……. she was wondering what it would be like.

‘No. The genre of this novel is changing. What I read was definitely romance, but it seems like it’s becoming an R-rated romance for 18-year-olds and above……. Wait, this isn’t going to suddenly change the Emperor into a Yandere or led to confinement, is it?’ [t1v: I swear…. foreshadowing — or actually registering your current reality? like a mofo]

Already she was imprisoned at the Emperor’s residence.

Medea looked at a Lyle, conflicted, who was waiting for an answer.

Should I refuse? Could he take back the knights? There was a wizard in the group, so he could always give orders through the crystal ball.

‘I-I’m sure it will be okay… it’s also used on Lyle so…….’

It wasn’t a drink but an aphrodisiac that was applied to the body. Inevitably, the medicinal effects would also rub into Lyle’s body, and Lyle will not be able to taste the same pleasure with women other than Medea.

“… Should I use a little?”

“Do you know what this is?”

Medea’s permission struck Lyle’s mouth with laughter.

Medea glanced at Lyle with a red-tinted face.

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