YMA – 51

“When are you going to send people? Today? Tomorrow?”

“Is it that urgent?”

It takes 12 days just to get there.

When Lyle said he would send someone other than Luke, Medea couldn’t help but fret. Would it be handled with care?

Although an order from the Emperor was serious business, Medea doubted if it would matter. Hopefully, that person would be able to deal with the situation properly if and when something happened.

“You never know with people. Please send the order quickly. Yes?”

Medea didn’t know if it would work—but encouraged by the reactions from Lyle so far, she decided she would try to act cute and coy.

Inwardly, Medea recoiled to the point her hair stood upright, but Lyle’s mouth was loosened into a grin.

“What should I do…….”

Lyle’s looked at Medea with a strange smile.

The look of desire in his eyes were unabashedly clear, causing Medea’s face to flush.

No, why is this human in heat all the time? Is that the only thing you can think about when you see me?

“Shall I see the Empress in bed tonight and decide?”

No! No way! But if I put it off, isn’t Ian going to die?

Medea had a strained smile, holding back the desire to beat Lyle.

“Yo-your Majesty, what you want to do … Well, I’ll do anything, so can’t you send it right away?”

Lyle glanced at Medea to see if it was appealing.


What are you trying to do?

“Yes…. Wha-whatever. As long as it doesn’t hurt me.”

“I can’t hurt you.”

Lyle smirked and kissed Medea on the cheek as if to reassure her. Relieved by the sweet kiss, Medea glanced at Lyle and grabbed his sleeve.

Just imagining it makes me cringe… … .

“Yes……. please. Please send it right now……”

Lyle gulped while Medea grabbed his sleeve and looked up at him, beseeching.

He was having extraordinary fun teasing her, but if he dragged his feet and the local lord died for no reason, he would have to bear Medea’s resentment. After that, he would be lucky if Medea let him touch her after a month, so Lyle decided to take what he wanted in moderation and win favor.

Lyle assumed the local lord was suffering from an illness, not a conspiracy. But if the lord died before Lyle’s people could arrive, then Medea would believe that there was a scheme afoot.

In any case, it was the Emperor’s job to take care of the people, and if the young lord died and only his younger siblings were left, it was natural for the Emperor to protect them.

Medea was going above and beyond, but it wasn’t bad that she cared about it.

Why did he care about such a region? Because of Medea. Of course, while caring about the investment in mines, she wanted to patronize the manor and establish good faith in the land.

“Okay, I will send it today. Three or four knights will accompany a healer and a wizard to examine the land. Does this satisfy the Empress’s heart?”

Medea’s face widened with a huge smile at Lyle’s words.

“Yes! Thank you, Your Majesty!”

“I hope you’ll be thankful in bed,”

Lyle whispered, raising the heat in Medea’s face.

She was determined to do anything but was nervous about what Lyle would ask of her.

“W-well, then let them go first.”

“Okay. Instead, when I come back, be ready to be embraced by me.”

Wasn’t it broad daylight now?

But instead, Medea attempted to smile because she didn’t want to delay sending people off.


“I’ll look forward to it.”

Lyle smiled, clasped Medea’s cheek, and enveloped her lips. Medea’s eyes widened with a long, lustful kiss that made her look forward to their approaching time together come.

“Ahhh … . *Suck* umn… …”

Lyle tore off his lips with a throbbing sound and stared at Medea’s lips with eyes that were still feverish.

“I’ll be right back.”

Lyle strode out of the bedroom.

* * *

From the time he listened to Medea, Lyle knew right away who to send.

Therefore, Lyle took less than 10 minutes to send four knights, one healer, and another wizard to Solare’s estate.

Lyle was worried and wetted his dry lips with his tongue and wondered,

‘Is it okay to use this?’

Medea promised to do ‘anything’. But he could help but think that she would never imagine this.

Lyle looked at the red liquid in a large bottle with a face full of troubles. It was an ornate glass bottle rimmed in gold and rubies.

Gingerina, it was created and also part of a crappy tradition established by the former Emperor.

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