YMA – 4

Medea was lying in bed alone.

The doctor went and asked her various questions.

During the conversation, she found out that she was Medea Constance Caird.

‘Medea.’ I remembered the name because it reminded me of the evil character in “The Emperor’s Beautiful Sword.” She attempts suicide multiple times before the protagonist appears.

She was a real dying Empress, merely a writing device to explain the Emperor’s disdain of women.

‘This is in the realm of possibility,’ Medea thought, looking up at the bed’s canopy with a blank face.

Transmigration, age regression… In recent web novels, such things have been in vogue.

She also read a lot of them on her cell phone and computer:

‘I guess you don’t have to be unmarried to be possessed!’

To already be a woman of the Emperor so I can’t even flirt. No, it was very, very bad.

And wtf the background is in the Middle Ages.

Medieval settings fit movies and are suitable for novels, but there are no games, television, or web novels here!

‘How do I live!?’

It was like a death sentence (I feel you chica if I didn’t have the internet during quarantine… ekkk) for her, who looked forward to reading her web novels during her commute.

‘I’m addicted to web novels!’ Medea shed tears of blood as she recalled a web novel that had not yet been completely read. (A moment of silence for all the promising and not completely translated web novels out there)

It was regrettable that she had not read all the web novels before falling into the Middle Ages.

Besides… … she died without spending all the money she had saved!

This is the most annoying and infuriating fact.

“Why am I dead?”

My last memory was when I drank a bottle of bomber liquor and wine recommended by my boss at a dinner party.

I was already in the middle of drinking my 18th cup and about to stop when that dog manager said, “Won’t it be hard on Oh Soo-Yeon if she can’t be a full-time employee this time around?’

She smiled and recalled his face while he was recommending alcohol.

Medea kicked off the blanket.

I drank that one cup and I died! At that time, I should have ripped off his hair! After drinking that last cup, my eyes started spinning… … and I fell.

After that, the other staff screamed, and before I completely blacked out, I saw the face of that dog manager… …” I’m dead, so yeah, I’m not alright!… Aren’t you abusing your position and thanking the stars you won’t be sued because I’m an orphan? No…nevermind … . My uncle is not a person that would miss this chance.”

Soo-Yeon’s uncle was a terrible person.

It was him who took the house in her parents’ name and put her into an orphanage.

When Soo-Yeon entered a well-known company as an intern, uncle contacted her as if nothing had happened before.

‘Let’s make do with garbage and put it in the dump.’ The trash was her uncle and that dog manager.

It was a sad tale of a distant country that could not even be shared, plus she had already died…

That’s right, what’s the meaning of possessing a web novel character suddenly?

Medea was to jump off the balcony on the second floor and die… … Medea’s soul may have disappeared, but Medea’s body is still alive.

She may have been a nominal empress but the plot already suffered a huge blow.

The male protagonist, Lyle, was portrayed as a character with a slight case of misogyny due to his suffering at the hands of the concubines of his predecessor as a child and suffering from Medea as a teenager.

He was reluctant to meet a new woman, so he tried to see to it that the Empress bore him a successor so he could stop relations as soon as possible.

Oh crap, I can’t do that. Are you telling me to have a baby?

Su-Yeon, who has been single since birth, is virtually ignorant of love affairs. She read romance novels, but that didn’t mean she wanted to date.

Her desire for love was fulfilled by all the web novels and romance books consumed, so there was no reason to lean on reality. When her parents were alive, she tried her hand at unrequited love and flirted a bit here and there, but that all occurred when she was young and had her parents’ security.

After having to survive alone in the world, she gave up on her dream of romance; because of student loans, living expenses, and the glow of monthly rent.

Love was considered a luxury.

“I can’t date anyone here either. If I was going to do this, I would have been the protagonist or a mother character that starts with a baby… No, it’s a good thing I didn’t start as a beggar or slave.’

I’ve read quite a few web novels that start with beggars or slaves.

After suffering tremendous abuse and suffering for a long time, they meet the male protagonist or go out on their own.

‘I don’t have such energy.’ (Mood)

The fluffy bed was really comfortable.

On top of it, Medea concluded she was ready fortunate to be in the Empress’s body.

I could have been much more miserable or unfortunate.

The male protagonist Lyle hated Medea, but still treated her as Empress.

It wasn’t merely because Medea was a politically necessary entity; Lyle wasn’t a bad guy either. He hated her for a good reason; Medea emotionally terrorized him.

Still, Soo-Yeon had always liked and sympathized with Medea more than Lyle.

Born as the eldest daughter of the Duke of Caiad, Medea was abused by her mother from an early age.

She was a woman who was burning with the ambition to be Empress.

The lecherous Emperor ended up giving as a reward to the Duke of Caird to settle that annoying ambition.

But the method was cruel.

From the moment Medea learned to speak, she had to learn imperial courtesy, and her diet was strictly controlled.

There was nothing she didn’t do to preserve her beauty and maintain her elegance and perfection; the Duchess whipped up her the only person she loved, the nanny, whenever Medea made a mistake.

Even when she gained weight, stuttered, or stumbled during a dance, her nanny was beaten into a bloody pulp.

It was useless for Medea to cry and beg. In the meantime, her nanny embraced and consoled her.

Crying about her failures, for being fat, ugly, and ill-mannered, Medea was consoled by her nanny that she is the most beautiful girl in the world.

But on the day Medea marries Lyle and becomes Empress, the Duchess accidentally kills the nanny.

When Medea found out, she broke.

It was then that Lyle showed meager polite affection for her.

Being the sole person left in her life that showed her kindness, Medea became obsessed with him and began to display abnormal behavior.

I still remember the scene where the nanny died.

Medea’s nanny begged the Duchess to send her to the young Empress. ‘If I don’t go, she’ll be anxious.’

The Duchess was annoyed by such a nanny. She had never shown affection to Medea but was envious of Medea’s possession of someone’s love and loyalty in addition to her new title.

“How dare you have such confidence!” The Duchess whipped and clubbed the nanny to death.

The Duchess ended up blaming Medea:
‘It was her lousy luck to be with you.’

Medea was deeply scarred.

Her nanny had praised her beauty, but she believed she was ugly and cursed.

Even though she became the wife of Emperor Lyle and had power, wealth, status, and beauty, Medea was not happy and was still hungry.

Lyle and Medea were both just young, traumatized fools with too much power. In addition to those stressors, Lyle was busy seizing power in order to survive in the cruel world of politics.

Recalling the novel’s length, comparatively, the actual explanation of Medea and her appearance was short-lived.

The main character of was a knight. The main character was the Count’s young lady, Seira, who becomes a crossdressing knight to protect her house and her brother Ian after the death of their father.

At first, she plans to pretend she is Ian until he inherits the title, but when she gets involved with Lyle, her plans go awry.

‘What will happen to the two because Medea is alive?’

The Emperor likes Seira and puts her by his side, and the people of Seira’s county estate also try to hide her secret.

They were a lovely group of weak people rooting for her.

In the middle of the story, a bully shows up and threatens Seira with her secret. It was infuriating, but… … ‘Can I help you with that? Ah- I don’t know what to do.’

When I was alive, my purpose was to just hold on to my job. Then buy a house, save money for retirement, and then relax…. ‘I tried to find happiness by reading web novels until my death, but…… I had only had a little more to go to finish the book… . Ugh… …

Medea, sulking and bowed her head while thinking, worried.

Looking at the progression, the protagonist surely demanded a breakup from the male protagonist, who was cold-hearted because he was embarrassed by his obsession with her.

Medea considered divorce.

‘Is this an era where you can live properly as a divorcee?’

There is no electricity and no conveniences.

It would be extremely uncomfortable and challenging to live in a world without basics like a washing machine and a gas stove.

Now, she possessed the Empress and is living a luxurious life….. but what if she gets kicked out of here? Will the Duke truly accept her back?

Scenario 1. She’s driven out to the temple and lives as a nun for the rest of her life.

Scenario 2. If the Duke doesn’t accept her, Medea can become a commoner.

Well. Is it bad… … . ‘I’ll have to look at the situation here and think about it.’

‘The room is not bad, and the maids I saw today were dedicated to Medea.

Unless it was a situation where I had to give birth to the Emperor’s child, I could get used to this. … .

Since there are no web novels, I would like to live watching a love story for a lifetime… … . But I don’t know if the novel here is to my taste.

Ugh… … . My writers. I loved you so much.

Thanks to you guys, I was really happy for a moment during my tough working life…

… While thinking those thoughts, Medea fell asleep.

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  1. “I’m addicted to web novels! ‘Milledia shed tears of blood as she recalled a web novel that had not yet been completely read. (A moment of silence for all the promising and not completely translated web novels out there)”
    Oh My so true
    We are similar to this protagonist

    Thanks for you hardwork

    1. AHMAIGAWDDD I LAUGHED so hard when I read that #relatable and couldn’t resist inserting my snarky commentary. RIP

      1. You’re just saying what we’re all thinking! *Hmph!* ε-(´≖ω≖`;) (;¬‿¬) LOL! ⁽⁽٩(๑˃̶͈̀ ᗨ ˂̶͈́)۶⁾⁾

  2. “Her desire for love was fulfilled by all the web novels and romance books consumed, so there was no reason to lean on reality. ”
    This is literally me ^^

  3. The MC is so relateable lmao. My writers, I love you all *sniff* *sniff*

    And my translators, I love you the same *cries ugly*

    1. <3 thank you I put that in to flush out what the author was implying between the lines. Sometimes being a translator (in my opinion) means navigating cultural expectations of explaining. Some cultures it’s okay to leave things unsaid and implied (and it’s still understood as such)—while readers of other languages and cultures need it to be explicitly explained and writing to be more literal.

      1. Oh you added this line? It was perfect! You couldn’t have said it better.
        I also agree with you regarding the translator dilemma. As mush as we want to stick to what is stated in the novel verbatim, there are some things we feel should be there and would make the story more real. And what you added did it perfectly. <3

  4. Hi i appreciate your work but can you pls pls pls pick one point of view? It makes me dizzy how it changes from third to first. I’m sorry if this may sound demanding but I can’t help it :-(((

    1. I totally get it and sometimes it makes me dizzy too. I read the Korean commenters and sometimes they complain about how much the author switches 3rd to 1st and POVs —I guess I kept it in trying to accommodate the author’s intention but I’ll try and reduce it from now on.

  5. I love reading web novels as well even to the point of thinking whether I’ll be reincarnated once i die or I’ll just wake up in someone else’s body one day 🤣🤣

  6. Medieval settings fit movies and are suitable for novels, but there are no games, television, or web novels here!

    Finally someone brings this up.. I love her already.

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