YMA – 33

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“…. Oh, no, your Majesty…….”

“Medea……. You must have been waiting for me, right?”

What nonsense are you talking about when you’re the one that’s ready? Medea looked at Lyle through her legs that had descended on both sides of her head, wondering what he meant.

“No, what…. Huh, oh……”

As she hesitated and tried to evade answering, Lyle obscenely rubbed the tip of his penis drenching it with the pungent flower wine that was dripping down.

Medea groaned, tightening her wet, flinching opening.

“If you don’t answer correctly, I won’t give you this.”

“Hyuk …”

Medea looked at Lyle, aware of her face burning. Why would you approach a sleeping person in the middle of the night and poke her—What’s wrong with him—? Haaa…!

“Hunngh, oh! Ahhh……. Your Majesty… … !”

“It’s already flooding. Look at how lewd you are, oh, Mother of the Nation.”

Lyle clicked his tongue as he stared at the sap that began to overflow with nasty eyes.

The transparent liquid flowed and fell onto the holes between her hips. Medea twisted her back in shame, but she was held tightly by Lyle and couldn’t lower her ass.

“Ah… … . I hate this pose… … . L-let go……”

“If you tell the truth, I’ll let you go.”

Lyle’s penis was moving up and down through the crack.

The hard hot touch made Medea at a loss as to what to do.

Medea had already been embraced by Lyle several times and knew the joy he gave her.

“It… It’s correct that I waited a little……”

Stuttering Medea admitted with a glowing face—unable to speak more. Lyle’s eyes were filled with joy as he stared at her face.

Although he pretended not to have a facial expression, he seemed to be walking on the clouds when Medea said she had been waiting for him

“N-now let me go.…. Ahhhhhh!”

Lyle penis dug in half way as soon as she shyly asked him to let her go.

Shivering from the lewd shock, he held Medea’s small orgasming thighs and grabbed her ass, and pushed into her to his roots.

“Heeeh, Ha! I’ll let go alright……. Hoo… …”

said Lyle in a hoarse voice as he lifted up Medea’s shaking ass and angled it properly.

“So, didn’t I let go of your thighs? I never said I would never put it in there,” he puffed as he started to enter her with loud wet noises.

Medea moaned and wailed, her mouth open in a lewd manner.

“Did you make up that law? Ahhh, oh! Bullshit… … . Scammer, ahaang!”

“There’s nothing you can’t say against the Emperor. You should give him a hard time until he admits he is wrong.”


Lyle, with his back upright, started pistoning violently. Medea’s body shook intensely with only her hips and ass in the air against his striking, smacking waist

“Aahh! Ahh! I hate…….this pose! Haeah, I’m ashamed!”

The insertion wasn’t deep, but Medea felt like she was committing a visual crime. It seemed too blatant to see a big monster of a penis, getting stuck in her wet mouth.

The scene of the deep pink flesh drooping and getting wet and greasy penis coming in and out was so lustful that it was so debauched.

Out of shame, Medea hid her face with both hands. She couldn’t bear to see it. Then Lyle grabbed Medea’s thighs with a sore face and widened it from side to side.


The movement of the leg tightened the inside, and Lyle pushed in his pillar with terrifying momentum.

The wet skin rubbed vigorously and the sound of water rubbing the thick liquid coats of soft flesh passionately resonated.

“Huh, ah! Ah! Ah! Oh, oh! Ah-ah-ang!”

Medea was frightened at the overwhelming passionate provocation, clutching whatever she had in her hand—grasping the blanket and reciting mantras.

Her head quickly turned white, and a strange sensation seemed to roam all over her body.

“Ohhh! Ah! Ah! Too fast……. Ugh! Ugh! Ahhhh! Aang, Lyle.. … !”

If you do something with your waist, you’ll be swayed by it. Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! The doctrines of lust rang out against the ceiling.

Her breasts, shaking, had escaped the trappings of the transparent cloth and bounced and jiggled as Lyle moved.

“Huh, ahh hu hu… …”

Finally, at their climax, Medea breathed harshly, and Lyle, buried deep inside, ejaculated inside Medea.

The semen that had been pushed out to the entrance flowed down her ass and belly, soaking her pussy.

“Haaa, haaaa…….. “

Medea trembled and looked at Lyle with pleasure-soaked eyes. This was the fourth time they had mixed their bodies together.

Of the three previous episodes, Lyle has never finished with a single orgasm— gulp, it’s not over yet.

Lyle was probably going to do it three or four more times after this.

Looking at his red eyes burning with passion in the soft light, Medea swallowed her parched saliva.

The night at the Empress’s palace was about to begin. 


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