YMA – 3

“… … Memory loss?”

Taking off the hunting gloves, Lyle frowned.

By now, he thought he would receive a report and then have to issue an order to save the Empress’s maids.

But unexpected news came. Lyle was so excited,

“If she loses her memory, then I’ll sleep in peace tonight!”

“Because you don’t remember me, I won’t have to hear the ranting of that delusional woman that I’m hiding a woman in my bedroom.”

“It’s no time for you to joke around. I think it’s true this time.”

Even with Sid’s grave tone, Lyle wasn’t very trusting.

Whenever Medea tried to commit suicide, she had lost her breath for a few moments and had ‘died.’

“Memory loss…… Would the Empress be trying to make a ridiculous request regarding the couple’s appearance… have you looked into it, and has she been checked?”

“Yes. Your Majesty should also come… …”

But Lyle’s expression was cold. “I can’t heal her. If she truly does have amnesia, I would be a stranger, so it would be better not to show my face.”

“Ha, Your Majesty… … .”

Lyle walked away with a face that said he didn’t want to hear anymore. Sid chased after the emperor with a flustered look.

Five days later, Lyle had to visit her even though he didn’t want to.

He was going to verify if she really lost her memory.

I’d rather sleep on that fifth day.

Lyle asked Sid about today’s schedule, erasing the disgusting Empress’s face from his head.

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  1. How smug of you emperor but later on you’ll fall in love with her for not treating you the same what a joke 💀

  2. Is it really short?
    Im not complaining though
    im just wondering whether im missing some details or its just the way it is ☺️

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