YMA – 25


Suddenly Lyle realized that he had never seen Medea so close up and in detail in this way before.

And now, even if he were to look closely, it would be challenging to find the former Medea in her.

Medea, before her memory loss, cried angrily, was furiously resentful and wickedly cruel.

So, in order to reveal the trances of the old Medea and save himself, Lyle decided to make her angry.


Suddenly last night flashed before him. When she lost control, Medea cried and clung on to him….. As soon as Lyle remembered it, he felt heat gathering below his hips—and frantically sought to distract himself from his thoughts.

It had almost become dangerous.

‘Is it okay if I piss off Medea?’

I’m not very confident, but it didn’t seem difficult because I quarreled with Medea before commencing their affair last night.



Medea, who had looked up for something, yelled in astonishment and hugged her book tightly as if to shield her.

Lyle was embarrassed, not knowing that she would be so startled.

“Why are you so surprised?”

“Why did you sneak up on me?”

Medea interrogated back again, glaring at Lyle and on guard.

Then, as if she had realized something, she turned the book over as if she was trying to hide the book cover.

‘What is it?’

Since this is the Imperial Palace Library, there won’t be any suspicious books.

What’s more, isn’t this just an ordinary romance novel section?

“Empress. What were you reading?”

“… It’s a love story…” (OMG I WOULD DIEEEE)

“I know it’s a love story. What’s the title of the book you were reading just now?”

Medea hid the book behind her back and her eyes, avoided Lyle, searching the floor as if trying to find the answer.

Lyle became even more suspicious.

Medea took two steps back as he grinned and stepped closer.

“W, why, why are you doing that? You’ve never cared about what I’ve read.”

“Because you are suspicious now.”

“I’m not suspicious now either–I’m completely the same as usual.”

“You are the same, as usual?”

As he inquired, Lyle’s gaze looked at the pile of books Medea had stacked up.

At that moment, Medea ran in front of Lyle with a fright. Well, to be precise, in front of the pile of books.

Lyle had already seen the title of the book, so his mouth stiffened.

“That… What is that?”

“I-it’s a book.”

“You know perfectly well I’m not asking if it’s a book.”

Lyle said sharply and grabbed Medea’s arm… … and was about to pull her but stopped when he looked down at her face.

No, noo, wake up, this isn’t the situation to be doing this—really, really not. …

The eyes looking up at me were beautiful. Her shy expression was lovely. Her gaze was so adorable that I wanted to hug her and rain down kisses.

‘Damn it!’

I didn’t come here to feel this way!

Reading erotic books in the library, this is not something that Medea would do!

‘Doesn’t this mean you didn’t satisfy her?’

“Millie, if you keep doing this, I’ll call the head librarian to make a list of the books you’ve checked out so far and take them back.”

Speechless, Medea’s face became a rose red.

Gah, even that expression was delightful, so I looked down slowly.

Medea shouted, her face bright.

“You can pretend you don’t know! I am an adult too! I can read it!”

“… … Don’t you have any awareness that you are the Empress?”

When asked, Medea pouted and impulsively retorted in dismay:

“What your Majesty does to me is more erotic—”

Medea, horrified, covered her mouth.

Lyle, openly bewildered, stared at Medea.

“… …”

There were only the two of them, so it was oppressively quiet when the two closed their mouths.

Unlike Medea, who turned away, bemoaning her slip of the tongue and started beating her mouth, Lyle was already regaining his composure.

“It looks like being with me last night wasn’t that bad?” What else… … .


Medea looked back at him without concealing her mortification.

Lyle looked down at Medea with a polite but beguiling smile.

There was a strange glow in his dark red eyes.

“Do you have to look for something like this after spending that lewd time…….”

The hand that had reached Medea plucked the book out from between her arms.

The title of the book read <The Naked Petals vol. 8>.

“…Is it that you were thinking about me while reading these scenes?”

“Ah, noo–that-ah! -No!” How hateful!

Medea tried to take the book out of Lyle’s hand, but Lyle was already opening the book and reading its contents.

“The Demon King’s long, smooth fingers spread the princess’s soaked petals and digs inside. The princess twists her limbs tied to the chains…”

“Why are you reading that!”

“Didn’t the Empress say it was okay for adults to read?”

Lyle was even older than Medea, so of course, he was an adult.

With a sexy low-pitched voice, he continued to read the r-19 scene of the romance novel she had been reading.

Medea, burning with shame and rushed to steal the book back from Lyle’s hand.

Lyle easily evaded her and read the next passage:

“…He spreads wide her defenseless shaking thighs. The Demon King pushed his finger to the place where the princess showed the most obscene reaction, and then with his fingertips…….”

“–Ughhh! Ahh! Oh my god!”

Medea shrieked with embarrassment, utterly modified as Lyle chuckled and then bursted into laughter.

Medea, who had enough, ran at Lyle.

He easily eluded her again, but Medea, who was still unfamiliar with long skirts, stepped on her hem and fell forward.

Lyle quickly pulled her into his arms. Medea, who was held in Lyle’s hug, became quiet. Lyle, while embracing her and holding the book high and out of reach with his other arm, also became silent.


Lyle was already watching Medea with heavy red eyes when she looked up and met his stare with her eyes wide and shaking.

“You ran into my arms first.”


Lyle dropped the book, and it hit the floor with a rather hefty sound.

The tension was so thick Medea couldn’t move her upturned head or meet Lyle’s eyes.

His flaming red eyes were coming closer and closer.

“Your Maj—”

Lyle’s hot lips swallowed Medea’s words before she could even finish. Lyle finally tasted those lips of hers that he longed for, pushing his tongue in between Medea’s open lips.

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