YMA – 24

Lyle shut his mouth for a moment. 

I couldn’t stand it at the time, so I put Medea back in bed, but I didn’t know it would be gossiped about.

 “Rumors abound that your Majesty has belatedly opened his eyes to his affection for the Empress. Thanks to you, wasn’t the Duke quiet today?” 


Indeed, because the Emperor was late attending the political affairs meeting while spending time with his daughter, the Duke quietly passed on today without much disagreement. 

Although Lyle was said to be in a power struggle with the Duke, none of the Duke’s faction protested him being late, even though they didn’t like Lyle’s tight grip on the political situation. 

Talk of their relationship was already widespread; many knew the Empress tormented Lyle and was hungry for his love.

“Isn’t it better? If your Majesty planted a lot of good memories before the Empress recovers her memories… Wouldn’t she stay the same as she is now even when her previous memories come back?  You don’t want the Empress to go back to her former self, do you?”

Of course, I didn’t want the former Medea to return. 

If I saw a hint of her previous self, this heart, which began to thaw slowly, would freeze in an instant.

“… …Indeed.” 

The former Medea. 

It was an old image that I didn’t like to recall, but it was clear that if I searched for a little bit of the previous figure in the current Medea, I would lose my affection again. 

Lyle nodded with a look of hope. Sid, on the other hand, was delighted that his advice had worked. 

“Are you going to look for her?” 

“I’ll look for her.” 

I didn’t want to see her face again, considering the humiliation I received at lunch, but on the other hand, I wanted to see Medea one more time. 

‘No. This is to calm my mind. Medea is Medea… … you’ll find her former self if you talk to her.” 

Lyle thought so, and ordered Sid to go home and left the office. 

* * * 


After losing her memory, I have heard reports that Medea frequently goes to the library. 

Since it was Medea, I thought she was reading books related to history or politics. … but he said that she was reading 

romance novels.

‘Are you reading such a book?’

The Imperial Palace’s library boasted an enormous collection of books, the largest on the continent. Among them was a library that only the royal family could access.

Only a few people used it. However, most books go into or out of the library without being checked out. And books that are frequently borrowed or related to them remain in place.

Many books related to romance were recently moved back to the library’s bookshelf because Medea had been reading love novels diligently.



When the Emperor entered the library, the director of the Imperial Palace library was shocked. He almost raised his voice but was silenced by Lyle.

When Lyle gestured for them to leave the library with an expressionless face, the director and librarians hurried out of the library. 

Medea had also restricted her maids from following her into the library so they wouldn’t nag about her only reading romances.

The library door was closed at Lyle’s instructions. Lyle locked the door of the library by hand and turned around.

Now there was only Medea and himself in the library. 

Somehow Lyle hesitated, pressing down on his wobbly chest.  As he was leaving, the library director went and pointed out the direction where Medea was. But even if he hadn’t, Lyle could easily sense Medea with his superior senses. 

‘I’m not nervous. This is……’

Ignoring his burning face, Lyle took a deep breath and attempted to steady his breath. He laughed at himself; he was so nervous even though he was only going to meet Medea. 


Lyle, who barely managed to lessen his blushing by a degree, started to walk towards her. 

I wondered if it would be better to make footsteps, but I decided not to do so because I wanted to see Medea, unguarded, and reading a book. 

Medea was standing between the bookcases near the central table of the library. There was a large pile of novels that she had intended to read and a corresponding empty bookshelf.


The way she read the book, immersed in it, was so different from her this morning. Her focus and serious expression should have reminded me of her former self… …but the whole countenance felt softer and more drowsy.

* * *

TN: Mwhaha the infamous library scene nears…

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