YMA – 21

His brazen words made Medea stiffen for a moment. 

Lyle held back his leaking laughter and watched Medea hesitate to open her lips. 

….Oh god. Why do you want to bother me like this? 

As Lyle waited for me, his half-opened eyes were stunning. 

With my lips half-opened, I glanced at Lyle when he didn’t kiss me, wondering if he noticed.

I was surprised when our eyes met. 

“You have lovely lips, Millie… … . I’ll have to taste them more often from now on.” 

Whispered Lyle as he lowered his head slowly. 

As his face neared, Medea was flustered, and her eyes panicked back and forth and then closed tightly. 

“Huumm… .”

His hot, neat lips pressed down, rubbing gently, and then his tongue poked in. 

Before, he invaded freely and wandered around lustfully, but this time it was caressing. As if seducing Medea’s tongue by fondling it. 

“Hmm … .”

When she gathered enough courage, she carefully stroked his tongue with her own, so he wasn’t doing all the work. 

Lyle groaned low. 

Then he hugged Medea harder. 

“Millie… …”

I don’t know why he’s so excited? Medea thought, as her body started to relax and give itself to her rising lustful heat. 

In the midst of this Lyle’s hot palm slid between her legs. He was gently stroking, caressing her entrance, which had traces of last night’s affair. 


Lyle joyfully laughed as Medea wriggled her waist and closed her legs with at the bizarre feeling. Each reaction that Medea revealed furthered endeared her. 

“Embracing you all night until dawn has rewarded me a prize. I think I can put it right away.”  

Satisfied, he whispered words that confused Medea.

Lyle gently grabbed her thighs, spreading Medea’s knees open.

“Come on, I’ll let you go soon…….. Millie.”


“Hungh, oh! Don’t look… … .Ooooh! Aang!” 

Lyle, with a ravenous gaze, held Medea’s hands against the bed.

It was a magnificent sight to see her body shake and her voluminous breasts sway and jiggle with his weight when he pushed in.  

Lyle’s ferociously large penis rushing in and out could not be missed as it pumped in between Medea slender legs that were spread wide open. 

Lyle had a surly smile.

“I lied. I’d be stupid to deprive myself of this thrilling view.”

“Hung! Hnngh! That way! Oh! Ahhh! Ah yeah……. Aang!” 

As Medea’s secret stirred in despair, Lyle violently shook his back. 

Her lips that moaned and scolded him were too lovely, so he murmured and dropped a kiss. 

“Hmph! Uh-huh! Oooooooh!” 

Panting, Medea struggled, hitting Lyle’s arms that now embraced her. She couldn’t avoid him, and he kissed her more persistently as her tangled tongue still conveyed Medea’s complaints. 

I didn’t know I had this taste.

Lyle continued to rhythmically penetrate Medea, grasping her ass to avoid deep insertion. And every time Medea wriggled in his arms, his pleasure doubled. He filled her with his passion.

“Haa, Millie ….” 

Wholly aroused by Lyle, Medea also climaxed and drooped in his arms. 

Medea’s expressions, melting into ecstasy, seemed to permeate into Lyle’s heart one by one. 

This is Medea? I couldn’t believe it.  

But even though she changed like this, she was still Medea… and she was still the Emperor’s woman. 

‘You’re mine. You are my woman.’  

Jubilant with that fact, Lyle raised his back again.

Medea, who had been thawing in a sweet afterglow, was startled when she noticed his enlarging member. 

“You said a little bit… Huungh…..!”

“It is only a little bit.” 

Speaking naturally, Lyle smacked her ass.

Medea blushed and pinched Lyle’s hard forearm even though he didn’t even get a scratch. 

* * * 

Am I insane? Lyle was restless as he left the palace. 

He had embraced and coveted Medea until she had melted from, and for that reason, he had kept all the officials present at a political affair meeting waiting.

He had to leave when he couldn’t delay it anymore…..

… and I couldn’t be more aggrieved. 

I would have to wait another two weeks for the next union day. 

‘Two weeks. Two weeks…….’

Even if it was just ten days, I thought I could breathe easier—but it was two weeks. 

After ten days and there were four more days of waiting.

Lyle’s mood was plummeting while he rushed back. 

Before, I was so happy while holding Medea. And now I’m dying because of the hated fact that I can’t hold her again tonight. 

—No, wait. I didn’t mean that. It’s Medea we’re talking about here, remember? 

Until last night, who had delayed entering Medea’s residence until he couldn’t anymore? Who kept to his office until late at night to handle all the things he had on his plate and didn’t have? Who had pretended not to know when he received resentments for keeping to the office until midnight?


‘I just changed my mind overnight?’ 

Well, it was a long and sweet night. 

It was so precious that the long night was fleeting. 

Medea was also very attractive, and she was fun to tease. 

When Lyle whispered a lewd word in her ear, her face turned rosy quickly, and her pupils shook like an earthquake. 

‘It was good in the morning.’ If possible, I wanted to stop by the palace in the middle of the day and hug Medea—No. No, no no. 

‘No, that’s Medea!’ 

Lyle, who was smiling happily unconsciously, frowned again. And when he remembered Medea, who had been tearfully whimpering and trapped in his arms, his mouth lost its tense frown. 

No matter how much he tried, his face loosened. 

Lyle forcibly drew stern lines on his forehead. 

I can’t believe you are lusting for that Medea. I know that there are times when it is inevitable that a man’s body gets excited… … .


Last night when he embraced Medea, he didn’t have the strange guilt and disgust that he always had.

He had been distracted by Medea’s reactions and had forgotten. 

Lyle, recalling the ugly moments of his childhood, felt his mood sinking disastrously low. 

Wasn’t it also Medea, the arrogant and shameless woman who unearthed Lyle’s painful traumas and smiled triumphantly?

I had thought that I would never give you my heart…… Empress.

‘We did that much yesterday, so a child was probably conceived. So……’

There’s no need to visit again.  


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  1. Well the amount of times it was done probably isn’t as important as the timing of her cycle tho…
    But he has ML powers so that does not matter.
    Thanks for translating!

  2. Yes, please don’t visit again. That one night alone could probably last her a year at minimum. Is our girl still alive?

  3. Ahahaha! Just imagine him walking down the hallway so conflicted and his facials changing every second…
    I like her… (´。• ω •。`) ♡
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