YMA – 20

Regardless of Medea shock or not by the sudden situation, Lyle continued his onslaught, tormenting her standing nipple. 

Embarrassed, ashamed, and confused, Medea was endearing, and Lyle couldn’t hide his feelings and covered her lips. 


Her lips, looking for words to protest, were fastened to his hot, greedy lips and ended up craving for breath. 

Lyle’s bold tongue penetrated her mouth, perhaps considering the gap between her lips that gasped for air as an invitation. 

“Oooohh, hooo…..”

Lyle’s firm grip that held her hands released her, and instead, his strong arm clasped her naked body against his.

While drinking Media’s saliva as if he was drinking the flowers’ fragrant nectar, Lyle couldn’t hide his ecstasy. 

Damn it, he wanted to deny it, but he couldn’t resist this desire. 

‘But only desire,’ Lyle made excuses for his behavior and licked and sucked Medea’s lips.

He denied his rising feelings. It couldn’t be only desire–Lyle knew himself too well. He had desire but detested it with disgust. 

This tickling weightless excitement in his heart could never have been only lust, but to acknowledge it meant conceding it was because of Medea, who was too intertwined with his irreparable wounds that were too deep to ignore. 

‘Medea’s lips… … How sweet and fragrant… …’

And even before these confusing feelings emerged, Lyle was a man who couldn’t throw away the Empress, who he had hated but also felt sorry towards.

Lyle, unable to conquer his raging ardor in the midst of the boiling chaos within him, sweetly violated Medea’s soft lips. 

As he sucked her lips like delicate petals, Medea in his arms first struggled and then let out a sweet sigh. 

“Ahhhhh…. Aaah……. Your Majesty…… ~” 

Her wet voice was dripping with unusually sweet tenderness. 

Lyle swallowed a curse that was about to soar through his throat and bit back Medea’s lips that were soaked in his saliva. 

“You must have used the aphrodisiac as well. Your lips must be so sweet… … .” 

“Uuhhhhhmm… … . Uh aaaaa am… … “

Medea shuddered at the kiss that afflicted her weak spot and took her breath away. When she scratched Lyle’s hard back because she wasn’t getting enough air, Lyle released Medea’s lips. 

“… . Hnnnnngh, huh hukk… … .” 

Winded, her harsh breathes were far from being erotic but were simply endearing. 

He didn’t completely let go, and Medea disliked that her lips were sticky.

“Stop sucking! My lips are going to be swollen… … . Haae up anngh… said……eup …”

Her breath was scarce, but Lyle’s lips and tongue in combination dazzled her with pleasure, and Medea scratched Lyle’s back again.

Even though she scratched with all her might, Lyle’s lips opened with a strange groan full of something, and it wasn’t pain.

Medea glared at him with a blistering face. If someone overheard, they would be thinking I am touching your penis! Why are you groaning like that when I am scratching?

“…… Did you know that hurting the Emperor’s body is a felony?” 

Lyle whispered in a low, sexy-sounding voice. When Medea unintentionally tensed, Lyle plucked Medea’s hand that had scratched him, bit her fingertips, and said, 

“If you allow me to hold you during the day, I will forgive you that much.” 

He was playing dirty! Who was it that made me claw you?

Lyle laughed in a deep voice that vibrated when he saw Medea with a tearful, disgruntled face. 

She was too cute. With wet glaring eyes, her face looked like a kitten with a wide-eyed look. 

“Umm? Millie… … . see I’m begging you like this. Have you forgotten last night? How you hung on to me and made you so happy–enough to cry?” 

Medea’s face flushed with a fever as he joyfully spoke of last night. It was true… it was a little good last night.

Lyle couldn’t hide his smile because of the Empress’s charming face, embarrassed at being caught. 

“Even though I’m the Emperor, I’m saying that I’ll serve you. I’ll hug you softer and more tenderly than yesterday. If the bright sunlight makes you shy… … I’ll hold you tightly like I’m doing right now. I won’t ogle your cute body outright. I promise.” 

The whisper was charming and alluringly sweet. With a fresh smile and the bright sunlight on his back, Medea was shaken by the seductive Lyle. 

Here was the strongest, handsomest, and most powerful man in the novel, enticing her with a smile. Lyle’s change in appearance and laughter—so different from his usual frown—made Medea feel weak.

“Oh, I’m embarrassed… … .”

She looked like she was about to cry and showed an expression of conflict. 

With such an adorable countenance filling his heart, Lyle had to hold on tightly to his patience so as to not pour out kisses on her.

“Well, then just a little… … .” 

“If you give permission, open your mouth. I’ll kiss you.”

* * *

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  1. Negotiations are underway… pretty sure the emperor and empress have come to a snu snu consensus.
    Lyle: If you get to scratch my body, I get to ###### yours. Hue hue hue hue… ┐(︶▽︶)┌
    Millie: uwu… just a little…

    Readers: No. We want more. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ Lol! Thanks miss translator! You da best!

  2. Those are some next level bargaining skills Lyle has there.
    Thank you so much for translating! This novel is a lot of fun.


  4. I – .. never thought how badly I wanted to add remarks on almost every line for this chap.
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  5. “”Medea glared at him with a blistering face. If someone overheard, they would be thinking I am touching your penis! Why are you groaning like that when I am scratching?””

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