YMA – 2

“Is His Majesty here?”

“Not yet……” said the little maid, stamping her feet with a bluish face.

When Medea came to her senses, if the Emperor was not with her, the people around her would die.

Last time, if the Emperor appeared one step late, many of the maids would have lost their necks.

Medea Constance Caird, the eldest daughter of the Duke, was the Prince’s fiancee from the age of twelve.

She was a stunning girl even at the age of twelve, to the point
that no one ever doubted that she would grow up to be the most gorgeous woman in the Empire.

When the late Emperor passed away, the Prince ascended the throne and, at the same time, made her the Empress at the tender age of sixteen.

This was because the young Prince desperately needed the power of the Duke of Caird to become the Emperor.

But the young and naive Medea changed as soon as she became the Empress.
No, perhaps no one bothered to notice until she left the dukedom that Mildia had such thoughts.

Even though Medea had acclaim as the most attractive woman in the Empire, she thought that somehow she had fooled the world and that she was hideous.

I am not beautiful. If Lyle, who went to bed and didn’t embrace me, it’s because I am ugly. If Lyle didn’t sleep in the room because of a heavy workload—he was actually rejecting me and advising me that I was too fat.

Medea was hungry for Lyle’s affection and used possible resource to obtain it.

The Empress, who now considered herself fat, quickly dried up in three months.

When Lyle, who could not stand it, banned fasting, Medea secretly threw up her food.

Lyle refused to sleep with her, seeing Medea’s emaciated state. When he declared that he would not sleep with her until she reached a certain weight, Medea reluctantly ate her food.

When dieting was banned, she started to focus on the women around her.

Medea was terrified that Lyle would have an affair.

Many of the Emperor’s maids were replaced with servants, and the maids who kept by his side were chosen because they were ugly.

Controlling the castle didn’t satisfy her, so she began to monitor and interfere with Lyle’s every move inside or outside the palace.

‘Have you seen that woman now?’

At that stinging remark, my blood dried up; it had been a while since I used a separate room because I didn’t feel like it.

At the request of nobility, at an appointed night, Lyle reluctantly shared his body without uttering a word.

Medea complained that she was always lonely and distressed.

Why don’t you tell me I’m beautiful or look at me with a sweet glaze? Even my screaming and begging don’t seem to work. I want to depose Lyle twelve times a day, but instead, I’m enduring without an end in sight.

Medea’s father, Duke Caird, was still the head of nobility and could fight against Lyle.

There was the presence of his uncle, Archduke Rowendal.

Duke Caird pretended to remain neutral and refused to rout Rowendal.

If Rowendal was defeated, who would be next?

“Umm … .”

The maids who were restlessly nursing Medea were startled.

The eyelids covered with long eyelashes trembled and opened.

Soon the blue eyes looked at them.

The maid looked at Medea, trying to suppress the trembling of her fingertips. “Y… Your Majesty the Empress. Have you come to your senses?”

Then Medea showed an expression she had never seen before.

She scanned the maid warily as if she was guarding herself. Her eyes seem to ask the maid, ‘what’s wrong with you?’

Intuitively, the maid felt something was wrong. “Your Majesty?”

Medea blinked and looked at the maid. It was a beautiful face, even if it was often frowning or screaming. But the maid didn’t know how many years it’s been since she saw that face don such a calm expression.

“Uh…… me?”

The maid swallowed dry saliva. She had been ready to receive the poison; the next words to come out of Medea’s beautiful deathly lips would surely ask: “Did you tell him to come?”

The maid was trembling and wondered what possessed her to become a maid.

No matter how much the Emperor hates the Empress, they are the first to suffer from the Empress’s antics.

“Huh…… Empress?”

Medea got up from bed in a hurry. The maids hurriedly grabbed her as she had just suffered a concussion and would be dizzy.

Medea shook off the hands and grabbed her hair.

Then with a frightened face, she said, “Long hair!”

Then she pulled the hem of her dress and looked down, “What’s this dress… … . Huh, it’s totally big.”

Then her hand came down and studied her waist and stomach. “No belly fat? I’m thin? What’s this…”

I looked around with a stiff face.

The high and magnificent ceiling paintings with sculptures of gods and heroes.

A magnificent lobby? No, there’s a bed…..bedroom?!

Even women dressed in medieval maid outfits…. My eyes started to spin.

Then she passed out. It was too much.

The screams of “Empress!” rang in the queen’s bedroom.

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