YMA – 19

Medea attempted to turn her head away but took glances at his approaching feet. Suspicious and frightened, she asked, “W …Why are you coming up to the bed?”

Medea crept away, hugging the blanket to her body as if it were her last bastion of hope. 

She tried to increase the distance between them by scooting back, but she couldn’t escape Lyle, who speedily appeared at the bed. 

She was captured in a flash and robbed of her blanket.


Medea was laid bare, expose. Lyle grabbed her wrists, pressed them into the mattress next to her head, and stared at Medea’s naked body with a greedy gaze. 

Medea was in tears, confused.

“Why, why are you……. union day was yesterday!” cried Medea. 

Medea twisted her body and struggled.

Because of that, her white, plump breasts bounced up and down and jiggled back and forth, delighting Lyle’s eyes.

‘This woman is mine… … .’

Lyle’s gaze, which seemed to lick and devour her, turned Milledia red. 

His desire, which darkened his eyes, was so explicit that even an idiot would know. 

“Oh!— why? We did it until dawn!” 

Her pouting at such injustice was charming, and her crying blue eyes were stunning. 

She was a woman who wasn’t comfortable with admitting she too wanted to swallow him up.

“There is no law saying we can’t do it in the morning because we did it at night.” 

As he lasciviously peered at Milledia with lecherous red eyes, Medea’s mouth opened as if astonished. 

“Eh, what, no! The character is different! Your Majesty, didn’t you hate me?” 

“I hated you.” 

Medea’s blue eyes didn’t even shake even though he said something hurtful with a heartless face. 

Medea really did completely lose her memory. ‘See, I’m right!’

Lyle wasn’t pleased with Medea’s expression when she asked:

“Then—Why are you doing this— since you hate me?”

He frowned and said, “But it’s been a few years since I’ve been married to the Empress, and we still have no children? The Empress has been striving to have a child, but I think I have been too indifferent……. and I am thinking of changing our relationship a little.” 

“Oh, no! You don’t need to change it. Your Majesty has done well so far…….wait! What are you doing?” 

Startled, Medea struggled, forgetting to use honorific language. 

Lyle thwarted her efforts and constrained both of Medea’s hands above her head with one of his.

It won’t budge! What kind of strength do you have? Why are your hands so big?

Lyle’s right hand caressed Medea’s breast before she could protest. 

Medea’s face turned red when his impudent hand squeezed her soft breasts, caressing and rubbing them. 

“Wh— what are you doing… … . Oooh… … .” 

“Keep talking. I’ve been doing well so far, and what else?” 

As if he was savoring her slowly, his hand was not rough, but it was lustful, lewd and weird. 

Medea glared at Lyle even though he shook her heart so much.

“…. ‘Touch it like that’….. you can say that……but you can’t, can you….”

Lyle, who was fiddling with her smooth flesh moving it from side to side, put the nipple between his middle and index fingers and rubbed the sensitive fore-end with his thumb. 

“I just rubbed the tip. This is the really sensitive one. Isn’t that right, Millie?” 

Medea’s face was even hotter when he called her nickname so sweetly like he did last night. 

Why is the Emperor doing this? You said you hate me! 

“Ah, aaaah… … . Stop if you know… … . Yes… … .” 

“Do you feel good? I think I should have held you during the day. It was intriguing to have you moan under dim light, but it’s more fascinating to taste you under such bright sunlight…. Where you can’t hide any expressions,” whispered Lyle so intensely and seductively to Medea’s face, that she felt a thrill and a chill at the same time. 

When she thought he was about to kiss her lips as he lowered his head, she closed her eyes.

Lyle laughed and pressed his lips against Medea’s fiery cheeks. 

“It’s a delicious color.” 

After his chaste kiss, he bared his teeth and bit her cheek.

Medea looked at Lyle in astonishment. 

Who are you?! It’s a fake wearing Lyle’s mask—you! 

A wave of deja vu overcame me—something about Lyle’s way of speaking.

You are saying different things than what you said before…..but weren’t the words similar to the ones Lyle spoke when he spent the first night after marrying Seira, the original protagonist? This was the same behavior too—sly and libidinal… … .

‘No, wait! I am not Seira? Why is your debauched personality you showed on the first night of your honeymoon coming out now?’ 

After spending the first night with Seira and entering into a full-fledged honeymoon, Lyle burned the night with Seira to the point where he wondered where his fear and hate against women went. 

As it was a romance novel, there was no detailed description. 

For the first month, she was unable to get out of the Emperor’s bedroom. For the next year, there were a few lines that he wanted Seira five or six days a week—followed by an epilogue where eight years later, Seira and Lyle were unhappy and argumentative. 

No, why? What the hell? What flag did I touch? I’ve never seduced you. We didn’t even date—or have a relationship! 


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  1. “There is no law saying we can’t do it in the morning because we did it at night.”


    I love their banters. It makes the snu snu sexier lmao

    1. Right! Lol! Best comment ever.

      Lyle: Millie.
      Medea: W-what?
      Lyle: I’m emperor. I make the rules. I say we do eet. Then we do eet. (ಠ_ಠ)
      Medea: What landmine/flag did I just hit?! ლ(¯ロ¯”ლ)

  2. Yaaassss!! Thank you for the update!!

    Oh my… Lyle is a hung-grr-eeeee… ( • )( • )ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ) For breakfast… yes… LOL.

    1. Millie: Y-your Majesty….meal is served but I’m tsundere so convince me first ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      Millie: *internally* want to swallow him whole ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. Oomff ML trying to justify his actions with “ME WANT BABIES. US MARRIED FOR YEARS BUT NO BABY” attitude had me *choked (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

    1. Yeah, it surprised me as well, usually authors wouldn’t give to their heroes and heroines a happy ever after ending?

      It was interesting to see that they actually fell apart with time (which tbh I feel it gives a more realistic feeling somehow, because a relationship ain’t always happy moments, but I wonder why)

  4. Imagine writing a romance and making an epilog in which the main couple is explicitly unhappy and fight all the time. I would be so sad reading it. Lol

      1. Do you know any that actually ARE like that, cuz if you do, PLEASE tell me their names ASAP so that I can ENTIRELY AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS! I’m someone who needs my stories to have SOLIDLY HAPPY ENDINGS, for the sake of both my mental AND physical health (cuz no lies, “sad/tragic” endings truly DO end up negatively impacting my already delicate physical health).
        And thank you SOSOSO much for all of your WONDERFUL translations, you BLESSED DARLING PERSON, YOU!
        (ノ💖ヮ💖)ノ*:・゚✧ 🌟

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