YMA – 181

‘This crazy! How is this possible?’

Dion was making a desperate escape from Seira, who was pursuing him with terrifying momentum. Even if he threw magic at her, she dodged all of his attacks with great reflexes. On top of that, he was struck in the throat, so it was difficult to cast useful spells!

Even if he transformed into an eagle and tried to attack her, she counterattacked with her swords’ aura and tore his wings apart. He twisted his body in mid-flight and—damn her! She almost blew his arm off!

Even in the midst of this, the devil’s vines were growing at a terrifying pace and destroying the empress’ palace. Dion gritted his teeth as the vines stretched upward along the corridor walls, collapsing the ceiling.

He tried to stop the bleeding with magic on his left arm, but his condition was not good. The hit to the neck was so painful that it was difficult to recite a spell.

‘Shit! I’m in trouble if I take more time… … .’

Even though the Emperor led the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Knighthoods, the 3rd Order of the Imperial Knights remained. The 3rd Knights were the Capital Guard. It was clear that the empress’ palace would soon be full of knights.

‘It’s a bit tricky, but… … I have to kill that guy who is chasing me right now. Something just doesn’t feel right about him.’

He could tell just by looking at the gaze that caught him—those green eyes shining. For some unknown reason, he felt like that knight would survive any situation and get in his way.

‘If you don’t nip it in the bud now… … .’

He thought that since he had already sown the seeds of doubt in the Emperor, he would be able to take the Empress with ease.

Although she had rejected his offer with the baby as an excuse, he figured all humans were born, lived, and died alone. It was a child born to a body that wasn’t even hers or conceived with her will; it would eventually be abandoned.

“Huu… … .”

Trying to forcefully squeeze his voice hurt too. Dion raised his eyebrows with effort and spoke hoarsely:

“Howl of fear… … Howl, dwell in this land! Darkness will soon become fear… … !”

The shadows cast over the building swayed and swayed, and something rose.

A black body resembled a wolf made of shadows. But then, it wasn’t just one. Seira’s eyes widened at the sight of dozens or hundreds of black wolves rushing in towards her like waves.

“Hahaha… … ! Let’s see you deal with that!”

Dion ran out of the hallway, rubbing his bruised neck.

Seira was fighting fiercely, covered by wolves, her blue sword flashing.

‘The Empress… … .’

It was discovered by spying that the Empress would be in her bedchamber. He summoned demonic vines from a nearby corridor, so her escort knights must have evacuated her.

Dion listened, transforming only his head into a wolf’s. The Empress’ voice could be heard nearby.

‘She’s there!’


Countless wolves rushed in. However, the tangled bodies turned into a large shadow and melted over her, covering Seira’s surroundings with black darkness.

The complete darkness was fear itself, but Seira had a sword.

Her blue, glowing sword was the only light.

‘He transformed into the queen’s handmaid! What he’s after… … !’

It was obvious. He must be the wizard who caused an incident in the hunting competition and approached the Empress.

Surrounded by black darkness, Seira’s body glowed with an enormous amount of aura. Its energy radiated as she swung her sword, and countless swords pierced through the darkness.

Just as a shining orb of light broke the lump of darkness, countless swords of light shattered the hundreds of wolves made of shadows, dyeing the entire surroundings with light.

As the darkness disappeared, the light created by the sword also subsided.

Drenched in blood and sweat, Seira looked around the hallway, breathing heavily. The wizard had already vanished.


Seira kicked off from the floor and sprinted, heading where the guards would have evacuated the Empress. She knew she would find that sorcerer there.


A wide passage connected the main palace and the empress’ palace. Surrounding Suyeon as she was evacuating were three or four guards and maids who rushed out to protect her. The knights stayed behind them, wary of that wizard or those demonic vines approaching.

“What is that?”

As if surprised, the attendant who ran ahead pointed to the floor. On the smooth hallway floor, several dark vortex-like objects were moving.

The moment the attendant touched the edge of the vortex with his toe in doubt, the vortex turned into a black magic circle and swallowed the attendant.


Surprised, the guards retreated from the vortex on the floor, but the vortex pounced on them as if it had eyes.

Two guards and one remaining servant fell into the magic circle, and the escort knights who rushed to protect Suyeon belatedly were also swallowed by the whirlpool that turned into a magic circle.

A whirlpool approached Suyeon’s feet and turned into a black magic circle.


The brooch she was wearing on his chest glowed white, and cracks appeared in the magic circle on the floor.

In the meantime, Suyeon got off the top of the magic circle and looked down at the brooch.

‘It’s what Luke gave me… … .’

After the incident with Dion, it seemed prudent to wear it just in case. However, the escorts and guards who were protecting were all under magic.

“Is it divine magic… ?… . As expected, the Empress would have such an item.”

Someone approached, their voice full of admiration.

Suyeon turned around and noticed the other person approaching from down the hallway.

“Dion… … .”

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